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Mastering the WEMAX Nova UST Setup

Researching the perfect products for your home entertainment setup can be a grueling process. You need to calculate the dimensions of your home theater, assess the furniture needs and thus space limitations, then master the installation of all the gadgets from projectors to soundbars to the snack setup. Allow our guide to help you ace the setup for our WEMAX Nova 4K Ultra Short Throw projector.

Cast Zoom Meetings on the Dice Portable Projector

Online distance learning and working from home has birthed a new age of virtual meeting culture. Weekly routines now include conferences, class lectures, and team meetings on Zoom, our new normal since Covid-19 hit in March 2020.  For many of us, it is limiting to participate in video conferencing on a phone,...

Getting Started

Setting up your WeMax Portable Smart Projector is simple and only takes a few minutes. It helps to have a phone or computer handy to help you log in faster. Be ready with access to Wi-Fi.  Sign in using your Google account. There are 2 ways to do this: Use...

Customizing Your Home Screen

Part of the excitement of unboxing your new smart TV projector is knowing that you get to download all your favorite apps. It's worthwhile to customize the home screen for ultimate productivity and instant access to home entertainment. 

Streaming Apps Without Limitations

Access apps without limitation At this time, AndroidTV 9.0 does not support the native Netflix, Prime Video, or AppleTV+ apps. That hasn't stopped our team here at WeMax from brainstorming easy ways to watch them on our favorite projectors. HDMI is an office favorite Meaning no offense to Chromecast, but our team loves HDMI...

What is keystone correction?

Keystone correction is a projector feature that allows you to point the lens toward the wall at an angle and adjust the image so that it displays in a 16:9 aspect ratio. The 4-point keystone correction feature helps you overcome angles from room limitations in a few ways. The Keystone...