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1. What is the brightness specification of the WEMAX Dice projector, and how does it enhance the viewing experience?
The WEMAX Dice projector boasts 700 ANSI Lumens, equivalent to 1680 LED Lumens. This brightness level ensures clear and vibrant visuals even in well-lit rooms, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
2. Can you provide details about the operating system and display technology of the WEMAX Dice projector?
The WEMAX Dice projector comes with Certified AndroidTV 9.0 and utilizes 0.33" TI DLP technology, ensuring a smooth and high-quality display experience.
3. Is 4K content supported on the WEMAX Dice projector, and what is its native resolution?

Yes, the WEMAX Dice projector supports 4K content and has a native resolution of 1920x1080, providing exceptional clarity and detail in your visuals.
4. What sets the LED technology in the WEMAX Dice projector apart from ordinary LED projectors?
The WEMAX Dice projector incorporates a 4-Channel LED system, significantly enhancing brightness compared to standard LED projectors, resulting in a more vivid and impactful display.
5. Can I stream popular apps on the WEMAX Dice projector, and is Netflix supported?
Yes, the WEMAX Dice projector supports native access to over 5000 apps, including popular platforms like YouTube, Disney+, Hulu, Vudu, and HBOMax. However, please note that Netflix is not available on this platform.
6. What connectivity options are available with the WEMAX Dice projector for seamless usage?
The WEMAX Dice projector offers 2.4/5GHz WiFi and 4.1 Bluetooth, ensuring stable and versatile connectivity options for a smooth streaming and pairing experience.

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