How to Choose the Screen for your Ultra Short Throw Projector

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is an ultra-short throw projector screen?
  • How to choose the ideal projector screen for UST projectors
  • Types of ultra-short throw projector screens
  • How much does an ultra-short throw projector screen cost?
  • Are ultra-short throw projector screens worth it?
  • WEMAX Ultra-Short Throw Projector Screens
  • Wrapping It Up

Imagine what it would be like watching your movies with a high-quality cinematic picture all from your sofa. Fortunately, with an ultra-short throw (UST) projector screen for your UST projector, you never have to imagine again. Having one literally gives you the "big picture" of the whole movie with crystal clear visuals and an awesome 4K experience.

However, it is not uncommon to find would-be owners wanting to know if buying a UST screen is the best decision for their space while also considering critical influencing factors when in the market.

But if sharp and pristine images with a clear in-moment sound are your goals, not getting a complementing UST screen for your ultra-throw projector will sell you short.

What is an ultra-short throw projector screen?

Having a small place can be somewhat challenging, especially when you think of the fun you should be having but can’t due to space restrictions. Furthermore, playing your movies on a large screen is daunting enough.

Trying to get a great picture with a big screen within this small, confined space is often a tall order. But what's the solution? An ultra-short throw projector screen easily solves this issue, especially if a UST projector is already on the ground.

In addition, a UST screen enhances the picture quality of your projector, giving you that heightened sense of satisfaction that comes with enjoying a great visual 4K experience. All these benefits come from allowing your projector to display pictures from a short distance without negatively affecting the picture quality.

How to choose the ideal projector screen for UST projectors

Ultra Short Throw Projector

Selecting a suitable projector can be intimidating, given the challenge of a small projection distance. Notwithstanding, selecting an ideal projector screen for a UST projector shouldn’t come with any headaches. Simply checking for the following factors should already lighten your burden.

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Ambient Light Rejecting Properties

Arguably, the number one cause of blurry and washed-out pictures is the exposure of a screen to too much ambient light. The ability of a screen to block out this excessive ambient light helps to enhance the viewer's visual experience with quality images and bright, distinctive colors. Hence, you will be dealing yourself a bad hand if you fail to critically consider this factor in choosing a projector screen.

Screen Gain

Another equally critical factor you should consider in selecting a suitable projector screen is screen gain. This factor deals with the amount of light the screen can reflect on the eyes of the viewer. In other words, more gain means more light reflection. But here’s the thing, more light reflection reduces the picture quality when projected at short distances. Hence, a small screen gain is preferred for improved picture and color quality.  

Screen Size

Size really matters when it comes to a projector screen, and you need to be aware of how it matters to choose a suitable screen. Considering that UST projectors have an unchangeable focal length, it follows that you need to physically move the projector to adjust its display. Generally, screen sizes between 80 and 130 inches are suitable screen sizes.

Types of ultra-short throw projector screens

The variety of ultra-short throw projector screens is generally limited to three classes, each with its merits. Let’s have a deeper look at these screen types.

1. Fixed frame screen

These screens are often designed as stationary screens with frames that are not the easiest to transport around. And while they are not very portable, they offer other advantages, such as not needing new settings and adjustments every time you need to use a projector. You only need the initial setup to get the proper projector-screen distance for optimum image quality, and that is it.

2. Portable Screen

The increased ease of transportation is this screen type's major characteristic and advantage. It is often carried in a case and can be placed on any flat surface, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use, especially when camping or on a picnic.

3. Motorized screen

This screen type can either be wall-mounted or ceiling recessed. But whichever options you choose will give you a high level of freedom, ease, and versatility that is not found in many other options. The increased ease comes from using a remote control to open the screen and retract it after use without touching it. Additionally, this motorized screen often lasts longer as it is protected from misuse by tucking it away after use. Nevertheless, the space available to you will determine which one of the two you’ll adopt. Still, both are space-saving options for small or confined areas.


How much does an ultra-short throw projector screen cost?

The cost of an ultra-short throw projector screen often varies depending on certain factors, including manufacturing sophistication, construction material, aesthetics, and image quality. Also, robustness and durability are vital ingredients in the cost of a UST projector screen, as these often determine the lifespan of the screen.

Nevertheless, going for a cheap screen might mean dealing yourself the shorter end of the stick, as the price can often separate a quality UST projector screen from a shoddy one. In all, prices usually range between $900 to $5,000, with quality increasing as the prices increase.

Are ultra-short throw projector screens worth it?

Considering the ease of use and the satisfaction owning an ultra-short throw projector brings to your life, it is safe to say that it is worth every penny spent. If you also add its functionalities that include crispy clear pictures, sharp and bright visuals, and quality sounds, all of which make the UST screens stand out like a lighthouse in a sea of clutter.

Most importantly, what makes a UST projector screen worth its onus is its durability, especially if you buy from a quality manufacturer like WEMAX. It is worth the investment, as it lasts for a very long time to give a good return on investment.

WEMAX Ultra-Short Throw Projector Screens

Ultra Short Throw Projector

Here are some of WEMAX’s ultra-short throw projector screens that ensure your ultimate visual satisfaction.

WEMAX 120-inch UST CLR/ALR Fix-Framed Screen

If you desire a quality fixed frame screen for your UST projectors, this WEMAX 120-inch fixed frame screen is your best bet. Its premium aluminum frames ensure the highest durability, and ceiling light rejection technology eliminates external light interference giving you maximum picture quality.

WEMAX 40-inch Portable Projector Screen

This ultra-light WEMAX 40-inch portable projector screen makes your camping and other outdoor projection most enjoyable. Its premium fabric, retractable design, and a 1.1 gain guarantee a sharp, high-quality picture. It also supports 3D and 4K projections that combine well with the all-black back screen material, all with a hassle-free setup.

WEMAX 50-inch ALR Portable Projector Screen

This WEMAX ALR portable projector screen features a 50-inch display screen that supports a 16:9 aspect ratio and HD picture resolution giving you a satisfying visual experience. Also, its compact design ensures that its ultra-lightweight is easily transported between locations without losing its high-quality display features.

WEMAX 120-inch Electric Tension Floor ALR UST Raising Screen

This 120-inch floor ALR raising screen features some of the most advanced features, including light-rejecting screen materials that give you an extraordinary visual experience while protecting your eyes. Its 16:9 aspect ratio, 0.5 gain, and 90% ambient light reduction enhance the picture quality, plus it's easy to set up, which reduces your stress during installation.

Wrapping It Up

In a nutshell, just having a UST projector screen is never enough but having an ideal one that compliments your ultra-short throw projector can be the difference between a satisfying visual experience and a frustrating night out with your friends and family. However, a leading laser, portable, and LED projector brand like WEMAX will be instrumental in achieving an amazing visual experience with your UST projector screens.

WEMAX delivers some of the most innovative, one-stop visual application solutions in the industry today. Their many years of experience in the visual application industry help them meet your visual projector requirements.

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