Find Endless Fun with Google Play Apps on Your Smart Projector

If you thought your laser TV projector was good enough to watch movies and your favorite TV shows, think again.


From the bite-sized entertainment of Youtube shorts to hybrid meetings with Zoom and from taking an educational course to gaming, a smart projector 4K can do it all while offering the most immersive experience with every app. Find endless fun with Google Play Apps on your WEMAX smart projector 4K. Let’s dive in!


How to Watch Youtube TV on Projector

There are two ways to watch Youtube videos on your laser TV projector.

Fun Apps with your smart projector

Option 1

Use the built-in HDMI port to connect the projector to your laptop or processor. This allows you to use the projector screen as you would a monitor. Once you can see your desktop on the projector screen, go to and enjoy the content.


Option 2

Set up the Youtube app between the projector and your Android/iOS device. To do so, ensure that the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network or 4G. Then, follow the steps below:


  1.   On the home screen of your projector, find the Youtube app in the home menu.
  2.   Go to "settings' of the Youtube app.
  3.   Choose the option to "Link with TV Code"
  4.   This will get you a code.
  5.   Next, go to the "mobile device settings" of the Youtube app.
  6.   Select the option for "Watch on TV".
  7.   Then, choose "Link with TV Code"
  8.   You will be prompted to provide the TV code. Input the code and your mobile device will be connected.


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Find Endless Fun with Top Google Play Apps on Your Smart Projector

If you have a top-notch, Google-compatible projector, you get access to all the apps on Google Play. That's lifestyle, social media, education, entertainment, gaming, productivity, sports apps, and more on the big screen for you.


Simply put, how much fun you can have and how much you can learn and gain will only be limited by your desire and imagination.


Top Google Play Apps on Your Smart Projector



The third most popular streaming service in the US, Hulu bundles programs from over 75 channels and also boasts a streaming library of some of the most popular movies.


While it also offers a lot of original content, Hulu is most famous for bringing together shows from all the major US broadcast networks. Plus, it comes with several add-ons that include sports and Spanish channels.



Anime, movies, classic shows, and brand new original content, HBO Max has it all and more. That's a whopping 35,000 hours of prime content for you! And those hours include yesteryears’ family entertainers like Friends and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, along with recent crowd pleasers like Game of Thrones, Succession, and more.


In addition to putting the entire HBO content library at your disposal, the service also offers television shows and documentaries from Warner Bros and Discovery, and what better way to watch them than on your 4K smart projector?



If you are keen on wholesome entertainment that will appeal to the kids, the whole family, and even the child in you, you simply can't go wrong with Disney+.


The best part is that a subscription to this streaming service also gives you access to Marvel content and we all know that no television in the world can do justice to their superhero movies and shows. They simply have to be enjoyed on the big screen, and with a laser TV projector, you get to do just that!



Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are that you already know about TikTok and its unique brand of user-generated content. Think of this as bite-sized reality TV that stars real people.


Of course, there is some acting involved, planning too, but overall it's just average Joes and Janes putting their entertaining best out there for you to enjoy. And it's way more fun to watch their histrionics on the big screen as opposed to on a puny phone screen.



As far as streaming services go, Netflix continues to dominate the market thanks to its impressive medley of original content. Of course, you can also access the classics with the service, both movies and TV shows. But, their USP is undoubtedly their ability to offer access to more than 1500 original shows which includes their worldwide hits.


The only downside is that Netflix isn't available in the built-in Google Play Store of WEMAX projectors. But, you can download the Netflix TV version from third-party services like Aptoide and Emotn Store.


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smart projector on education

Whether you are trying to learn a new professional or life skill as an adult or a parent homeschooling his/her kids, a laser TV projector can help by simultaneously tapping into your visual and auditory input, thus helping to improve focus and maximize both learning and retention.


Some of the apps that you should check out include:


Google Play Books

If reading is the chicken soup for your soul, brain, and mind, Google Play Books is just the app for you. In fact, it is a book lover's dream come true since it puts millions of titles at your fingertips.


Of course, nothing beats the feeling of flipping through a hardcover, but if you just don't have the place for one more book or want to read on a budget then Google Play books and a laser projector will be perfect for you. Unlike a phone screen or even a book reader like Kindle, the big screen, the in-front-of-your-face output of a projector means that you can read without straining your eyes.


ABC Mouse

Want to make learning fun for your kids? Check out ABC Mouse. If your 2-8-year-olds steer clear of certain subjects, this is the way to change your kid's mindset from hater to completely hooked.


ABC Mouse is all about learning with fun and games, and they offer hundreds of interactive games that explain and teach the core concepts of every subject. The best part of using it on your laser TV projector is that your child will enjoy the entertainment aspect of the big screen experience.



Sure there are online translators and even mobile translator apps that are almost human-like in their comprehension, output, and accuracy but there is nothing quite like learning a foreign language. For one, speaking the lingua franca allows you to immediately build rapport with the locals. Plus, it makes integration into the local work and personal culture smoother.


And when it comes to learning foreign languages with tried and tested techniques, Duolingo is in a league of its own.


With 30 languages in its database of offerings, this app has you covered for a trip around the world. From Spanish to Chinese and from Russian to Indonesian and others, all are served in bite-sized lessons. The best part is that you pay nothing for it, so what more could you possibly ask for?



smart projector in business

Microsoft Office

It's only the most popular software in the world and you won't find an office across the world that isn't using it. Love it or hate it, but you can't deny that Microsoft Office makes many work-related tasks simpler.


And when you put it up on the big screen, you send collaboration and productivity soaring. For instance, when you need the entire team to understand the revelations of a dataset and need everybody's input on how to improve things going forward, instead of mailing the Excel file back and forth, put it up on the big screen.


Of course, a marketing, sales, or even an acquisition or project-related presentation is only done best with PowerPoint and presented the best on the big screen.


And when you need to collaborate on the content for your company's product/website or marketing media, use your projector to make the entire team a part of the brand-building process. In other words, Microsoft Office and your laser projector are a match made in professional heaven.



Few other platforms do a better job of putting all stakeholders in one virtual room, no matter what their physical location, than Zoom. One of the most reliable and secure video conferencing services, Zoom can be used for one-on-one meetings, online events and presentations, video conferencing, online training/workshops, webinars, demonstrations, and more.


The best part is that Zoom allows you to store cloud recordings. Moreover, it's easy to use and install, and when you couple it with a laser TV projector, it almost feels like everybody involved is sitting across from each other.


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WEMAX Projector with Android TV: Enjoy Never-Ending Home Entertainment

smart projector for home entertainment


One of the most popular high-end projectors in the market, the WEMAX Nova is a best seller that has garnered rave reviews for both home and office applications.


The combination of DLP technology with a powerful laser light source like ALDP is what gives Nova an edge over the competition. Add to this the myriad of other innovative features and it is easy to understand the extreme functionality of this product.


Built to meet home entertainment needs as well as the requirements of professional use, WEMAX Nova boasts:


Android TV 9.0

An operating system from Google for streaming content and digital media, Android TV 9.0 serves up programs based on previous choices. Plus, it's embedded with Google Assistant which gives you voice control over when and what you watch.


Multi-device Video Compatible

If you must connect your devices to the WEMAX Nova with a cable, you get every option available. The projector has slots for HDMI, USB, Aux, SPDIF, and LAN. But, if you don't want to go through the hassle of running and handling the cable, you also get the option for wireless connectivity with built-in screen casting as well as a WiFi and Bluetooth connection.


4K UHD & Bright 2100 ANSI Lumens

In terms of performance, the WEMAX Nova is a clear winner with unmatched brilliance and brightness that come courtesy of its 2100 ANSI Lumens. Plus, its 4K UHD display puts a whopping 8.3 million pixels in your visual range. That's 4 times the resolution of a 1080 HD image. In a nutshell, that's a wow-worthy optical experience no matter what kind of media is played on it.


Immersive Audio Experience

The Nova also does a bang-up job of matching its superlative video quality with audio quality that is just as impressive. Built into the device are 30W Dolby speakers that are powerful enough to deliver a movie theater-like audio performance.


Simply put, WEMAX Nova lets you enjoy cinema-grade audio-visuals from the comfort of your home. Plus, its ability to cast a screen size of 150 inches means no matter what the type of media input, the output is bigger and better all the time and every time.


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Wemax Dice: smart projector for home entertainment

The ultraportable yet sturdy, WEMAX Dice is the epitome of the adage, “Big things come in small packages.” A powerhouse of stellar performance, the Dice is meant to serve all your projection needs at home, at work, and even on the go.


The combination of LED with DLP allows you to get striking performance in terms of color saturation and accuracy, image clarity, and contrast. What's more, the Dice comes equipped with a range of features such as:


Android TV 9.0

You get to access all your streaming platforms in one place- Hello Hulu, Netflix, Disney, HBO, and all others! Of course, the Dice comes with a remote but who needs one when you have Google's voice assistant to do your bidding? That's the superior functionality of Android TV 9.0 for you!


Leather Handle

It's not just the performance-related features that make this a stand-out device but also the other design aspects that make the Dice a joy to own and operate. It's almost as if the makers thought of everything when designing the Dice.


For instance, to add to the low weight of just a bit over 2 kg, the cuboid Dice also come with a leather handle. So, you won't have any trouble carrying it about or when storing it after use.


Doubles as a Power Bank

And just when you think the Dice could not offer anything more, you realize the unit also doubles up as a power bank. Of course, you are taking this one on your next camping trip!


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Wrapping It Up

Ask not what you can do with your laser TV projector, ask what you can't do with it! Well, you could not get your smart projector with 4k to drive you around. But if it's anything with an audio-visual aspect to it, a compatible-with-Google projector will do it all and impressively too.


The best part is that in addition to life-like picture quality, high-end projectors like the WEMAX Dice and the WEMAX Nova also offer superlative acoustics. In other words, these are devices built for a highly immersive audio-visual experience no matter what you use them for.  


So, go ahead and rally the full power of the apps on Google Play to improve productivity, maximize learning, and above all have tons of fun.


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