Wemax Dice vs Nebula Solar Portable Projector, Which One is Better?

This article is contributed by Alexandre Lopes

When we think of projectors, we usually think of presentations for school or work, right? In reality, the benefits of having a projector extend far beyond that. If you'd like to feel in your living room like you're in a movie theater without leaving your couch, where you can watch your favorite movie or series projected on a giant screen, or even play your favorite games in large size, stay to see everything we have to tell you.

Nowadays, the projector market is very diversified and there are already many options for all tastes, even portable projector options that allow you, for example, to have your movie night outside.

However, amidst so much on offer, it is not easy to make a (right) choice about which projector best suits your needs. It's also true that different projectors are designed for different purposes, and that these variations are often reflected in their prices, making your search for the ideal projector an even more complicated task.

That's why we’re here: we have made a comparison between two projectors, the Wemax Dice projector and the Nebula Solar Portable projector. See below for the main points of this comparison.

Unboxing/Inside the box

When you receive the Wemax Dice Projector at home, it comes with the wall charger and a remote control that will need to be paired via Bluetooth with the device. It's a very easy process: after putting the batteries in the controller, all you have to do is press the Home button and the App button simultaneously, and then you hear a beep, signifying that pairing is complete. It is a very intuitive and user friendly controller, with a very minimalist design. When you receive your Nebula Solar Portable projector, it comes with the plug-in charger, two AAA batteries, an instruction guide, and a remote control, where you also need to do the pairing between the two.

Wemax Dice vs Nebula Solar Portable Projector, Which One is Better?

Wemax Dice vs Nebula Solar Portable Projector, Which One is Better?

A common point between the two projectors is that both remotes come with Google Assistant, which makes them even easier to use, as you can perform several tasks using only your voice.


The Wemax Dice has a cube-shaped design in dark gray tones and ends up becoming a very original element of its presentation, as well as its ergonomic leather strap in camel tone, which is not usually found in projectors currently on the market. It should be noted that its handle makes it very easy to handle and carry.

Wemax Dice vs Nebula Solar Portable Projector, Which One is Better?

Wemax Dice vs Nebula Solar Portable Projector, Which One is Better?

In terms of design, the Nebula Solar Portable projector, which is a sub-brand of the Anker Innovations group, ends up being very similar to its competitors, without bringing anything exactly innovative in this sense. It is still an aesthetically pleasing projector, white in color and flat square in shape, which can easily be used as a decorative piece in your living room.


In terms of weight and dimensions, the Wemax Dice projector weighs just over 2.5kg, which ends up making it slightly heavier compared to the Nebula Solar Portable's 1.4kg. The dimensions of the WeMax Dice are 16cm high, 12.5cm deep, 15.5cm wide, small dimensions that allow the projector to be easily transported and placed wherever you want.

Its competitor, Nebula Solar Portable is 19 cm wide, so it ends up being a bit larger, but despite a few centimeters of difference, it is still very easy to carry and handle, also because it is considerably lighter than Wemax Dice.


It is in the technical specifications that we also find quite a few differences between these projectors.

The Wemax Dice has 1080p native resolution (full-HD), brightness of 700 ANSI lumen and 16:9 aspect ratio. Its processor is the Amlogic T962X-H, it has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, which is still enough to install several apps and save some videos.

The Nebula Solar Portable, meanwhile, also has a 1080p native resolution (Full HD), 400 ANSI lumen brightness, quad-core A55 processor, quad-core Mali G31 GPU, 2 GB of RAM, and only 8 GB of eMac internal memory.

In fact, in terms of performance, the weMax Dice gains an advantage, since it has a newer processor and, in system fluidity, behaves better. In addition, it has twice the internal memory of the Nebula Solar Portable, which will come in very handy not only for installing more applications, but also for storing videos and photos.


The built-in battery of the Wemax Dice is of 16,000 mAh, which means that you can get a total of three hours of video playback - if you use it in ECO Mode.

The Nebula Solar Portable, on the other hand, has a 20,000 mAh battery, which in the end results in the same thing: roughly three hours of battery life.


As for connectivity/compatibility, the Wemax Dice has Bluetooth (4.1), Wi-Fi connection (2.4GHz 4 5GHz), a USB 2.0 port, an HDMI 2.0 port, a 3.5mm jack input, but because of its smaller size, it has no LAN port.

The Nebula Solar Portable also has Bluetooth and a USB, USB-C (for battery charging) and HDMI input, and no LAN port. It also has no jack input, unlike the Wemax Dice.


The audio system of the Wemax Dice, which consists of two 5W speakers each, making a total of 10W, makes its sounds very clear and perceptible, leaving nothing to be desired for a device of this type.

The exact opposite happens with the Nebula Solar Portable, as we can say that the audio system is not very impressive, which is understandable, since the sound system is 6W (two speakers of 3W each).

Built-in OS

Both have AndroidTV as a source system, and there you can enjoy many Apps, such as Disney+, Filmin, Prime Video from Amazon, HBO Max, YouTube and other apps. Also common to both is the possibility to connect the Chromecast to stream content from a smartphone to both projectors, and thus also enjoy apps that are not available on the Android TV version.

Something important has to be said: the Wemax Dice, unlike other projectors, has no problems with the ventilation system, i.e., it does not emit any noise that could disturb the viewing of the movie or series you are watching, since it has a sensor that controls the temperature.

Image quality

Now for one of the most important parts: image quality. We can say that the Wemax Dice projects an image of up to 120” - it corresponds to about 304.8cm of screen. What can we say about the image quality? It is quite good. Considering the price of the projector itself, it ends up being very good value for money. From the company's side, quite a competent job was done to achieve this result.

The Nebula Solar Portable also projects an image up to 120", but although the image details are sharp, it is still a much weaker image quality compared to the Wemax Dice. This is partially justified because it only has 400 lumens, so it is recommended to use it only at night, or in a room that is completely dark. In any case, the colors of the Nebula Solar Portable look somewhat fake. A lack of vividness is noticeable.

For image focusing, the Wemax Dice focuses and also adjusts its own lens in relation to its distance from the protective surface. You can always adjust it manually, with its remote control, and whether you move it from where you are, it will always autofocus. It is also interesting to mention another feature, KeyStone Correction, which allows you to automatically, and also manually, adjust the trapezoidal distortion.


We can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Wemax Dice comes out the winner of this duel, since it is on another level when it comes to sound and projection.

If, when it comes to sound, you can't be too careless with the volume of the Wemax Dice, otherwise you'll have the neighbors complaining to you, the image presented is also much more pleasing, with more vivid colors and details that you notice more quickly.

So if you are looking for a capable, quality projector, don't think twice and take a chance on the Wemax Dice.

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