Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Your New Projector

This article is contributed by @Tim Gunther

Projectors have changed. And I mean really changed. The latest iteration like the Wemax Go Advanced recently released proves it.

It’s amazingly light and ultra slim with a built-in battery, and a laser beaming out 600 ANSI lumens of bright Full High-Definition picture. Oh, and you can put it in your pocket too!

This made me think of the new and exciting ways you could now use this technology that you may not have thought about before. Here’s a list of my favourites (many which I’ve done myself!)

Let’s Go!

1.Waiting Room Advertising

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Your New Projector

How many times are you sitting in a waiting room staring blankly around you while waiting for an appointment (or you’re waiting to finish spinning clothes at the laundrette) You have a captive audience.

Why not use it to create value around your brand/site by providing entertainment or local advertising/information. At least it can engage your audience while they sit there. Sitting. Waiting. Sitting. Get it?

2.School/Club Fundraising

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Your New Projector

Often an F-Word that make parents run a mile, it’s still an important part of sending kids off on trips or raising valuable $$ for equipment. Sure…. you can set up a BBQ to sell sausages, chocolate bars, or even go door to door knocking with raffle tickets. With such great content now available ready to stream from all those online services pumping out cinematic content, why not host a movie night?

All you need is a space and blank wall, and you are all set (oh and the projector!)

It’s something you can involve all your family and friends in, and if you pick a great movie, they can leave with not only a great feeling, but you can raise some of the valuable cash money for the project (and probably costs. nothing to run the night)

PRO TIP Run an auction with a captive audience to earn extra dollars, and….. sell Popcorn of course!

3.Run a Disco

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Your New Projector

Got a dark space, some music, and a projector? You have a fun disco! There are 1000’s of great animations and graphic loops on YouTube that look fantastic projected. I have personally run a kids birthday party disco and a small Wedding dance party using just these

4.Theatre digital scenery

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Your New Projector

My local community theatre was a great place to use my projector recently for digital scenery. It was a fast and efficient way of changing scenes in a production, and it added a different spin on traditional static props and scenes. The audience loved it.

5.In-Store Retail Engagement

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Your New Projector

It’s amazing to think how much money is spent on promotional videos and video marketing material which is not actually used in” brick and mortar” retail stores to help sell the product?

A great way to not only draw attention to a particular product or promotion. You can also use the projector to throw light effects onto products, think about lighting up a new model car in a dealership, or the latest sneakers?

Trying to recruit new staff? The applications are endless. And remember you don’t just have to proect on wall, you can use floors and ceilings just as effectively, or even the footpath outside the site.

6.Indoor Sports Scoring

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Your New Projector

Having recently run a gymnastics competition, an essential on the day is a need to be able to show spectators how the athletes are scoring versus the other competitors. Or tracking the lap-times as go-carts race around a track?

How about indoor football. You can also use this to broadcast notifications or run health and safety training pre game.

Having a pull-up screen and a portable projector is quick, easy and involves no carrying heavy equipment PRO TIP Use Miracast to send the scoring straight from the PC to the projector wirelessly (NO 100m HDMI CABLE NEEDED).

7.On-site Training Presentation Tool

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Your New Projector

I recently attended an event to learn to build a Tiny Home. It was in a commercial shed full of building materials at a Semi-rural site. Having a small and bright projector was fantastic and made sense! Likely this projector will be required as the TV too once the Tiny Home is built and occupied.

8.Restaurant/Hospitality Menu's

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Your New Projector

A great way to display both visuals and a menu board, and its easily changed and updated. Projectors are now so bright and compact they can easily be positioned in any busy hospitality environment to display the goods of the day.

Another spin on this is using a projector to create a particular scene on a wall in an eatery. Imagine sitting having a coffee next to the Eiffel Tower, or flying through space? Potentially you can retheme your space depending on your event/timing. This could also be a great way to add Christmas or other seasonal themes and reducing expenditure of throw away decorations

9.Home Exterior Projecting

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Your New Projector

A bit of a spin of the above idea, but projecting on the outside of your home. Brings a whole new life to the front of your home or garage by projecting bright vibrant themed animations

10.Real Estate Open Homes

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Your New Projector

There are lots of useful little tricks estate agents use when you visit an open home, from baking fresh bread, offering free drinks, or fully staging every piece of furniture.

These small things are designed to make the experience more memorable, and full of positive feeling about the prospective property. Why not have a piece of technology that someone has likely never seen before displaying a digital fireplace scene or aquarium! It’s a great conversation piece and likely to not only leave an impression but fill a boring plain wall with something exciting to talk about.

PRO TIP The Wemax Go Advanced is so small and bright you can throw it in your case at the end of the open home easily and move onto the next site

So.. That’s my thoughts! What are your ideas?

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