Small and Powerful Wemax Go Advanced, How to Surprise at Work?

First of all: This is not a conventional review of a projector. There are no edited photos, ideal environments, controlled lighting, or breathtaking display. Here I show real life, some of my workspaces, and my newest partner: the Wemax Go Advanced.

The first thing that catches our little titan's attention, it's really compact and light:

A little bigger than a smartphone and the first question: Can it handle the service?

And the answer is surprising, even projecting in a bright room and a slide with a light background, all the images are visible. I wouldn't even think about using the equipment I have for projection in this place, there is a lot of natural light coming from above so for me it was an extreme test that allowed me to use another place for my meetings. A show for the eyes and a surprise: How does something so small manage to match my equipment?


And speaking of the equipment I work with, I decided to put my new friend to the test. A really difficult test reproducing a situation I recently passed in the classroom. Project against the wall at the back of the room due to the conditions of the place.

This was the equipment I had to use:

OK. There's an air conditioner on the back wall, right? Right. But it was under these conditions that I designed it and this is an honest review based on real working conditions. How would the Wemax Go Advanced perform? First, a comparison of the equipment:

On the right is the equipment I used, a heavy and robust DLP projector, and on the left my super mini titan, my newest working partner, this compact ALPD projector. Don't mind the technical details, maybe we'll discuss this in another article. And how did he do? The picture speaks for itself.

In the same room and under the same conditions I get an extremely sharp image in a much lighter and more portable device that can easily be carried with me in my backpack along with my notebook. Point for wemax, the idea of this equipment was really ingenious. Oh one more thing, one more advantage it has over its robust competitor, the Wemax Go Advanced has an internal battery. So nothing to be unable to project if an extra power plug is missing. Who knows what else I can do with it? Some things need to be clarified.

From the image you can see that using the Wemax Go Advanced I got a bigger image even using the equipment at the same distance as the previous one. My surprise was that the original image was much larger and extended to the ceiling of the room. To achieve the projection shown in the image I set the projection position and zoomed out of the projected image to 60% (this is the minimum limit that the equipment supports), I also performed a fine adjustment on the edges of the projection and the result was this.

For me it was very satisfying and makes me think that the equipment needs a smaller focal length to provide larger images in relation to the equipment available in my work. And some may wonder, why project on the back wall with this air conditioner getting in the way? Because the conditions of space don't help. At the front I have a glass whiteboard and no projection screen and this was my last question: Would the Wemax Go Advanced project be of quality in these conditions? See and rate:

For me it's a big, resounding YES. So if I, as a researcher and teacher, were to use the same room again, I could easily choose where to project without prejudice to my students and listeners. These two images don't show ideal projection conditions, but I wouldn't even consider trying to project on a glass surface with the other projectors I have, much less at such a short distance, so for me, the equipment did very well giving one more possibility of job.

The last issue for me was checking autonomy at work. I already mentioned that it has an internal battery, but another advantage is that, as it has its own operating system based on Android 9, we have the possibility to install some applications through Aptoide Tv and, as it has a USB port, it is possible to access files through external storage. So what did I do? I installed a suite of applications to access spreadsheets and tested using a flash drive. The result was this:

Using only our little friend I was able to project my slides without having to use my notebook, so one more point of autonomy. What I must point out is that, as the table used is very close to the projection screen, and far below the projected region, I had to try to lift the projector with a book and make a small adjustment to the height, but the automatic correction of the equipment succeeded to fix the image. What I can say after that is that it's worth having a small tripod with an adjustable width base to use with the equipment in situations like this. The projector does not have a tripod hole in its base like some equipment, however, due to its portability, I can understand why, it is just over 2.4 cm (0,97 inches) in height, so inserting a hole in its base would mean, perhaps, to compromise the design of the projector, its internal components, but that's just my opinion.

After looking for many solutions that would meet my working conditions, I can say that for this moment the equipment met my expectations. Firstly, my emphasis is on portability, it is not attractive to take heavy equipment from one room to another or from one building to another. In addition to the fact that, as it is small, the device is also more discreet, it can come with my notebook bag if I need, for some reason, to use the notebook with it, as it allows independent projection thanks to the applications that can be installed.

In this regard, I missed a case of its own like its smaller brother, the Wemax Go. Other characteristics I take into account when considering using this equipment at work: the places where I need to project have a fair amount of natural light, so the equipment must have a reasonable amount of brightness and contrast to ensure projection quality for my audience and the pictures showed my results. For those who wonder: and why not turn off the lights in the room? Simply because my audience needs good lighting conditions to take their notes. In general, the equipment provided me with portability, quality and autonomy, a desire I had for a long time in a piece of projection equipment.

My final verdict is that this will be my new buddy and, in my opinion, this is an ideal companion for other professors and researchers or any professionals who need portability and quality when designing their presentations.

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