5 Creative Ways to Mount Your Projector in Your Apartment

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Setting Up A Projector In An Apartment
  • Where Should You Mount Your Projector In Your Apartment
  • Creative Ways To Mount Your Projector In Your Apartment
    • Ceiling Mounting
    • Wall Mounting
    • Shelf Or Cabinet
    • Mobile Stand Or Tripod
    • Custom Bracket
  • Wrapping It Up

Living in an apartment doesn't necessarily mean you have to give up your dream of setting up a home theater.

There may be limitations in terms of space that make a huge TV impractical, but that's where projectors come in.

Thanks to the portable magic and small footprint of projectors, you get to watch on screens that are twice the size of the largest TVs–giving you bigger images but without taking up too much space. 

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But when it comes to projectors, there’s always the concern about where you can mount them. Fret not! In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of 5 creative ways to mount your projector that is renter-friendly, cite each of its advantages, and recommend the right projector for your space guaranteed to elevate your home viewing experience.

Setting Up A Projector In An Apartment

Setting Up A Projector In An Apartment

A typical projector setup is made up of two things: a projector and a decent screen (or a white wall).

Since most rented apartments have limited space, you may have very few choices when it comes to location for your setup. But as much as possible, choose a wall that has no direct light. The more light hits the screen, the more washed out the images will look.

If you only have one available wall or if space limitations prevent you from controlling the lighting properly, consider investing in a screen with an ambient light-rejecting feature. Remember that even the most advanced projectors can't compete with daylight, so is a good idea to use blackout curtains to reduce the amount of light entering the apartment in order to reduce reflections on the screen.

Also consider the layout of the seating arrangements, since you won't be able to sit in the path of the projector beam.

Where Should You Mount Your Projector In An Apartment?

Regardless of the size of your apartment, your projector must be mounted properly and in the right placement in order to provide a more transparent and crisper image.

This is determined by one important factor: throw distance.

Throw distance means the projector's distance from the lens to the screen surface. This determines how far away from the screen you should place your projector. 

The distance from the lens to the screen surface is proportional to each other–so if you increase the distance between the projector and the screen, the image size projected also increases.

To calculate the proper throw distance for your projector placement, you need to first get the throw ratio which is usually listed in the instruction manual of your projector. Every projector has a different throw ratio.

The formula is: throw ratio x screen width = throw distance. So for instance, if you're using a projector with a throw ratio of 2.0 and your screen has an image width of 5 feet, then your throw distance is 10 feet. This means -- your projector should be placed 10 feet away from the screen.

Creative Ways To Mount Your Projector In Your Apartment

1. Ceiling Mount

Ceiling Mount Projector

 A ceiling mount affixes your projector to the ceiling in two different positions: hanging or above the ceiling.

Hanging mounts are typically composed of a solid steel bracket and mounting arms that you screw into place in the ceiling. This provides a sturdy structure that keeps the projector in a fixed place hanging down and angled towards the projection screen. 

Mounting a projector above the ceiling keeps it hidden since these mounts are built right into the ceiling itself. They are supported by motorized contraptions called lifts that move up or down. A remote is used to control the lifts and allows them to descend from the ceiling when in use and return back up to the ceiling afterward–hidden again from view.


  • Puts your projector out of the way completely, so other people can freely walk behind without blocking the light.
  • Easy to line up closer to the screen so you can get the best possible brightness available.
  • Perfect choice for smaller apartments, since it fits into the room layout perfectly and won't get in the way of a furniture.
  • Mounted beyond the reach of children and pets, keeping the projector safe from accidental spills and bumps.


  • Mounting may be limited by the ceiling height and other fixtures already on the ceiling.
  • Installation may be a bit difficult and expensive, especially for above-the-ceiling mounts.
  • If you have a high ceiling, you'll need to use a ladder to reach the projector when cleaning. 

2. Wall Mounting

A wall mount is another great option that integrates well into smaller living spaces. These mounts come in the form of metallic wall brackets similar to those used for TVs that are incorporated into the wall and then pulled out as needed. It allows you to securely attach your projector to the wall, freeing up valuable floor and table space. 


  • Keeps projector safely out of the way and out of sight
  • Sturdy build and can support heavier projectors


  • Wall mounts lack angle flexibility, making it harder to position your projector for a clear view of the screen
  • They are fixed to a higher degree compared to other mounting solutions

3. Shelf or Cabinet

The most budget-friendly option for mounting your projector is by using a shelf or cabinet as a mount.

A mounting shelf is usually attached to the wall in a fixed position. Alternatively, you can also utilize any unused cabinet or even a bookshelf to keep your projector out of the way and blend into the room layout, while still providing a sturdy and stable platform.


  • Shelf mounts are the least expensive option, especially if you already have an existing shelf or cabinet in your apartment.
  • Easy to set up since it's closer to power outlets, and also makes maintenance and cleaning easier. 


  • Your shelf or cabinet has to be incredibly sturdy in order to carry the weight of the projector.
  • Shelf mounts are not as aesthetically pleasing compared to other mounting options.
  • Ventilation can be an issue if not properly installed. 

4. Mobile Stand or Tripod

Mobile Stand or Tripod

 There are different types of projector stands, the most popular being tabletop stands that are similar to the ones used during classroom presentations, and tripods like those used to hold cameras. 

The obvious advantage of projector stands is their mobility -- they can be carried around and set up anywhere in your apartment. Some even come with wheels so it's easy to move from one place to another. Lens shift and keystone correction functions allow you to get a perfect picture from the table or tripod. 


  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Versatile and can fit into almost any home setup
  • Some stand even have advanced features that offer better stability and balance


  • Takes up floor space
  • Some stands are not capable of supporting larger, heavy-weight projectors

5. Custom Bracket

If you want a customized mount for your projector, you can have one made. These resemble wooden boxed houses with an opening in front, typically mounted on the wall to free up space. These are built to the specifications of your particular projector for a sturdy fit and better balance. 


  • Can be customized to fit the interior decor and layout of your apartment
  • Fits the specifications and size of your projector
  • Can be mounted on the wall to free up space


  • Unless external cooling fans are added, there can be ventilation issues

Regardless of which mount you choose, a projector can only offer an excellent cinematic experience if you pick the right one.

Catering to apartments with small living spaces, WEMAX provides portable, space-saving projectors that feel at home in any home theater setup–regardless of size.

Here are 3 of their standout projectors to choose from:

1. WEMAX Nova

WEMAX Nova ultra-short-throw (UST) projector

The WEMAX Nova is an ultra-short-throw (UST) projector that can project high-quality images from very short distances–making them the perfect choice for bringing the big screen experience into any small living space.

With its incredible 4K resolution using fast-switching pixel shifting, it provides unrivaled picture quality even in moderate lighting. Loaded with thousands of apps and Android TV integration, it's easy to integrate into any home theater system.

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2. WEMAX Vogue Pro

With stunning 1080p HD resolution, the WEMAX Vogue Pro is a must-have if you're looking to blaze up your home theatre setup.

This projector is compact with a near cubic size -- a stationary LED projector that provides a mainstream viewing experience in a small, portable package. Despite its small size, the image scale is at a gigantic 120 inches for that ultimate cinematic experience.   

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3. WEMAX Go Advanced

Mount Your Projector In Your Apartment

Small on scale but big on quality, the WEMAX Go Advanced features a 1080 DMD chip that projects a sharp and crisp image–the very definition of full HD.

With its advanced features and technology, you can connect this projector via USB or even wirelessly via Bluetooth or Airplay. 

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Wrapping It Up

Choosing the right mounting setup for your projector is a major decision to make, especially when you have to deal with limited space requirements in a rented apartment.

No matter how small your space is, getting a super high-quality projector is a must-have if you're looking to take your home theater setup to the next level–and WEMAX has everything you need.

WEMAX is the leading brand for laser projectors, portable projectors, and LED projectors that provide a real home theater experience. If you want to know about making the most out of your home theater, be sure to sign up for the WEMAX newsletter for more tips, how-tos, and exclusive deals.

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