Why is Laser Projector Expensive?

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  • Introduction
  • Laser projectors at a glance
  • How much do laser projectors cost?
  • Reasons why laser projectors are expensive
  • WEMAX portable business projectors
  • Bottomline: Is a laser projector worth it?
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At WEMAX we understand that rich visual experiences affect the way people experience and interpret their world, and this is why laser projectors play such a vital role in any business.

The most effective way to convey complex information to shareholders, business partners, and employees is to use visual presentations, which means you'll need a laser projector.

But how can you choose the right business laser projector for your company? Today we'll go over every single last detail so you can make an informed choice and make sure that the quality of your next projector matches that of your presentations. 

Laser projectors at a glance

When most people discuss laser projectors they usually mean short-throw laser projectors which are compact projectors able to display an image from a very short distance. In practice, this means that they are lightweight and portable devices that can offer very high fidelity with the added comfort of requiring next to no setup to get your presentation started.

Laser projectors can be reliably used as a replacement for a screen and their portability makes them a common fixture in business presentations. But what makes laser projectors different when it comes to their underlying mechanics?

As the name implies a laser projector uses laser technology as a light source to display brighter and more accurate colors as well as a sharper image, all of this with the added advantage that they won't require lamp replacements as older models do. 

How much do laser projectors cost?

The cost of a laser light projector will vary based on its resolution and its intended use, but as far as our projectors are concerned you can expect to pay $999 for our 1080p Ultra Portable model and roughly $3000 for our 4k models. But how do other models non-laser models fare by comparison?

Prices once again vary based on the technology and resolution each model offers, but LED projectors usually are in the $600 to $1200 range, and speaking in broad terms while laser projectors can go from anywhere between $400 to $5000 any projector below the $500 range is considered to be an affordable and low-budget deal. 

Reasons why laser projectors are expensive

WEMAX ALPD portable laser projector

When it comes to cost the real question we should always make is what kind of additional features or advantages a product features to justify the price. And in that sense, you'll see that laser projectors cost more because they truly offer a better service than the other alternatives in the market. So let's go step by step to understand why laser projectors cost are more expensive and what this means for the final user.

1. Projector Technology

All projectors rely on light to display an image, whereas other models use lamps or LEDs to do so a laser projector instead fully relies on lasers. Laser technology is in general of higher quality which means the resulting image and color quality is improved and the system will last longer than its counterparts. 

2. Low maintenance

Laser projectors don't need lamp or filter replacements as they don't use either, meaning that maintenance costs and needs are much lower straight out of the box. That means you won't have to keep track of the projection times to change the filter every 100 hours.

3. No lamp replacements

As we mentioned a few times by now laser projectors don't use a lamp at all, meaning that you won't have to replace an essential part of your projector regularly, and will be saved the misfortune of seeing how your lamp malfunctions mid-presentation. 

4. Long-lasting performance

A lamp can last between 500 to 5000 hours based on the quality of your projector, and while in the best possible case 5000 is not a bad number it apples in comparison to what laser projectors offer.

Laser projectors work at least for 20,00 hours before any maintenance is required, which means that they last 4 times more than the best projectors in the market and up to 40 times longer when compared to low-end models.

5. 3D projections

3D projections are a feature that is currently exclusive to laser projectors. While not all businesses and presentations will require a 3D projection the possibility to present your ideas and products in 3D is one that is bound to astonish investors if you choose to go the extra mile. 

6. Cost efficiency

While it is undeniable that laser projectors tend to cost more upfront than their counterparts, the real price difference is much smaller once you factor in maintenance and replacements.

A lamp replacement can cost up to $400 and this means that by the time you change your 1oth lamp you will have spent more money on replacements than the cost of a standard 4k short throw laser projector. 

7. Better image quality

The laser technology in projectors allows them to provide more accurate colors and shadows meaning that their image quality is unmatched across projectors and can match the fidelity seen in modern TV sets.

8. Energy Efficiency

Laser light projectors consume less energy than their lamp counterparts and this means that in the long run, they provide yet another way for owners to save money. 

9. Type of projector

Most laser projectors in the $3000 range are 4k short throw projectors meaning that their resolution is unmatched, they can display their image accurately from very close distances and they have the added fidelity that laser technology brings.

This means that when you pay for an "expensive" laser projector you are paying for the best service in the market, and that explains the reasoning behind their cost. 

WEMAX Portable Business Projectors 

wemax business portable projector

Now that we've seen in detail how laser projectors are different and competitive despite their apparently higher price tag let's take a look at some specific models to see how they can be a good fit for your business. 

WEMAX Go Advanced Ultra-Portable Laser Projector for Business

Our to-go recommendation for businesses is a compact and lightweight projector that retails for only $999.99 is WEMAX Go Advanced. Less than 10 inches wide and with a weight of only 1,7 lb this is a projector you can take anywhere without much hassle and that can be easily moved from room to room as needed.

Additionally, its 1080p FHD resolution and smart connectivity mean that your image quality will be up to the task and you can easily connect it to speakers or smart devices for ease of control.

WEMAX Nova Smart 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

If you are looking for the ultimate image resolution, then the WEMAX Nova Smart is the model you are looking for. Its display output offers true 4K UHD images for screen sizes of up to 120-inches. Its built-in Chromecast and speakers also mean that it's a standalone device that requires no additional support to function and will ensure the highest quality presentations.

WEMAX Go Ultra-Portable ALPD DLP Laser Projector for Gaming and Camping

For those looking for an even more affordable and portable experience, the WEMAX Ultra-Portable ALPD DLP Laser Projector is a solid pick that offers a lot in a small package. This ultra-portable model offers 540p native resolution with support for 1080p. The size isn't an excuse for cutting features either as this model still packs dedicated speakers, wi-fi capabilities, and auto-correction.

The Ultra-Portable might not be as sharp as the alternatives but the affordable price and sheer portability make it a good pick for smaller conferences and presentations.

Is a laser projector worth it?

If you are looking for the best quality projectors and the kind of service that won't fail mid-presentation or require extensive maintenance then you need a laser projector for your business. With the sharpest images and some of the lowest maintenance requirements in the market, the fact is that laser light projectors are well worth the money.

So if you are looking for the best portable projectors for your company the WEMAX catalog has you covered. WEMAX is the leading brand for projectors and our mission to provide rich visual experiences with every product ensures that all of our projectors offer the best performance possible in their category and price range.

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