5 Reasons To Choose Laser Projectors for Home Theater

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As far as a home theater setup goes, you simply can't do better than a laser projector. In fact, if you are investing in a home theater because you want to bring the immersive experience of cinema to the comfort of your own home, a laser projector will offer that and more!

Many of us strive to create a home entertainment setup that does not limit the cinematic-grade visuals to movie theaters.

And if that's what you want, here is an undeniable fact: Be it gaming or a sports event, an action movie, or your favorite TV/Netflix show, everything looks better and grander when it's displayed on a 100+ inch screen with ultra HD to boot.

Can't decide if you should invest in a laser home theater projector? Learn about the benefits of a dedicated home theater setup and upgrading to a laser projector.

What Is A Laser Projector?

The word "laser" in laser projector refers to the light source and not the technology used in the projection unit. In order to work, all projectors need a source that emits light. This light is then manipulated based on the technology used to relay digital information in the form of images on the screen or surface.

For a long time, a high-intensity XENON or UHP lamp was the source used for light in projectors. But, these were energy guzzlers prone to burning out. Also, the fact that they emitted intense heat created their own set of problems.

So, you could say that the market was burning for a game changer and laser was just the thing. Laser projectors are available in both LCD and DLP forms, which are the technology used to manipulate the light to create the image.

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No matter what technology a projector is based on, the use of laser as the light source greatly increases the efficiency, durability, and performance of the unit.

Why Have A Home Theater?

Best Laser Projectors for Home Theater

Everybody loves catching a movie with friends. But, often the hassle of finding a parking spot, waiting in line for the tickets, and paying for the overpriced popcorn is just not worth all that trouble. After all, not everybody covets the idea of spending 2 hours in cramped seats surrounded by strangers.

Yet, people are drawn to the sensory euphoria offered by a movie theater. The gigantic screen that relays larger-than-life images and the surround sound that turns every acoustic note into a physical sensation makes you feel like you are actually there, experiencing, living every shot and every twist of the plot with the actors.

Of course, a TV can't possibly come close to offering that experience even if you spend a small fortune to own a 60-inch juggernaut.

But a home theater is different, very different! It’s like having your own movie theater. So, here are some reasons why you must have a home theater setup.

A visual bonanza like no other

For starters, that's 100+ inches of immersive screen space we are talking about with a home theater setup. Then, there is the ultra-high definition picture quality that offers crystal clear images and colors displayed as vividly as your eyes can capture.

Sound done your way

Add Dolby and surround sound to the home theater setup and you have the same captivating and immersive experience that you have come to expect from a movie theater. The best part is that you get all of that without leaving the comfort of your home.

Front row seats to your favorite game

When it comes to your favorite sporting event, the only thing that can beat the experience of watching the game on your home theater screen is being there in the stadium or better yet, running alongside the quarterback or catching the homerun ball.

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A better Netflix

Once you watch your favorite streaming show on your home theater screen, you will never go back to watching it on TV. In fact, the only way to do justice to the incredible, binge-worthy content now available on streaming networks is to enjoy it on the big screen.

An unparalleled gaming experience

It does not matter how good your computer monitor or your laptop screen is, it cannot offer the "being in the game" feel of a 150-inch projector screen.

A fantastic way to entertain friends

One of the advantages of owning a dedicated home theater setup is that you can host a movie night for friends and family without stepping out of your home. The best part is that you can have everybody's favorite snacks on the table along with the most comfortable seating out there.

Educational content that will leave the kids awestruck

Imagine a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon done on a 150-inch screen. Once your kids get a load of this, they will keep coming back for more.

The classics are served in a new way. Some classics and foreign language films are screened as matinee shows. But the timing is not the most convenient nor can you always find the movies you are interested in. However, with a home theater system, you no longer have to wait to enjoy your favorite classic or the latest foreign-language Oscar winner on the silver screen.

Above all, the biggest advantage is that with a home theater system, you are always in control of the remote control. So, you can stop the movie at any point and pick it up from where you left off whenever you want.

Along the same lines, if you always yearned for recliner seats at the movies, with a home theater you can have them. Ditto for your favorite munchies to go with the riveting flick.

In a nutshell, with a home theater setup, you finally get to have everything that you wanted from your movie theater experience. So that leaves you with just one question- Why not?

If the viability of the investment has you worried, according to the New York Times, a home theater can actually increase the value of your home. Plus, it is a fantastic way to transform the basement or attic that would otherwise just be a corner for hoarding junk.

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Laser Projectors for Home Theater

Best Laser Projectors for Home Theater

A decade has passed since the first 85-inch TV saw the light of the day but nothing quite as moving has been introduced in the market since then and with good reason. A further increase in the size of televisions would be disproportionately taxing on the wallet for every extra inch of screen space you get.

Hence, it would be hard to find takers for it. Also, the logical question is, why would you even want to bother with one when you could get twice the size of the largest TV screen currently available at less than half the cost?

However, a bigger screen size is not the only advantage that a home theater laser projector 4K brings to the table. There are several other reasons that justify the upgrade.

1. Laser Projector is Safer For Your Eyes

Laser Projector is Safer For Your Eyes

Compared to your TV, a laser projector is gentler on your eyes for three reasons:

An indirect source of light: A TV is a direct light source like the fluorescent lamp on your ceiling or the sun outside. So, staring at a TV screen, while less damaging than staring at the sun, is no different from it in terms of the kind of light exposure that your eyes are subjected to.

On the other hand, a projected image is an indirect source of light. You could liken it to the effect of the light reflected off your walls or even the glass tabletop. It simply isn't as harsh on your eyes as direct light. So, spending a few hours in front of your TV screen would cause more eye strain than spending the same amount of time viewing the reflected images displayed on a projector screen.

Size has its benefits: Even the largest screen TV is smaller than the average screen size of a laser projector. The bigger picture means that you don't have to strain your eyes as much to focus on the details. Coupled with the indirect light, this significantly reduces the amount of work that your ocular muscles have to put in.

Reduced exposure to blue light: While a projector also emits blue light, since it never gets to your eyes directly, it does not cause as much damage as the blue light emitted by your TV or even your computer screen.

Exposure to direct light of all wavelengths over a prolonged period causes eye strain. However, subjecting your eyes to constant blue light exposure is known to significantly increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration. But, with a laser projector, your eyes are never exposed to a direct beam of blue light. And the reflection simply isn't as harmful.

2. Home Theater Laser Projector 4K Provides Great Viewing

Home Theater Laser Projector 4K Provides Great Viewing

The bigger screen size of a laser home theater projector does not come at the cost of picture quality. If anything, you get cinema-grade optimal output thanks to a bunch of superlative features such as:

Exceptional resolution: One of the reasons LCD and LED TV screens enjoyed an edge over traditional projectors was the higher resolution they offered. This led to razor-sharp images and vibrant colors. Well, with a laser projector, you get the same captivating optical performance but at a grander scale.

Amazing brightness: The amount of light emitted by your TV plays a crucial role in image quality. In the past, getting that kind of lumen output from a projector would need a year's worth of your normal energy expenditure and possibly a cryogenic freezer to contain the heat it would generate.

But, the advent of laser changed all of that. Moreover, the combination of DLP and ALPD technologies, the kind you find in the WEMAX Nova, gives you 4 times the lumen output for every watt of energy used. And the heat generation is nowhere near as much as that of your old projector. So, you get more brightness without spending a fortune on it.  

Contrast: While laser projectors in general provide better contrast and hence more striking colors, units that use DLP + ALPD technologies have an edge given their wider color gamut or ability to produce more colors in the human visible spectrum.

Also, unlike LCD screens and projectors, the blacks are darker and the whites are brighter with a DLP projector. This means that when various shades of the same color are involved, you get greater picture clarity.

Color Accuracy: Wider color gamut also translates to greater color accuracy as lighter hues come across brighter than normal while darker hues come across as denser and bolder than normal.

Built-in Speakers: A top-of-the-line laser projector will, of course, come with built-in Dolby sound. Make no mistake, these are not the puny speakers on your laptop. In fact, they are every bit as powerful as your built-in TV speakers. But if that's not enough, you can always add to the acoustic effect with your existing home theater sound system.

Image enhancement: With a TV, no matter what its size, you are stuck with the image you get, as there is little scope for image enhancement. At the most, you can control the brightness and the contrast to a certain extent, but that is about it.

In comparison, a laser projector offers greater image enhancement capabilities. For instance, with a home theater laser projector 4K, you start with 4 times the 1080p image quality. To add to this, the projector comes with pre-programmed color modes that are suitable for various image environments and types.

With a laser projector, you can adjust not only the contrast and brightness but also the sharpness and color saturation. Plus, the availability of thin and thick line enhancements means that you can also change the softness and sharpness of the background as well as the image details.

3. Easy DIY Setup

Think of a laser projector as a bigger TV but without a bulky, screen. While you can blow up the images to 150 inches if you so desire, you'll still only be dealing with a rectangular unit that weighs a few pounds and is smaller than 1 square foot in size.  

Plus, ultra-short throw laser projectors come with multiple placement options. So, you don't have to mount the unit on the ceiling unless you want to do so. Moreover, you won't have to hassle with long audio-video cables if you want to add an acoustic system to your home theater setup.

Now, compare this with a 75 or 85-inch TV screen which is so heavy that one-person installation is near impossible. In fact, given how heavy a TV of that size is, you will need special mounting reinforcements just to hold the unit safely in one place.  

It also goes without saying that after paying six figures for that gigantic TV, you will perpetually be worried about keeping the expensive equipment safe. But, with a laser home theater projector, you won't have to worry about any of that.

Most high-quality projectors are plug-and-play devices that can simply be placed on a table or pedestal a few feet away from the screen.

And the setup is as easy as plugging in the power and the HDMI cable. So, if you are worried about your pets or your toddler knocking the unit over, all you have to do is unplug the device and stow it away in the sideboard.

4. High Adaptability

Another problem with a big-screen TV is that given its bulky size and weight that can easily go up to 150 lbs. or more, and there isn't a lot of space to move it about in your home.

In fact, once it's installed, most people prefer to simply leave the TV in one place for years on end to avoid the hassle of moving it around. Now, think about the limits that this puts on your viewing experience.

You can't move the TV from the living room to your bedroom upstairs simply because you feel like it. But, with a projector, you can easily carry your big screen upstairs to your bedroom or even two levels up to the attic or out into the garage.

Because you are essentially only moving a small box from one place to another, any area of your home can turn into your dedicated home theater corner/room. Alternatively, you could include your home theater setup in the existing layout of your living area without worrying about the massive screen hogging up too much space on the wall.

Furthermore, laser projectors are fairly tolerant of ambient light given their output of 2000 plus lumens. Hence, you don't have to bother with the addition of light-blocking accessories or sitting in a darkened room for hours on end. So, in terms of adaptability, laser projectors definitely score over big-screen TVs and even traditional Xenon lamp projectors.

5. Laser Home Theater Projector is Durable and Eco-friendly

As compared to UHP and Xenon lamps, which come with a lifespan of just 2000-3000 hours, you get 10 times as much time with a laser light source. Most laser projectors have a lamp life of 25,000 hours.

That's at par with the lifespan of most LED/OLED TVs. What's more, with a laser projector, you don't have to worry about the degradation of image quality due to dead pixels.

So, without a doubt, laser projectors are more durable. And this durability translates to a lower requirement for component changes over time. In turn, this equates to lower utilization of resources. But, that's not all!

We have already discussed that laser projectors generate less heat and are more energy efficient. One advantage of this is the lower cost of operation. Because a laser projector offers the same brightness for comparatively less energy, your utility spending will be lower for a home theater laser projector 4K.

Moreover, you won't have to run your air conditioner at full blast to counter the heat generated by the Xenon lamp of a regular projector. This will further bring down your utility bills. And there's more from where that comes.

Lower energy requirement means that you will inevitably be doing your bit for the environment when using a laser projector vis à vis a traditional projector. If you have a solar power setup for your home energy requirements, you can run your laser projector on it without worrying about exhausting the stored energy.

WEMAX NOVA: An Outstanding Laser Home Theater Projector

Best Laser Projectors for Home Theater

One of the most popular products in the laser home theater projector segment, the WEMAX Nova often figures in the list of the best laser projectors in the market, and with good reasons.

4K Ultra HD: If you think 1080p or full HD is impressive wait till you get a glimpse of WeMax Nova's picture quality. It's only about 4 times the resolution of full HD. So, the finer details, breathtaking video quality, and extraordinary vibrancy and brightness of 2100 lumens will leave you nothing short of enthralled.

Better Viewing Experience with Massive Screen Size and Powerful Sound: If stunning picture quality isn't enough, it comes with a massive size of 150 inches. Talk about videos that reach out to you. And even when it comes to screen size, you get complete control over the performance of your projector.

You can choose between 80, 100, 120, or 150 inches based on space availability and room dimension. Also, making micro adjustments is a breeze with 8-point keystone corrections.

Plus, you get powerful 30W HD Speakers to go with the brilliant video quality. Simply put, this is a device designed to offer an "out of this world" home theater experience.

Rich Built-in Resources: The best part is that the WeMax Nova is tuned to utilize the best of digital entertainment technology with built-in resources. So, you get thousands of preloaded apps that allow you to stream your favorite shows right onto your projector screen. The availability of multiple HDMI video slots further enhances device functionality.

Because the device is powered by Android TV, it also accommodates voice command activation and operation. Plus, the laser projector is WiFi Bluetooth compatible, so all the media stored on your mobile devices can easily be transferred to the big screen set up in your home. If that isn't the most bang for your buck, what is?

Wrapping it up

When you consider all of the above, it is easy to understand why laser projectors have turned into crowd-pleasers and now enjoy a significant share of the home entertainment market.

In fact, when it comes to ease of use, adaptability, convenient setup, impressive performance, suitability for a wide variety of visual applications, and cost-effectiveness, no other gadget out there compares with a laser projector.

And when you want the best-in-class laser projector, hit the ball out of the park by opting for a quality product from WEMAX.

Cutting-edge technology and decades of experience in bringing cinema-grade image quality to home entertainment setups come together in the WEMAX Nova. So, if you are looking for a 4K UHD laser TV home theatre projector, the WEMAX Nova will not just meet your expectations but will supersede them!

WEMAX is the leading provider of laser projectors based in New York to provide shared rich, visual experiences whenever and wherever. We provide one-stop solutions to deliver visual applications such as ALPD® laser projectors, portable projectors, LED projectors, and more, that are intelligently connected with your home and business.

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