Are Laser Projectors Ideal for Business?

Whether it’s an employee training, program presentation, or team brainstorming session, a potent projector can make all the difference. Not only can it capture attention and transform a simple pitch into a captivating display, but the ideal projector also enables diverse presenters to share content from their computers, smartphones, or tablets, regardless of their location in the room. Essentially, the right projector can significantly enhance your company's image. But, what is the perfect office projector? Are laser projectors ideal for business?


To figure this question out, we should first understand what a laser projector is. A laser projector is a device that uses laser light sources to project images, videos or text onto a screen. What sets laser projectors apart is the method by which they produce light. Traditional projectors utilize lamps or LEDs as light sources, but laser projectors, as the name suggests, rely on lasers.


Table of Contents:

  • Benefits of Laser Projectors
    • Better Color and Brightness
    • Lower Maintenance Cost
    • Energy Saving
    • Improved Productivity
  • Specific Applications of Laser Projectors in Business
    • Presentations
    • Product Launches and Events
    • Training
    • Design
    • WEMAX Go Advanced: Best Business Laser Projector
  • Maintenance Tips for Laser Projector
  • Wrapping it Up


Benefits of Laser Projectors

The laser light source provides several advantages over traditional ones, making laser projectors superior in functions.


Better Color and Brightness

Laser projectors offer enhanced picture quality with superior color accuracy and brightness uniformity, and they decline less over time compared to traditional lamp projectors. Their controllable laser light source enables higher contrast. The advantage isn't merely about generating more light, but providing better light quality. Unlike unfocused, scattered light from lamp projectors, laser light maintains clarity and sharpness regardless of distance, leading to brighter and more vivid colors.


Lower Maintenance Cost

Given their dependence on lamps, periodic lamp replacement is a necessity for conventional projectors. Not only does this task become inconvenient, but the recurrent expense, typically exceeding £150 for each lamp, may result in substantial costs over the projector's lifespan.


In contrast, laser projectors entirely eliminate this issue by not relying on lamps, negating the need for replacements. Besides, laser light sources often have a significantly longer lifespan than their lamp or LED counterparts. In other words, a laser projector requires less maintenance effort and costs.


Energy Saving

ALPD Laser Display Technology

WEMAX laser projector sets a new standard in energy efficiency by adopting ALPD technology. Traditional LED projectors deliver an energy efficiency of a meager 4.2 lm/W, while WEMAX's ALPD technology takes a quantum leap, delivering a staggering 10.5 lm/W. The ALPD-enabled projector, such as WEMAX Go Advanced, offers a significantly superior performance while consuming less than half the energy. It is an environmentally-friendly solution that doesn't compromise on quality or performance.


Improved Productivity

The ultimate advantage of laser projectors is their productivity. Beyond reduced energy consumption, they provide practical benefits. Traditional lamp projectors need time to reach optimal working temperature, while lasers activate instantly. While seeming trivial, the time saved from warming up accumulates. For businesses, lost time signifies inefficiency, unacceptable in auditoriums or presentations. Laser projectors often possess adjustable brightness, allowing cost savings in dim settings.


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Specific Applications of Laser Projectors in Business

Laser projectors can be used in various business settings. If you have no idea about how to make the most of your laser projector, keep reading!



projector for business pressentions

This is one of the most common uses. Laser projectors can offer high-quality images for presentations and video conferences, making them easier to view and understand for everyone in the room. With clear image quality, your employee can be better off focusing on the meetings and presentations.


Product Launches and Events

Laser projectors can help create impressive visuals for product launches or corporate events. They can be used for things like showcasing product features, creating a visual backdrop, or even interactive installations.



Laser projectors are great for training sessions, workshops, and seminars. Their superior image quality can make instructional materials more engaging and effective, leading to a better learning experience.



For architects and designers, laser projectors can be used to create life-size projections of their designs. This helps clients to visualize the end result in a more interactive way, aiding in decision-making.


WEMAX Go Advanced: Best Business Laser Projector

alpd laser projector for business

For anyone who is seeking a business laser projector, the WEMAX Go Advanced is a great option. Measuring less than an inch thick with a mere 1.7 lbs weight, it is the best travel projector for business. The native 1080P DMD chip ensures a vivid image projection, delivering sharp, full HD visuals with over 16.7M colors and 600 ANSI lumens brightness.


Besides, its smart screen calibration features make the setup a breeze. So you can deliver the perfect picture in mere seconds. With an array of connectivity options covering both wired and wireless connections, it's versatile and user-friendly.


Furthermore, its compatibility with smartphones enhances its functionality, allowing for collaboration, file sharing, and more on a larger screen. The inclusion of Bluetooth 5.0 facilitates higher transfer speeds, a wider range, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities, making it a comprehensive solution for all your business projection needs.


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Maintenance Tips for Laser Projectors

Here are some simple steps for maintaining your projector. Before turning on your projector, consider the following tips:


  1. If you don't intend to use your projector daily or immediately after purchase, consider storing it in a dust-proof bag. This keeps dust and other particles from getting into the projector, which could impact its performance.
  1. Clean the projector's exterior by wiping it down with a damp cloth, after ensuring it's unplugged. Avoid using any chemicals or cleaning solutions - just water will do.
  1. Use the same cloth to clean the plastic parts. For the lens and other glass elements, opt for a microfiber cloth, lens brush, or blower.


When using your projector, ensure optimal settings to limit wear and tear:


  1. Avoid blocking the projector's vents to prevent overheating. Don't place it on cluttered surfaces, soft furnishings, or in enclosed spaces like bookshelves, as these can impede airflow.
  1. If the projector makes unusual or cracking sounds during use, turn it off and unplug it immediately.


In addition to the above tips, it's recommended to clean your projector annually. This routine maintenance can enhance image quality and lower the risk of breakdowns. A few more tips for your projector's longevity:


  1. Avoid touching the power cord with wet hands.
  1. Steer clear of plugging your projector into overloaded power strips to minimize fire or electric shock risks.


Wrapping it Up

With better brightness and color, improved productivity, lower maintenance costs and energy-saving design, laser projectors are a compelling choice for business use. They facilitate superior presentations, assist in engaging training sessions, and add to your product launch and event. They can also help designers present their work better, contributing to a memorable affair.


If you want every penny to pay off, consider trying the WEMAX Go Advanced. This ALPD laser projector makes an excellent business companion. Remember to take good care of your projector to ensure a longer lifespan!


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