How To Watch The Super Bowl Like You're At The Stadium

Table of Contents:

  • Super Bowl 2023
  • How to Watch The Super Bowl Using WEMAX Laser Projectors
    • Experience The Stadium in 4K
    • Big Screen Experience
  • WEMAX ALPD Laser Projectors and Projector Screens

Are you ready to become a part of a wild Super Bowl experience this year? Come cheer on your favorite team in front of a big screen, have some friends over, and indulge in classic game-day grub! Nothing can beat a great viewing party with people you love, whether the excitement of seeing the teams battle it out or anticipation for those star-studded halftime performances.

In this article, we'll provide you with plenty of tips on how to watch the Super Bowl at home, so your home viewing experience is almost like being at the stadium. No more long lines, and no need to travel far to watch your favorite games. We'll also explore why WEMAX Laser TV Projectors are your best bet for how to watch the Super Bowl on a projector creating an immersive Super Bowl experience at home.

Super Bowl 2023

First launched in 1967, the Super Bowl is one of the most significant American sports events. It's no surprise that every year fans look for ways to watch the Super Bowl in a way that rivals being at the stadium.

Super Bowl 2023 is happening on February 5, 2023, and promises an unforgettable affair. Here are some events you can expect from the Super Bowl this year:

  • The Super Bowl Kickoff Show
  • Halftime Show featuring musical performances from top artists
  • NFL Honors award show
  • Tailgating events around the stadium

Americans love watching Super Bowl shows because of the atmosphere and unforgettable experience. And what better way to watch the show than at home with the help of WEMAX portable projectors?

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How to Watch The Super Bowl By Using WEMAX Laser TV Projectors

A WEMAX home theater projector comes with a host of features and settings.

To set it up, you first:

  1. Select a suitable projector screen – a 120-inch UST CLR/ALR Fixed-Frame Screen or 100-inch Fresnel Ultra Short Throw works best
  2. Place the projector in an optimal viewing position, at least 8 feet away from the screen
  3. Connect your device to the projector using an HDMI cable
  4. Turn on the projector and adjust settings such as brightness, contrast, and keystone angle
  5. Once the picture is adjusted to your liking, you can sit back and enjoy the show!

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Super Bowl Watch

Experience The Stadium in 4K

For an immersive Super Bowl Experience, WEMAX portable projectors can display true 4K resolution. Users can use projectors such as the WEMAX Nova and WEMAX Go Advanced, which support up to 4K ultra HD resolution. The projector also supports HDR 10 and HLG technology for a wider color gamut which will help you get a realistic and stunning picture quality.

Big Screen Experience

WEMAX also offers projector screens for large-scale theater viewing experiences to create the feeling like you're in the stadium. The 120-inch UST CLR/ALR Fixed-Frame screen is designed to fit most projectors with optical lenses. The 100-inch Fresnel Ultra Short Throw is a great choice if you want an extra large screen without having to mount the projector far away from the screen. With these two options, you can create a life-size stadium viewing experience right in your living room!

WEMAX Portable Laser Projectors and Projector Screens

WEMAX Nova 4K ALPD Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector - 30% Off Code: SPB3FF

Watch The Super Bowl at Home

WEMAX Nova is the ultimate portable projector designed to give your Super Bowl experience a realistic, cinematic feel. Its 500 ANSI lumens brightness delivers vibrant colors and deep blacks even in rooms with ambient light. Its short throw projection ratio allows it to project images up to 120 inches (300 cm) in size. This makes it perfect for watching the Super Bowl from the comfort of your living room – giving you an immersive, stadium-like experience!

WEMAX Go Advanced 1080P ALPD Portable Laser Projector30% Off Code: SPB3FF

Wemax Go advanced for Super Bowl Watching

If you're looking for a less expensive option to how for watching the Super Bowl on a projector, look no further than the WEMAX Go Advanced. It has a built-in Harman Kardon soundbar that can create an immersive surround sound experience that rivals what you'd get at the stadium. And with its 120-inch projection, you'll feel like you're in the middle of the action.

The WEMAX Go Advanced also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity that lets you easily stream content from your phone or tablet. And with its adjustable brightness settings, you get a great picture even when watching during the day.

WEMAX Dice Portable Projector for Home Entertainment 30% Off Code: SPB3FF

WEMAX DICE Portable Projector for Super Bowl Gaming

WEMAX Dice is the perfect solution for an immersive viewing experience anywhere you are during The Super Bowl. With its 1080 FHD capabilities, you can enjoy vivid colors on a 100-inch screen size. Experience the NFL like you’re at the stadium! Put your WEMAX Dice at any angle and its smart keystone correction will adjust up to 40 degrees (vertically and horizontally) to give you the best viewing experience. The built-in sound system features Dolby Digital Plus with the 2x3W to produce a more immersive audio experience.

120-inch UST CLR/ALR Fixed-Frame Screen

This ultra-short throw portable projector screen offers a large viewing area (120 inches) and an anti-light reflection coating that will help create a truly immersive experience. The fixed-frame construction also helps to minimize distractions and maximize image clarity. The inclusion of an adjustable light-absorbing layer also helps reduce ambient light.

Check out the 120-inch UST CLR/ALR Fixed-Frame Screen here!

100-inch Fresnel Ultra Short Throw Projector Screen

This ultra-short throw projector screen offers a wide viewing area (100 inches) and superior brightness that helps create extraordinary picture quality. The concentric circles of the Fresnel lens will ensure images are sharp and clear. It also helps reduce glare and carries a two-year warranty. The screen also comes with adjustable height settings, so you can set it up to best fit your viewing area.

Check out the 100-inch Fresnel Ultra Short Throw Projector Screen here!

Technology can create a stadium-like experience for your super bowl experience, and WEMAX is the premier one-stop solution for your home theater projector. It offers a wide pool of quality portable projectors and projector screens that will give you an immersive experience.

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