Best Black Friday Projector Deals & Sales 2022: What You Can Expect

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could amplify your viewing experience with friends and family this thanksgiving? Unfortunately, intense ambient light often reduces movies and games on standard TV to an unsatisfactory viewing experience. This situation can be annoying and can often leave you frustrated. However, if you’re looking for an opportunity to get a suitable projector without breaking the bank this coming Black Friday, we’ve got you covered.

Elevate your viewing experience with the best Black Friday projector deals and sales this year! Here’s what you can expect WEMAX got in store for you!

Level up Your Viewing Experience with WEMAX Projectors

It’s one thing to identify your viewing challenges but getting a suitable viewing device is a different ball game. The market is flooded with projector manufacturers, and everywhere you look, you’re bound to see ones that are below the required quality.

WEMAX is the leading brand for portable, laser, and LED projectors, and we offer some of the most innovative visual application solutions. As a consistent deliverer of quality projectors, WEMAX has been able to elevate viewers’ experiences with a focus on clear and distinct color presentation with high-definition pictures that evoke cinematic experiences.

In addition, with features that include an ultra-short throw ratio and high portability, WEMAX projectors help optimize the projected images for space and environment, making them suitable indoors and outdoors.

WEMAX's Best Black Friday Projector Deals & Sales 2022

Best Black Friday Projector

The best deals often help put money back in your pocket without reducing quality or quantity. These attributes and more are what you’ll find with WEMAX’s best black Friday projector deals highlighted below.

WEMAX Nova (On sale for $1889.99)

If you aim to have high-resolution pictures without sacrificing your room’s ambient lighting, then this WEMAX black Friday projector deal has you covered. With its superior 1080p resolution, a 5,000-lumen light source, and ultra-high definition 4K picture, the WEMAX Nova shines through. You never have to squint your eyes to see clearly, as the screen can easily expand from 80 inches to 150 inches as it suits your viewing pleasure. Additionally, it features distinct and pulsating sounds coupled with an ultra-short throw ratio of 0.23:1, which ensures that you still get an excellent view even if you have a small space.

WEMAX Go (On sale for $199.99)

WEMAX Go is pocket-friendly both in price and size, which makes it the perfect choice for taking your entertainment along on your trip. But that’s just the beginning. It features a 200% brightness compared to other projectors its size, and it lets you automatically correct any image misalignment on the screen without lifting a finger. What’s more, this ultra-light power bank-sized projector casts photos and movies wirelessly on the screen using Miracast or a screen mirror for a breathtaking viewing experience.

WEMAX Go Advanced (On sale for $599.99)

A slightly bigger version of the WEMAX Go but still very portable, this WEMAX Go Advanced gives you a sharper cinematic view of movies and pictures. Also, you’re presented with a 1080p resolution that enhances the over 16.7M color spectrum every time you project your movies with this one-of-a-kind projector. It gets better. The WEMAX Go Advanced features multiple connection options, including USB, HDMI, and wireless connections like Miracast, Airplay, and Bluetooth 5.0, allowing you to connect to devices without stress. This is a black Friday projector deal you don’t want to miss.  

WEMAX Dice (On sale for $524.99)

If you are looking for the ultimate black Friday projector deal, the WEMAX Dice projector is for you. It is a combination of cinematic viewing experience and theatre-like surround sound. You never have to worry about the power source when camping or on a picnic, as its battery gives you up to 3 hours of non-stop entertainment. The sleek color adds some eye-catching aesthetics that makes it the center of attraction, especially outdoors, while its solid tripod keeps it steady even on undulating ground. It also has a seamless connection option with the android platform and a screen angle correction of up to 40 degrees.

WEMAX Vogue Pro (On sale for $779.99)

WEMAX Vogue Pro projector is considered an absolute steal with a high–quality cinematic viewing experience and a very competitive price. It consists of innovative features that include a smart wireless connection for iOS and Android devices, full range theatre sound from its dual 10W speakers, and very low latency for synchronizing games faster. But there’s more. You get to view the full spectrum of colors of images that can scale up to 120 inches at 120% brightness. A double USB connection port completes the bouquet of exciting features for this black Friday projector deal.

WEMAX 100-inch ALR Screen (On sale for $399.99)

If you need a complementing screen that is quality and wide enough to capture exciting moments from movies, then getting the WEMAX 100-inch ALR Screen is your best bet. This 100-inch-wide screen features an ultra-short throw distance ensuring your projector functions optimally even in proximity to the screen, especially if you’re constrained by space. Additionally, its ambient light rejection properties guarantee sharp images despite intense ambient lighting. But more importantly, this framed screen is firm and sturdy, able to maintain balance in a windy environment.

Wrapping It Up

Leveling up your viewing experience all comes down to getting fantastic deals with projectors that can capture those memorable movie moments in high-resolution and life-sized pictures. However, black Friday deals from leading projector brands like WEMAX easily give you a bang for every dime you spend. But most importantly, you are able to achieve more while saving on costs.

WEMAX's long-time reputation as a quality brand with a consistent track record of successful delivery of innovative projectors confirms its industry leadership. With a one-stop solution approach, WEMAX delivers different types of projectors, including LED, portable, and laser projectors, that are poised to deliver a better viewing experience.

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