Best 5 Samsung Premiere LSP9T projector Alternatives

This article is contributed by Alexandre Lopes

Those who pay attention to the tech world, especially when it comes to the projector niche, will probably remember September 2020, as that was when Samsung announced its new 4K short throw laser projector.

Under the name The Premiere, Samsung announced two models: the LSP7T, capable of projecting a 120-inch image, and the LSP9T, capable of projecting a 130-inch image. But these are not the only differences.

The top model, the LSP9T, was the world's first projector with HDR10+ certified triple laser technology, which allowed it to display rich detail and a remarkable level of contrast, especially useful in those darker scenes. In addition, it has a maximum brightness of up to 2,800 ANSI lumens, and to make it all work, it relies on Tizen, Samsung's operating system that, while not the Android TV experience, does its job well.

This is one of those projectors that also dispenses an additional sound system or a soundbar, as the LSP9T has powerful built-in woofers and Acoustic Beam surround sound. In other words, get ready for quality sound.

The only drawback? The price. Considering all its quality, some will accept the $6499 that the LSP9T asks for, but this is indeed a premium projector. In any case, there are excellent alternatives, and cheaper options, for those looking for a short-throw projector.

So, in the next lines, you will learn about the 5 best alternatives to the Samsung Premiere LSTP9T.

Wemax Nova Smart 4K


We start this top right away with an excellent alternative: Wemax Nova Smart 4K. It has several strong points: it is 4K, has 2,100 ANSI Lumens, supports HDR10 (but not HDR+10, mind you), is capable of projecting an image up to 150", has 32GB of internal memory - something always useful to go installing various apps, 2GB of RAM, a T962X-H CPU and comes pre-installed with Android TV 9.0.

Being an Ultra Short Throw Projector, it means that all it takes is a few inches away from the wall for it to project a giant image, a big advantage over more traditional projectors.

Yes, this projector may not guarantee the same image quality as the Samsung Premiere LSP9T, because it doesn't have the same ANSI Lumens, nor the latest HDR10 certification, but it has two major advantages: the Android TV system, which allows for much greater app compatibility, and its price, which is much more appealing. The Wemax Nova Smart 4K is currently available for only $2,499.



It is considered one of the big competitors to the Samsung Premiere LSP9T. Why? Because they are very similar... and because they are both products from South Korean brands.

Again, here we have a solution that has less ANSI Lumens, even though the difference is only 100 less - the LG HU85LA has 2700 ANSI Lumens -, "only" HDR10 and an image projection that goes up to 120", thus inferior to Samsung's proposal. However, and despite not having Android TV, the LG HU85LA has pre-installed the brand's own operating system, webOS, which is considered superior to Samsung's Tizen, for being more fluid and easier to use. Also noteworthy is the 12-point Digital Keystone Correction!

And just like the Wemax Nova Smart 4K, this LG projector is also much cheaper. The recommended retail price is $4999, but you can even find it in some stores under $4000.

Hisense L9G

Hisense L9G

no further, because the Hisense L9G is the right solution. Take a look at the specs: 4K, 3000 ANSI Lumens, a lamp that can last 25,000 hours and, most important of all, HDMI 2.1 ports. Why is it so important? It's simple.

For one thing, HDMI 2.1 supports 48 Gbps of bandwidth, a huge leap compared to HDMI 2.0's 18 Gbps. This has made possible 4K content at 120 Hz, which will become standard on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles within a few years. Still, due to limitations of DLP technology, this Hisense L9G only supports a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

But despite that less positive point, HDMI 2.1 is important in this projector because it has also introduced support for variable refresh rate (VRR) as standard, automatic low latency mode (ALLM) to ensure the lowest possible input delay in games, and eARC (enhanced audio return channel).

Besides that, HMDI 2.1 also has another interesting feature: dynamic HDR. From the name, you can easily tell that this is a technique that allows each scene, or frame, to be displayed as faithfully as possible. In other words, while static HDR applies a general image improvement over SDR, Dynamic HDR is more intelligent to the point of scene-by-scene improvement.

In other words, if you're looking for something for gaming, this solution from Hisense is perfect. And with a projection image up to 120", everything will look fantastic. The price? Under 4000$.

VAVA Chroma

VAVA Chroma

Possibly it is a brand that many do not know, and it is perfectly normal, since their first projector, VAVA 4K, was developed thanks to the community, who contributed their money on a crowdfunding platform that made the product a reality.

That equipment was a success, so it is not surprising that, some time later, the company invested in a new laser projector: the VAVA Chroma.

One of the advantages that is noticeable when noticing the technical specifications is its RAM, which is 3GB, higher than the previously mentioned models, which will allow it to maintain the fluidity of the platform, in this case Android TV 9.0. The VAVA Chroma also has an advantage over its competitors by featuring a 60W sound system powered by Harman Kardon, so it doesn't lack sound power.

In addition, and similar to the Wemax Nova Smart 4K, it is capable of projecting an image of up to 150" in 4K quality. It also has a very respectable 2200 ANSI Lumens.

The best thing of all? Perhaps the price. Taking into account all these features, it can be purchased for $3499.



We finish this list with another brand that, for quite some time, has been successful in the projector niche, with the highlight going to its laser projector, the XGIMI AURA.

Very similar to the other proposals, this projector is beautiful, has a technology that protects our eyes, 2400 ANSI Lumens, image projection up to 120" and, in a clear advantage over the competition, it already has Android TV 10 installed as standard.

And if the price of the VAVA Chroma was already good, you will be amazed at the value of this XGIMI AURA, which can be purchased for $2799.

As you can see, there is no shortage of options in the Ultra Short Throw Projector market. It is really a matter of evaluating your needs and studying, among these options, which brand is the most appealing.

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