How Many Lumens Do I Need For Outdoor Projector?

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Watching a movie in the open air is refreshing from the typical inside movie night. However, you'll want to ensure you have the proper setup for watching the film. The ratio of lumens to ANSI lumens is very important when designing an outdoor portable projector. How many lumens do you need for an outdoor projector? Find out in this article.


A projector with an ANSI lumen ratio of 100 or above is highly recommended. This will make your picture noticeable even in bright environments. It is possible to use a projector with a lower ANSI lumen ratio in a lower-light environment. Think about the screen size you'll utilize while selecting your projector. A 16” x 9” screen will determine the projector's lumen rating. You'll need to modify the lumen rating up or down based on your screen size.



How Many Lumens Do I Need for the Outdoor Projector?

For an outdoor projector, I'd need at least 4000 lumens. A huge, brilliant picture might be projected onto a screen or a wall with that many lumens. You could see the picture in broad daylight and under artificial light at night.


The contrast ratio, or the degree to which black and white levels vary, determines how brilliant the picture will be. Images produced by projectors with a higher contrast ratio will be more vivid. An outdoor portable projector's lumen ratio should ideally be between 10:1 and 20:1, whereas an ANSI lumen ratio should be between 5:1 and 10:1.


Several outdoor projectors exist, each with its own set of advantages for enjoying movies in the great outdoors. A short-throw projector is a great solution if you need to project a huge picture from a relatively close distance. A projector with its battery is also convenient for use in the great outdoors since it doesn't need constant access to an electrical outlet.



When Should You Use Your Outdoor Projector Outdoors? 

An outdoor projector is most effective during the night or evening when ambient light is reduced. On the other hand, a projector with a high brightness rating may be used throughout the day. You might find a few scenarios when utilizing your outdoor projector outside would be ideal. If you want to gather some friends or family outdoors and watch a movie, that's one possibility.


To provide yet another example, consider the possibility of using your projector to show slides or images during a social gathering. A short-throw projector would be ideal for use in an outdoor movie theatre. A short-throw projector is ideal for outdoor cinema because it can display a huge picture from a relatively small distance.


outdoor projector

Make sure your projector can withstand the elements before taking it outside. Most projectors' specifications specifically state that they should not be used in full sunlight or any other kind of extreme weather. It's possible that your projector can overheat or malfunction if you use it outside if it isn't built for the environment. Assuming your projector is designed for outdoor usage, there are a few adjustments you may do to get it ready for the great outdoors. One is to take precautions to keep the elements at bay. A projector cover or housing that can withstand the elements may be necessary.


Another option is to find a suitable place to set up the projector. It's best to choose a level, shaded area. As an additional precaution, clear the area of any trash or other potential hazards. With these guidelines in mind, you should be able to operate your outdoor projector in the great outdoors without any issues.


When choosing an outdoor projector, there are a few factors to consider:


1. The projector's brightness is the most critical feature

If you plan on using your projector outside, it's recommended that you choose one with a high brightness rating so that the picture can be seen even in strong sunlight.


2. A projector's ability to withstand the elements is also crucial

Choose a projector that can withstand the elements if you want to use it outside. The projector will be safe from the elements, thanks to this.


3. How easily transportable the projector is

Selecting a lightweight, and portable projector is essential if you want to move it around often.



Tips to Make Movie Screenings Outside Better

When viewing a film in the great outdoors, there are several ways to enhance the experience:


Increase the shaded area

This will help prevent moviegoers from overheating in the summer. Misting stations or Fans may help keep guests comfortable and cool. It will assist in improving the quality of the movie viewing experience for everyone.


How much brightness do you need?

It all comes down to your goals. A brighter screen is required if you wish to read it while standing a considerable distance away. On the contrary, if you're concerned with the viewing experience of those close to the screen, a less bright screen would do just fine.


movie screening outside 

Brightness levels with the most issues with sunlight

While seeing a film outside is a unique and memorable experience, it may be difficult to see the screen due to the glare. There are several difficulties in viewing movies outdoors due to the sun's brightness. The levels of illumination where solar radiation causes the greatest problems are as follows:


Because of the low brightness levels, it may be hard to see in bright sunshine. Between the low and high brightness extremes, there's a middle ground that might be difficult to see in strong sunshine. Third, very strong light may be blinding outside even when compared to medium light.


Cloudy Day

Due to the reduced glare from the clouds, the screen is easier to see on a cloudy day. This means moviegoers won't have to strain or squint their eyes to see the action on screen. Cloudy days often have more pleasant temperatures, making it more appealing to see a film in the open air. It will be comfortable for the audience and the actors to watch the film without sweating or shivering.


Maximize outdoor effectiveness

Pick a place that fits the bill. Choose a level, open area with few nearby obstacles. In this way, the display may be seen clearly by everybody. Second, put up a screen. A screen may enhance the picture quality and make the watching experience more satisfying. Always prepare a contingency. In inclement weather, a backup plan should be in places like an inside venue or an indoor-capable projector.



WEMAX Outdoor Portable Projectors Kit

Outdoor movie and TV nights are much better with the WEMAX Outdoor Portable Projectors Kit. The projector is simple to install and use and delivers a high-quality image. As a bonus, the projector is lightweight and compact enough to bring it along almost anywhere.


WEMAX Outdoor Portable Projectors Kit

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WEMAX Dice Portable Smart 1080 LED Projector

The Wemax Dice is an excellent projector for those searching for a portable smart 1080 LED model. The 1080p resolution that this projector can generate makes it ideal for viewing movies and playing video games. Because of its small size and user-friendliness, the projector is a fantastic choice for anyone who needs a high-quality projector on the go.

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WEMAX Go Ultra-Portable ALPD TI DLP Laser Projector for Gaming and Camping

The WEMAX Go is a portable projector that projects a high-quality image using a laser light source. Easy to transport and set up, it is ideal for gaming and camping trips. The WEMAX Go is great for listening to music or watching movies, thanks to its built-in speaker.

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Outdoor movie nights may be a great way to spend time with loved ones while enjoying the fresh air. If you're searching for the most suitable outdoor projector for viewing movies, WEMAX has you covered with the right lumens to provide a superior audio experience.

WEMAX comes out on top for laser, portable, and LED projectors. We provide a comprehensive service for the development of graphical programs. You can trust their goods and know we won't break the bank for your company or your wallet.

Images and movies captured with WEMAX are very crisp and true to life in color. The projectors we produce are also very user-friendly, making them great for various applications like home theatres, presentations, and more.



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