5 Tips for new WEMAX Nova 4K Laser Projector Users by @Roni

The WEMAX Nova 4K Laser Projector is a really great way to get a massive screen size in a small space. This ultra short-throw laser projector is able to create a 150" display while sitting only inches away from your wall. If you're just getting your new WEMAX Nova projector set up, here are some useful tips that I've learned while using mine.

//Enable HDMI 2.0//

If you use a PC with your projector, you might be a little confused at the resolution and refresh rate results. When I hooked up my PC to the HDMI port, I was only getting a max of 1080p at 30Hz. This is because the HDMI 2.0 feature is off by default.

To get 4K resolution at 60Hz, you'll need to enable the HDMI 2.0 option. To do this, press and hold the center select button on your WEMAX Nova remote. Navigate to Settings>HDMI2.0 and toggle the feature on. Your screen will now refresh and display at the correct settings.

//Use Game Mode for Better Response Time//

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to gaming on a projector is the slow response time. This can be a major disadvantage, as it makes it difficult to aim, drive, or navigate a character accurately.

The included "Game Mode" fixes this issue, by improving the response time. To enable this, press and hold the center select button on your WEMAX Nova remote. Navigate to Settings>Image Mode and activate "Game Mode". Your screen will refresh and you'll notice a significantly improved response time.
This feature turned my WEMAX Nova into a great gaming display. If you're playing on an XBOX, Playstation, or PC, you'll want to make sure you enable this option when playing any type of game.

//Expand your Storage with the USB Ports//

The WEMAX Nova has an internal storage capacity of 32GB. About 26GB are available to use for app downloads and media. For anyone that plans to download a lot of apps, or store movies and music on their device, you might use up all of your internal storage.

Take advantage of the included USB ports on the WEMAX NOVA to expand your storage. I use a 100GB USB drive and plug it into the port on the side of the projector. I can store large movie files on this drive, and play them locally without any issue.

//Connect a Wireless Keyboard/Trackpad Combo//

The WEMAX Nova runs Android 9, which is capable of running all sorts of apps from the Play store. When it comes to internet browsing, the included remote has limitations. Typing in URLs or search queries can be tedious. The best way to solve this is with a wireless USB keyboard/trackpad combo.

I got the Logitech K400 Pluss for about $18 online, and it works perfectly on the WEMAX Nova. Plug the wireless receiver into one of the available USB ports and you'll be able to use a mouse and keyboard just like you would on a computer. This makes it much easier to use your projector for browsing the internet.

//Make Sure you Have the Latest System Updates//

Because this device runs Android, you can take advantage of over-the-air system updates. If you're just setting up your projector for the first time, check to see if there are any system updates available. To do this, go to Settings>Device Prefferences>About>System Update.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get started with your awesome new WEMAX Nova.

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  • Stan on July 26, 2022

    Does wemax work for watching TV,. Either with a coax cable or wireless receiver. If so how do you hook it up

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