Why Is Projector Refresh Rate Important?

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is a projector refresh rate?
  • Why is projector refresh rate important?
  • How to measure projector refresh rates
  • What is the ideal projector refresh rate?
  • What's the difference between projector refresh rate and projector frame rate?
  • Can projectors do 120 Hz?
  • Wrapping It Up

Projectors are impressive pieces of machinery that have completely changed the way we look at entertainment, but there's always more we can learn and discover about them to get even better visuals.

Take for example the refresh rate. Not all people have a clear idea of what a refresh rate is, but it's a word we hear more and more often when it comes to any screen or projector.

So today we'll be explaining what projector refresh rate is, why it matters, and how it can affect your enjoyment of movies or games. That way, you'll have an even better idea of what projector is just right for you.

What is a projector refresh rate?

The projector refresh rate can be best understood as the number of times the image being displayed is changed or updated in a given second. Ultimately, all forms of video are just a series of still images presented fast enough that they appear in motion, and each of these still images or frames helps sell the illusion of movement.

Refresh rate refers to how often these frames are updated when displaying video, and thus are an important factor when it comes to the overall quality and feel of a projection.

Why is projector refresh rate important?

Projector Refresh Rate

Now that we understand what refresh rates are, let's delve into why these matter so much. Video is ultimately a series of combined still images, and a higher refresh rate means a smoother experience as these images are displayed. This ultimately means that with a higher refresh rate, you'll be able to enjoy a more fluid projection with smoother and lifelike motion on the screen.

This is why gamers prefer gaming projectors with higher refresh rates for a better gaming experience.

On the other hand, a low refresh rate comes with various potential issues. If your device's refresh rate is too low, it can cause motion blur in the display or even eye strain on the user. And in certain cases when the video and device don't manage to catch up, you can expect to see a screen tear in your projection, that is to say, that your image will appear overlapped and completely out of sync in certain frames.

How to measure projector refresh rates

Now that we know that a higher refresh rate is ideal, it's time to take a look at how refresh rates are measured on projectors.

Refresh rates are measured in Hz or Hertz which are a unit of frequency within a second and a projector with a refresh rate of 30Hz will refresh its image 30 times in that one second, while one that has a 60Hz rate will do it 60 times instead.

This makes it similar to the notion of FPS or Frames Per Second, which also relates to the number of images that get displayed in a single second. However, they aren't quite the same, and their performance depends on separate aspects. So in short, while they work together, FPS and Refresh Rate are not interchangeable terms.

What is the ideal projector refresh rate?

Projector Refresh Rate

The ideal refresh rate is something that will very heavily depend on your own intended use for your projector. When it comes to video games, refresh rates are considered a very large factor, so dedicated gamers might want to aim for the sky.

On the other hand, when it comes to movies and TV, all you need is a consistent refresh rate that won't cause display issues. So aiming for 60Hz will ensure a good quality of projection for most users.


WEMAX Nova is our premier projector and for good reason, at 60Hz it is equipped with a great refresh rate, but on top of that it offers 4K UHD performance meaning it looks stunning every second. This is backed up by a slim design with built-in sound and Ultra Short Throw technology that allows it to display a projection from very short distances, meaning that it takes almost no space and offers amazing visuals. A full 60Hz 4K projector refresh rate is not common, but the WEMAX Nova perfectly shows what a sight it can be.



WEMAX Dice is proof that portability doesn't have to mean cutting corners, because this portable projector is not only self-reliant thanks to its built-in battery and speakers, but it packs 60Hz as well. Native 1080p resolution coupled with its refresh rate means that the WEMAX Dice looks great for a portable model, and is ready to go with you anywhere without sacrificing any quality.

WEMAX Vogue Pro

WEMAX Vogue Pro is an efficient projector, and it has some really interesting tricks when it comes to its refresh rate. While natively it is a 1080p resolution model with a 60Hz refresh rate, the WEMAX Vogue Pro can go above duty to offer even better value. The WEMAX Vogue Pro can project up to 8K at 40 Hz which is an amazing number that no other model in this price range can offer.

Differences between the projector refresh rate and the projector frame rate?

While a similar idea on various fronts, it is important to note that your projector's refresh rate and frame rate are not the same thing. Frame rate refers to the maximum number of frames that your projector can portray in a second. So if your projector has a frame rate of 24 it will never be able to display above that even if your movie or game is running at a higher value.

The refresh rate on the other hand is almost always a display-only thing. Games or movies don't have a built-in or intended refresh rate per se, so this is a value that affects the quality of the display but doesn't actually restrict the amount of visual information being transmitted, as frames can potentially do. 

Can projectors do 120 Hz?

Yes, they can, however whether you'll find a model with those specifications is a completely different matter. Currently, most projectors will be in the 30 to 60 range for Hertz, and while some models might in fact offer 120Hz, as it's not yet the industry standard you can expect the price to rise considerably. 

Wrapping It Up

If you want to get the best possible performance out of your projector, then knowing its refresh rate will be a great boon. Refresh rate affects the general display quality and fluidity of your projection, so the higher you can go, the better your movie sessions will be in general terms. And when it comes to offering the best projectors, that's where WEMAX comes in.

WEMAX is the leading brand for laser, LED, and portable projectors, with years of experience developing laser and visual solutions for our clients. Buying WEMAX means you are buying quality and expertise at reasonable prices, as our commitment is first and foremost to offer the best possible products.

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