Things to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Portable Projector

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  • Introduction
  • What is an outdoor portable projector and how does it work
  • Things to consider when choosing an outdoor portable projector
  • WEMAX outdoor portable projectors and portable projector screens
  • Wrapping It Up

One of the best ways to relax is watching HD videos of great images on a giant projection screen, like your TV. Nowadays, people enjoy watching their breathtaking videos on large screens anywhere with portable projector devices.

However, for some hobbies, you may need an outdoor projection screen, especially when you want to enjoy fusion with Mother Nature on a relatively small space such as your garden, lawn, or balcony.

In this article, we will talk about these new-developed products, which most people find no way about an outdoor portable projector for ambient lighting and visual display that can last for over 12 hours with class-leading durability and efficiency.

What Is an Outdoor Portable Projector and How Does It Work?

The outdoor portable projector is a lightweight and portable device that can project images on the walls of your home. This device works with a Wi-Fi connection to control it anywhere in your home. You can also use it to create a video or slide show for any occasion.

The outdoor portable projector uses LED lights to project images onto surfaces like walls and floors. The image quality depends on two things: the size of the screen and how far away it is from the surface being projected onto. You can adjust both variables to produce better images.

The key benefits of this product are its portability and affordability; they make it easy to take along on trips or use at home when you're not entertaining guests or conducting business meetings. They also come in different sizes, so you can use them for more than one purpose (such as creating slideshows).

Things to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Portable Projector

wemax lightweight portable projector

Portable projectors are a great solution when you need to show a presentation or display content outdoors. They are lightweight, easy to set up, and can be easily transported.

Portable projectors come in many shapes and sizes, but here are 10 things to consider when choosing an outdoor portable projector for your needs.

1. Brightness

The brightness is measured in lumens, which refers to how much light your portable projector gives off. The higher the number, the better quality product you will be getting for your money spent. A good rule of thumb would be that anything above 500 lumens should be considered good enough for most purposes.

2. Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio measures how wide the image is compared to its length. The lower the number, the more narrow the image will be and the closer it will appear on the screen. The higher numbers are used for widescreen televisions, which have a considerable ratio.

3. Throw Ratio

This is measured in degrees and indicates how much light comes from each side of the lens. A higher number means that there will be more light from each side. A lower number means less light comes from either side of the lens.

4. Contrast Ratio

This measures how dark or bright an image can be before it becomes too dark or too bright for your eyes to see clearly. It is often used with brightness ratios because it affects how well you can see images that are not perfectly defined by contrast ratios alone.

5. Connectivity

Connectivity is a big deal when you're looking for an outdoor projector. You want to be able to connect to your devices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a wired Ethernet connection. Some projectors work with your phone and tablet, making it easy to use the device as a remote control for your projector. You also want to connect multiple devices at once to stream content from various sources or project different things onto different surfaces.

6. Size and Portability

Projectors are designed with some weight but can still be moved easily with a handle or lugged around by hand if necessary. You'll want to make sure that whatever you decide on is compact enough so that it doesn't take up too much space when not in use; otherwise, you might have trouble finding room for it outside your home or office space.

7. Built-in Sound Options

Many portable projectors come with built-in speakers, so you can use them without having a separate audio source (such as an MP3 player). This can be useful if you don't want to carry extra equipment, but remember that these speakers often aren't of excellent quality.

8. Outdoor Screen

It would help if you considered before choosing an outdoor portable projector whether or not it has an outdoor screen. If it does not have an outdoor screen, it is no point in having it in your outdoor activities or events. You will need to buy another projector which has an outdoor screen. This will help you get the best experience when watching movies or playing games outdoors.

9. Location

Another thing you should consider before buying an outdoor portable projector is its location, where it will be used most often, and how often it will be used by your family, friends, and guests. You should determine the correct location where your projector will be placed so that everyone can enjoy it regularly without any problems or interruptions by anyone else who may want to use it.

10. Budget

When choosing an outdoor portable projector, you need to consider the budget. The price of the projector varies from one model to another. However, there are also some factors that affect the price of a product.

For instance, if you want a portable projector that can handle professional presentations and deliver high-quality images, then you will have to spend more money on it. On the other hand, if you just want something that can be used for recreational purposes, then it will not cost much. 

WEMAX Outdoor Portable Projectors and Portable Projector Screens 

wemax portable outdoor projector

WEMAX is a leading manufacturer of projectors and portable projector screens designed to be lightweight, portable, and easy to set up. They offer various models capable of providing clear images on a wide range of surfaces, including many outdoor surfaces.

Their portable projectors come in different sizes so that you can choose the right one for your needs. Each has a built-in speaker so you can enjoy your movies or presentations outside without worrying about power issues. Their portable projector screens are also easy to set up, thanks to their compact design. 

WEMAX Dice Portable Smart 1080 LED Projector

The WEMAX Dice Portable Smart 1080 LED Projector is ideal for events, meetings, and home theater applications. It provides a crisp image with up to 1080p resolution. This projector also has an automatic brightness control system that allows you to adjust the brightness of your images according to your preference.

The WEMAX Dice projector can project images up to 180 inches in size at a distance of 10 meters (33 feet). It has built-in speakers, allowing you to hear sound clearly while watching movies or playing video games on this unit.

The WEMAX Dice projector can also be used as a mobile device; it features Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to wirelessly connect your smartphone or tablet with this device so that you can stream videos, play games, and access other media files from anywhere around the world.

WEMAX Go Ultra-Portable ALPD TI DLP Laser Projector for Gaming and Camping

The WEMAX Go Ultra-Portable ALPD TI DLP Laser Projector is a great projector for the home or office, but gamers can also use it. It can project images onto a screen up to 100 inches, which is perfect for gaming.

The WEMAX Go Ultra-Portable ALPD TI DLP Laser Projector also features an HDMI port, so you can hook up your gaming console, computer, or cable box and watch movies and play games on the big screen.

This projector has a 750 lumens brightness level and a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, making it ideal for watching movies at night or during cloudy weather. You won't have to worry about turning down the lights when using this projector because it produces enough brightness even in low-light environments.

Wrapping Up

WEMAX is a great brand and always emphasizes high-quality performance and practicality, as seen in our outdoor portable projectors. They are confident that this projector will provide you with the most professional visual experience on any sized display, especially for corporate events and concert shows.

This kind of projector, together with its range of accessories, is the ideal all-around solution for your event needs, allowing you to achieve clear projection no matter the conditions, and LED projectors to deliver a one-stop solution for visual applications in different fields.

They have a new-style laser projector with many outstanding features, such as compact structure, high projection brightness, small size, and so on. They use the latest digital video display technology that guarantees image sharpness and high fidelity. 

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