What To Do On Father’s Day? Here Are Fun Activities You Can Do + Best Gift Ideas

If you are looking for ideas on what to do on Father's Day, here is one that always works- Spending quality time with Dad doing the things that he enjoys the most.

So, this year, couple those personal or business gifts for Father's Day with some time set aside for the man who taught you all about life. Take a look at these fun ideas for June 18th and of course some of the most popular Father's Day gifts to go with them.

Celebrating Father's Day with WEMAX

Thoughtful Father's Day gifts are good, but more than anything else all dads out there appreciate some time with their kids. Because no matter what your age or accomplishments, for your dad, you will still be the kid who got through every milestone in life with some help and encouragement from him.

And while dads don't let on how much they miss their kids as much as moms do, secretly they pine for some father and son/daughter time just as much as mommies do.

So, Father's Day is that one day when you can show your Dad that while you are now firmly established in your adult life, he matters to you today just as much as he did when you were growing up.

And WEMAX, with its exclusive range of products, is here to help you to make this Father's Day truly special. In fact, with WEMAX's top-of-the-line offerings that your dad can use almost every day, you can turn your Father's Day gift and the day itself into a cherished memory.

Fun Activities and Gift Ideas For Father's Day!

1. Host a movie night with Dad

Host a movie night with Dad on Fathers Day

When was the last time you went to the movies with your dad? Bet, it was a while ago. You know as kids, many of us had that one movie that we made our parents sit through over and over again, and they indulged us.

And the happy memories of that movie/movies linger with our parents and us. So, wouldn't it be great to relive the experience of that first flick or even the most memorable flicks you watched in the movie theater with your dad?

Unfortunately, watching those movies on the TV screen just doesn't cut it. After all, you can't very well bring the cinematic opulence of a movie theater to a 50-inch TV screen.

But, a home theater projector will do the trick! In fact, there is no better way to have some quality time with your dad on Father's Day than to host a movie night right at home.

Best gift idea: Home theater projector and projector screen

If this is your pick from this list of the best Father's Day gifts, WEMAX has you covered on all fronts.

1. The best amusing projector set: WEMAX Nova W/ Slide Tray

WEMAX Nova to show live for your dad on Fathers Day

WEMAX Nova is a high-performing projector that captures the visual odyssey of movie theaters and delivers it to your living room. The state-of-the-art ultra-short throw projector boasts easy installation and unparalleled performance. 

Built on the combination of ALPD and DLP technologies, the WEMAX Nova hits the ball out of the park with an output of 2100 ANSI lumens, extraordinary color saturation, and image brightness as well as stunning contrast.

Because this is an ultra-short throw projector, you won't have to struggle with lengthy cords and ceiling mounts to install it. All you have to do it literally place it on a table a couple of inches from the screen and you will be good to go.

Plus, the Nova comes with inbuilt powerful Dolby speakers, so unless you want to, you won't even have to bother with an acoustic setup. How is that for the perfect combination of convenience and performance?

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2. The best screen to go with it: 120" ALR & CLR Ultra Short Throw Fixed Frame Projector Screen 

Specially designed to get peak performance from ultra-short throw projectors, this 120-inch screen rejects 90% ambient light and offers 100X the contrast of a regular white screen. The ten-layer screen has a 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratio which guarantees the wide-screen movie-watching experience of a cinema hall.

3. The icing on it: Exclusive Father’s Day deals at WEMAX!

WEMAX Go Advanced Projector for Sale On Fathers Day

Make this Father's Day all about those memorable movie theater experiences you enjoyed together because WEMAX has a massive 30% Father's Day discount offer for you!

You can get the WEMAX Nova and all products in the WEMAX Go Advanced bundles at 30% off. And because WEMAX is going out of its way to help you make this Father's Day special, you also get 20% off on their entire product range. So, this year you can get a gift that is both a dad-pleaser and a pocket-pleaser.

2. Watch a sports game

Watch a sports game on Fathers Day with Your Family

Most dads are ardent sports fans! If your father enjoys basketball, football, or baseball, nothing can beat the experience of spending this Father's Day enjoying the game together. The exhilaration of cheering for your favorite team while they inch their way to the championships will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience. 

Best gift idea: Tickets to your father's favorite game

June is by far the best sports month of the year with several important matches and games played throughout its 30 days,

Basketball fans have the NBA finals to look forward to. Getting the tickets to this one will need quite a bit of forward planning. But, it will be an experience that your father and you will cherish throughout your lives.

For hockey fans, the Stanley Cup Finals do the trick. Even if you can't score tickets to this one, you could always watch the finals on your WEMAX Nova home theater projector. With 120 inches at your disposal, it is the next best thing to actually being next to the ice rink.

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3. Have a barbecue party

Have a barbecue party on Fathers Day with your family

With the tantalizing aroma of food wafting through the air, the entire family having an amazing time with a lot of chatter and laughter, and some fun family videos added to the mix, what else would you possibly need to make this one helluva memorable Father's Day?

Best gift idea: Surely you already have a barbecue set-up at home. So if you want to couple your barbeque plans with that perfect gift for outdoor bondings, you won't go wrong with the Dice Bundle (Dice+120 screen + tripod). 

You could play those funny videos captured years ago or simply turn the barbecue party into an affair to remember with an outdoor movie screening.

And the easiest way to turn your backyard into an open-air theater is with the WEMAX Dice bundle that includes:

  • The ultra-portable DICE 1080 DLP projector
  • 120-inch portable indoor outdoor screen with two stands
  • 12-inch tripod for the projector 

Simply put, this bundle has everything you will need to enjoy videos and movies outdoors with your friends and family.

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4. Go camping

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, nothing can beat the experience of spending some time in the lap of Mother Nature. Particularly, if your fondest memories revolve around all those camping and hiking trips you and your sibling enjoyed with your dad, a camping trip would be the perfect Father's Day activity.

Go camping enjoy the great outdoors on Fathers Day

Best gift idea: Dice Bundle(Dice+120 screen + tripod) to play movies and videos outdoors

You will no doubt create new memories when your dad and you head out with your camping gear or in your RV. And reliving the memories from the camping trips you enjoyed all those years ago will only add to the experience.

So, once again, you could couple this activity with the WEMAX Dice bundle as your Father's Day gift. It needs practically no installation at all. The portable screen can be set up in minutes and is sturdy enough to brave the elements. So, all you have to do is set the ultra-portable Dice projector on the tripod and you can enjoy movies and videos in full HD and on the go. 

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5. Enjoy a dinner feast

If you are expecting a busy day come June 18th, you could plan a sumptuous dinner feast to celebrate Father's Day. Heading to a restaurant is one way to do it. But, that's bound to be just about food, so it comes across more as a cursory activity than a specially planned event. 

Want to make it special? Try cooking up a meal with your dad. If you boys are not particularly dexterous in the kitchen, you could also get Mom involved. Of course, you are bound to have a better and easier time if both you and your dad enjoy cooking certain dishes.

Best gift idea: Get the ingredients needed for preparing your dad's favorite dishes or even some gourmet stuff like condiments, sauces, or sides to go with those dishes.

6. Spend a day at the beach

If family time in your home would always be about sun, surf, and sand, a day at the beach is a perfect way not just to bring back all those frolicking memories but to actually relive them. 

Plus, you can make the day only about your father and you or you could get the entire family involved; all your siblings, your mom, and of course your partner and kids. 

Best gift idea: Polarized sunglasses or a folding beach chair for beach bumming

If you intend to spend the day at the beach, put together a beach-day gift basket for Dad with his favorite sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, and of course a 6-12 pack of his favorite beer brand. An alternative would be a new folding beach chair with an umbrella no less.

7. Play games with the whole family

Play games with the whole family on Fathers Day

If you would rather spend this Father's Day indoors, a fun activity that can involve just your dad and you or the entire family would be an indoor game day.

Fish out all those old board games from the attic or think of new products that can be added to your parents' indoor game collection. To add to the excitement, include small prizes in the equation and you are bound to have a ball of a time.

Best gift idea: Family board games, card games, or gaming console

  • Family board games:From classics like Scrabble and Monopoly to new-age offerings like Azul, Root, Betrayal at the House, and others, you certainly won't have a dearth of options if this is your Father's Day gift of choice.
  • Card games:While you can't reinvent card games, you can always get commemorative decks as gifts.
  • Gaming console:If your dad has taken fancy to video games, a console will be the best gift and it will go perfectly with the Dice bundle because nothing beats the exhilaration and life-like experience of playing video games on a 100-inch screen.

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8. Take Dad to a local bar

If your dad enjoys his scotch or Shiraz, you are bound to have a good time with him by celebrating Father's Day at his favorite watering hole. This one may not have memories from your childhood, but it is the perfect activity to create grown-up memories that will bring a smile to your face for years to come.

Best gift idea: Gift card for the local bar or a wine-tasting session. June is always a good month to visit the local vineyard or winery. So, you will have plenty of options including a few that involve a trip to Napa for wine tasting.

9. Craft a DIY home project

If your dad prides himself in his DIY skills and successes, start a new project with him this Father's Day. This way you can spend not just June 18th but also several Sundays thereon working together on your pet project. Plus, you will have something to show for all the hard work you put in; something that will serve as a reminder of the amazing days and hours spent with your father.

Best gift idea: Power tools

Depending on your dad's pet DIY projects, the best Father's Day gifts to go with this activity could be power tools, precision tools, craftsmen kits, work light and flashlight kits, and others. 

10. Plan a spa day

If you thought only mommy needs a dose of pampering, think again! Actually, let's backtrack there for a minute. Surely many of you don't even know that spa gift cards are also available for Father's Day and above all that many dads would actually appreciate this as a Father's Day gift.

Think of it this way—what better way to show your appreciation for all the hard work that your father puts in or has put into being the best dad out there than to give him a few hours of total relaxation?

Best gift idea: Gift card on a pamper day from a local spa (because dads need pampering too) 

Wrapping It Up

There you go folks, you have 10 ideas for the best Father's Day gifts and activities, so you certainly won't have a problem choosing one that your dad will absolutely love.

Above all, don't forget that for all fathers and parents out there, what matters more than anything else is the idea that their children care for and appreciate them enough to dedicate a day to that special parent-child bond. 

So, go ahead and make the day extra special. And if you also want to make it memorable with a gift that your father will continue to use long after June 18th, you can rely on the top-notch WeMax projector range.

Just think about how much your dad will enjoy watching the next big game on a 120-inch screen, the one that he'd normally just watch on the old TV at home! 

WEMAX products are built with quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction in mind. In terms of performance, it would be hard to find a parallel for WeMax projectors. 

In fact, WEMAX was one of the pioneers that brought the commercial cinema screening experience to the home theater arena. And the company continues to be a leading manufacturer of some of the most popular ultra-short throw projectors and accessories.

Sign up for the WEMAX newsletter and you can know more about the products that the company offers. Plus, every edition of the newsletter has tips, instructions, and advice on how best to set up and use home theater components and accessories.

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