Wemax Go Advanced Review: Portable, Quality and Smart!

This article is contributed by @Daniel Warren

I just received my Wemax Go Advanced Ultraportable Laser Projector and I am so excited for the opportunity to share the unboxing and my thoughts of this incredible new projector.

I have always loved projectors ever since I was young. It has always fascinated me how they can make any surface into projector screen. I love having a TV but find myself using a projector more often than my TV as is a lot easier to pack around and setup a projector than a TV. Being a huge people person and being in entertainment I love hosting movie nights for friends, family, and for the community. Using projectors has made it easy to share special moments and build memories. With summer around the corner now is a great opportunity to invest in a projector and create your own memories. Some of my favorites are gathering together under the stars with a campfire and enjoying a movie.

Wemax Go Advanced Review: Portable, Quality and Smart!

When I first heard about this projector I got beyond excited. A portable projector that is full HD 1920X1080 that is 600 ANSI lumens which is exciting in itself but when you add that its ALDP and it has a built in battery makes it an outstanding projector.

When I found out that my projector shipped a was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting. I was tracking and counting down the days. The UPS message appeared on my package has arrived I could not be more overjoyed. It arrived in a cardboard box with Wemax on the box. I opened the box and inside was the white Wemax Go Advanced box.

Wemax Go Advanced Review: Portable, Quality and Smart!

When you open the box you will be greeted by Beam Into The Future cover

It is beautifully packaged with Beam into the future engraved on the top of the projector and remote as well.

Wemax Go Advanced Review: Portable, Quality and Smart!

It is packaged incredibly well and love all the attention to detail. Something to note is it doesn’t come with the 2 AAA batteries required for the remote due to shipping. I happily removed 2 AAA batteries from another device to start using the remote.

Wemax Go Advanced Review: Portable, Quality and Smart!

When you lift the projector out of the box you first noticed the weight of the projector. It’s not heavy but feels sturdy and love the matte look it has on the top. You can tell the attention to detail of the design is well thought out, and looks sleek, including the bronze lens cover on the front that slides back and forth to reveal the lens, camera for auto focus and keystone and the cooling fans. With it turned on you barely notice the noise of the fans and the speakers are impressive for the size of the unit. On the bottom of the unit it has a kickstand which is a really nice touch.

Wemax Go Advanced Review: Portable, Quality and Smart!

When you turn it on you are greeted with the FengOS and will take you through the step by step process to pair the remote and setup your new projector.

Wemax Go Advanced Review: Portable, Quality and Smart!

After the setup process it will bring you to the home screen. The first thing I noticed was how clear and how bright the picture is and how true to color the picture quality is. The ALDP is hand down the best picture I have seen on a projector this size. More and more projectors have a built in OS which is a huge selling point and this one is great.

One feature I love that works great with this projector is casting. I have a video production company and love being able to cast to a device to show the video needed instead of plugging directly in and this feature has been outstanding on this projector.

Wemax Go Advanced Review: Portable, Quality and Smart!

In addition to the OS you have your standard inputs USB Type-C power port, 3.5mm audio out headphone port, USB 2.0 port, HDMI port so you can connect your computer, gaming device and with the USB a hard drive or jump drive and use the built in media player.

Wemax Go Advanced Review: Portable, Quality and Smart!

This is a really fancy unit that is super portable with a built-in battery which is a great addition that allows you to use it anywhere. I will be telling everyone about this projector and look forward to using over the next few weeks and will add more to this article with pictures. Thank you for taking the time to enjoy reading this post. I highly recommend you invest in this projector and hope you enjoy it as much as I do and can’t wait to use it to make more memories and hope it does the same for you.

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