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Electrical Floor Rising Screen FAQs

1. What is an Electrical Floor Rising Screen, and how does it operate?
An Electrical Floor Rising Screen is a motorized projection screen that is designed to rise from the floor to the desired viewing height with the help of an electric motor. The screen is concealed within the floor when not in use and can be controlled using a remote or switch.
2. What are the key advantages of using an Electrical Floor Rising Screen for projections?
 The main advantages include seamless integration with the room decor, a sleek and modern appearance, space-saving design, and the ability to present a clean, unobstructed view when the screen is retracted.
3. How is the Electrical Floor Rising Screen powered and controlled?

The screen is typically powered by electricity and is controlled through a remote control or a wall-mounted switch. The user can easily raise or lower the screen to the desired position with the push of a button.
4. What are the available screen sizes and aspect ratios for Electrical Floor Rising Screens?
Electrical Floor Rising Screens are available in various screen sizes and aspect ratios to accommodate different projection needs. Common aspect ratios include 16:9 for widescreen and 4:3 for standard presentations.
5.  Is professional installation required for setting up an Electrical Floor Rising Screen?
It's unecessary to install for WEMAX electrial floor rising screen. Plug and play!

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