Projector Guide: What Is A Short Throw Projector?

Table of Contents:

  • What is an ultra short throw projector?
  • Benefits of ultra short throw projectors
  • How to choose the right ultra short throw projectors
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Ultra Short Throw Projectors
  • Wrapping It Up

Sometimes during sleepovers or when with friends at home and we want to watch a movie, we sometimes feel the need to make our watching experience better, and what's better than having the film alleviated on a wider screen by using an ultra-short throw projector?

Using a projector can help make your Netflix and chill moment more interesting since less space will be used, and you will still get a huge image time of almost 100 inches. The ultra-short throw projector does this for you; the best part is that it takes less room space. So what exactly is an ultra-short throw projector? 

What is an ultra short throw projector?

An ultra short throw projector is the modern version of the traditional projector. This type tends to look different from conventional projectors, and their image quality also improved. The ultra short throw projectors are very effective in casting an image of 100 inches at a distance very close to the wall. 

Ultra short throw projectors bounce their image around a series of internal lenses before reflecting the image through the aperture cut into their top edges. They have a concave mirror that enables the image to be presented without distortion and gives a clearer picture. 

You can place it 50 cm from the wall and still cast the image perfectly. With the advanced features of ultra short throw projectors, many people use them in classrooms since they can project anything at a close range without taking up much space in the room. Plus, the presenter can stand in front of the projector and not get affected by the light from the projector.

The ultra short projector can also be used in showrooms for casting cinematic images and videos due to its ability to cast a huge image on the screen. Everyone in the room, regardless of the distance, can easily see the image or video being played on the screen.

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Benefits of ultra short throw projectors

1. Space saver

The ultra short throw projectors are a space saver, unlike traditional projectors, which normally take up a huge space. The ultra short throw projectors can be placed at a distance of 5 cm from the wall and still cast an image of 100 inches, which is bigger and better than some TVs. This technique is space-saving, especially for people with small houses.

2. Bigger projection

Bigger projection is the most beneficial aspect of the ultra-short throw projector. These projectors have the capability of projecting images of up to 100 inches. This projection is much bigger and better than other projectors.

3. Less affected by light

Ultra short throw projectors do not cause eye problems when used for long because the image projected is as clear as a normal TV, and even though a presenter is presenting using the projector, they will not be affected by the light from the projector.

4. Noise reduction

Ultra short throw projector is much better than the traditional projector because it does not produce sound, ensuring that your watch time does not interfere with noises from the projector.

5. Fewer cables

Ultra short throw projectors have fewer cables, meaning the connection is easy and there will be less congestion of wires where it is set.

How to choose the right ultra short throw projectors

When choosing the right ultra short throw projectors, you need to consider the benefits and several factors that cater to your needs. Resolution, brightness, contrast ratio, color accuracy, lens shift, connectivity options, and throw ratio are just some factors you should think about before getting your ultra short throw projector.

Which ultra short throw projector is right for you? WEMAX Nova.

WEMAX Nova offers superior resolution with 4K UHDF and bright 2100 ANSI lumens, with a 150-inch maximum projector screen size so you can show movies and shows without taking too much space. More than its superb picture quality, WEMAX Nova also boasts 30W Dolby Audio DTS Speakers and a built-in Android system so you can stream your favorite shows hassle-free.  


The higher the pixel count, the better the resolution. When choosing an ultra short throw projector, go for the one with 1080 pixels which is 1920*1080, and 4K, which is 3840*2160. 4K means that it has four times the number of pixels.


Lumens are what make the image to be bright. Picking a projector with more lumens means you will have a more colorful image. The lumens should be between 2500-3500 light source lumens.

Contrast ratio

The contrast ratio of the ultra-short throw projector should be at least 8663:1 contrast ratio, especially if it has a sharp image.

Color accuracy

It should have a deep and brilliant color reproduction to accurately show the vivid colors of your movies and shows.

Lens shift

Should have a wide lens shift range that can move the projection lens horizontally and vertically to the screen.

Connectivity options

The ultra-short throw can be connected to a wide variety of devices such as phones, TVs, laptops, and headphones, and the advanced ones can use WIFI connectivity to connect.

Throw ratio

The throw ratio is calculated as the distance from the projector to the screen divided by the width image of the projector. The best throw ratio for an ultra-short throw projector should be 0:25.

FAQs on Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Which is the best place to mount an ultra short throw projector?

The best place to mount the ultra-short throw projector is on a short table to project the middle of the wall and not so short or tall on the wall.

What are the benefits of ultra short throw projectors?

Ultra-short throw projectors are very beneficial because they take up less space in the room, can project a bigger image than traditional ones, and can be used everywhere.

How much space is needed for an ultra short throw projector?

The ultra-short throw projector takes up less space in the room. They only need a space as little as 2 feet from the wall. This is approximately less than an inch. They are designed to facilitate better imaging without taking up much space.

How is my projector an ultra short throw projector?

An ultra-short throw projector projects at a distance of 0 to 3 feet from the wall. If your projector can't project from this distance, it is more likely a long-throw projector.

Wrapping It Up

WEMAX is the leading ultra-short throw seller online. You can purchase various brands of ultra-short throw projectors from their website. An ultra-short throw projector is a projector that projects an image or video at a shorter distance from the wall, they are very beneficial since they take up less space and they project large images.

When choosing an ultra short throw projector, choose the one with the best resolution and brightness for a better experience. Get an ultra short throw projector today from WEMAX and improve your watching experience.

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