How to Play Games with Wemax Go Advanced Portability?

This article is contributed by Jayce Ooi

Playing games anywhere, anytime is not a dream anymore. Yes, you can do so easily with WEMAX Go Advanced. It’s the ultimate portable projector that is less than 1-inch thick, and only 1.72 lbs in weight. Take it any place that you want no matter at home, office or even camping outdoor. Totally up to you. And here is the guide to show you how to play games with WEMAX Go Advanced Laser Projector for Business portability. Yes, by using the projector itself, HDMI port and wireless mode…

Gaming on Andorid OS

First of all, I am going to cover gaming on WEMAX Go Advanced itself. We can play games directly thanks to the built-in smart OS with Android 9.0. All you need is a Bluetooth gamepad. That’s it. For example, the gamepad that I am using – 8BitDo Pro 2. It supports a lot of platforms like Android, Nintendo Switch and Windows. A great companion for WEMAX Go Advanced on gaming no doubt.

Once you have Bluetooth Gamepad ready, games installation is the next step. The built-in app store – Aptoide TV is your best buddy now. There are a lot of fun and interesting games for you and me. Take your time to explore them and install the ones that you love. That’s it. By the way, the game that I am playing is Beach Buggy Racing 2. A quick and simple racing game. You can play with your peers together too.

Gaming on Nintendo Switch – HDMI

Nintendo Switch is the most popular game console. Period. WEMAX Go Advanced further enhance the excitement with large 120″ screen size. Yes, you can still play it anyplace that you want. Not limited to places with power source only. WEMAX Go Advanced has built-in battery. It also supports external power bank through its USB-C port. As long as you have enough power bank, it’s everlasting gaming time!

How to play Nintendo Switch games through the large projector screen? You need a power bank for Nintendo Switch. I am using 65W power bank with 20000mAh capacity here. The bigger the better. Then connect HDMI cable to WEMAX Go Advanced. And you are ready to rock the world. No more further steps. As easy as ABC, right?

Yeah… Don’t limit yourself to the tiny 7″ built-in display. We gamers should play on larger screen as possible. That’s should be the way to enjoy all your favorite Nintendo Switch games.

Gaming on Laptop – HDMI / Wireless

WEMAX Go Advanced is the ultimate portable projector! As you can see, it is much smaller than my 14″ Lenovo laptop. Outstanding build quality thanks to the solid metal housing.

In addition, the thickness is about the same as the laptop too – THIN! This is really an ultimate portable projector that you don’t want to miss. Where can you find such small profile projector with 1080P DLP output through ALPD Laser Technology?

Just connect HDMI cable from your gaming laptop to WEMAX Go Advanced and start gaming! Enjoy all the popular AAA games. Again, we are talking about portability here. As long as you have enough battery juice, you can play all day long. Of course, a lot of power banks are needed. Besides HDMI, you can also play casual games through wireless connection like AirPlay and Miracast. And this does not limit to laptop. You can do so with smartphone, tablet or any mobile device that support wireless casting. Just mirror your mobile screen to WEMAX Go Advanced will do.

In short, WEMAX Go Advanced is the ultimate portable projector for gaming! Interested? You can learn more about it through this video – WEMAX Go Advanced In-Depth Review.

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  • Scott on October 11, 2022

    Just got it, pretty disappointed in the “gaming” mode. There is an option on the remote’s menu button (but not in the device’s settings?) to do gamemode, which reduces the input lag a bit, but it’s still there and noticeable. Unfortunately, gaming on it was my biggest reason to purchase, so i’ll most likely be returning. You need a power bank with a decent Watts out to be able to charge it. I have 3 power banks, none of them were able to charge the device. It won’t last most full movies on a single charge. Other than all that, it’s a pretty cool device and seems great for presenting or watching shows, or having a portable projector in general.

  • J.P. on July 26, 2022

    I bought this projector specifically to hook up to my PC via HDMI and play games. Once I saw the crowdfunding project and viewed their footage of someone playing games, I watched very closely in an attempt to assess input latency. It looked too good to be true! Wow! Unfortunately, after receiving my Wemax Go Advanced – I found the input latency is quite high. Much higher than I thought from watching the video. Probably >=50ms. Certainly too high to play anything like an FPS or anything requiring tight controls. Turn-based games would be just fine.

    The project is great so far (except for issues with the projector reporting No Signal from the HDMI randomly and the Casting not working). I hope they release some firmware upgrades to improve things soon.

    While I am disappointed this projector isn’t suited for gaming, the auto-focus / keystone is fantastic and it’s certainly a cool little portable gadget! Really fantastic specs for the dimensions of the device! Highly recommended for non-gaming usage!

  • Igor Allexsander on July 26, 2022

    Excellent article!

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