Why You Need to Upgrade to a 4K Laser Projector

If you’re tired of your 1080p TV and you want to have a superior viewing experience, you may want to upgrade to a 4K laser projector. The benefits of these upgrades go far beyond just an improved picture quality. It certainly takes your viewing experience to way higher levels and gives you an exciting sense of adventure that you may never get from a 1080p TV or projector. But most importantly, the level of detail you get from a 4K projector makes other viewing devices look like toys. No wonder they are becoming so popular.


Table of Contents:

  • Why are 4K laser projectors getting popular?
  • WEMAX 4K laser projectors
  • Reasons why you need to upgrade to a 4K projector
  • Is your projector truly 4K?
  • Do you need a 4K screen for a 4K projector?
  • Wrapping It Up

Why are 4K laser projectors getting popular?

Reasons 4K laser projectors getting popular

Figuring out why 4K laser projectors are becoming popular only needs a closer look at their most basic features relative to a 4K TV, and you’ll find that they easily come out on top.

Firstly, projecting pictures using laser technology is fascinating, especially when you consider that traditional projectors use a lot of light sources that need replacement periodically during their lifetime.


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Plus, 4K laser projectors require no setup at all. Just look at your 50-inch 4K TV, and you’ll get tired just thinking of the energy required to set it up. There is no need for ceiling hooks, wall attachments, or moving your short bookshelf from your room to shore up the projector in the sitting room.  

But it gets better. You can quickly get a 100-inch screen size with a short distance between the wall or screen and the 4K laser projector.  That has solved many challenges, including crystal clear pictures even with bright ambient lights.

Plus, you don’t need a lot of space to fit your 4K laser projector into the room. Most 4K laser projectors are super portable and flexible, giving all sorts of options, especially for apartment owners and those living in close quarters.

Lastly, they are relatively cheap to purchase when compared with 4K TVs that cost a lot of money even after many years since their introduction into the market.

WEMAX 4K Laser Projectors

4k laser projector

WEMAX is the leading LED, UST, and laser projector brand with many products having some of the most innovative and practical features you’ll find in the industry.

WEMAX Nova produces a breathtaking 4K picture quality coupled with clear, distinct sounds with the full spectrum of sounds detailing the pitch and the falsettos of every voice in the act. Also, it can project images to a screen as wide as 150 inches, giving you the length and breadth of a captivating viewing experience.

Additionally, WEMAX Nova has a wide range of compatible devices, helping you connect to devices without worrying about downloading special software or virtual working environments. But the best part is that you never have to fuss over passers-by casting a shadow on the screen as they walk by to refill their drinks or to grab more popcorn. It has an ultra-short throw distance of just 35 inches from the screen.

No doubt, WEMAX Nova redefines enchanting with its image quality which will have you glued without a way back to the former 4K TV you once considered the ultimate.  

Why you need to upgrade to a 4K projector  

4k laser projector

If you’re still undecided about going all out for a 4K laser projector over your TV, then waste no more time, as the difference between the two is night and day. There are various factors to consider, but if you’re just looking for reasons to make up your mind, here are a handful to get you started.

1. 4K projectors are much more flexible than 100” 4K TVs

If you previously had a TV, even if it’s as wide as 80 inches, you might never find it as interesting as watching your movies on a 100-inch screen. Having the bigger screen size creates a more cinematic experience, even if you’re just watching at home. That is what a 4K projector can do to you. The flexibility that a 4k projector can give you will increase your options even when you have a tight space. Also, the distance to the screen can be short without distorting the picture quality and without any adverse effect from ambient lights.

2. Laser projectors are the future

The laser technology is very advanced and makes the 4k TV look medieval. The reason is that it solves many of the challenges that 4k TV owners encounter, including the throw distance ratio. The laser projector has a 0.2:1 ratio which means you get to decide how close to the screen you want to sit without worrying about casting annoying shadows on the screen. Also, the 4K laser projector has a high brightness of up to 3,000 lumens.

3. 4K projectors are easy to set up

The size of a 4K laser projector compared to a 4K TV makes it portable and super easy to set up. You don’t need the tools, accessories, and manpower required to set up a traditional 80-inch 4K TV. Just a power cable and HDMI cable and you’re good to go for a 4K laser projector.

4. Laser projectors are long-lasting

Its longevity far outweighs traditional lamp-based projectors that need bulb replacement periodically. The picture quality of a 4K laser projector never fades or dims. Additionally, it has no maintenance cost, unlike the traditional projector with significant maintenance costs over the years.


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Is your projector truly 4K?

Is your projector truly 4K

The initial high cost of 4K projectors when they first appeared on the market made it difficult for the majority of people to afford one. However, with time the price gradually became affordable for many people. However, knowing the critical things to check when buying a 4K projector will help quickly identify its authenticity. Also, it enables you to decide on the most suitable 4K screens to select.

Legitimate 4K projectors use DLP chips

One critical factor to consider when selecting a 4K projector is to confirm if it has DLP chips that produce the image pixel, which, in turn, determines the picture quality. The higher the pixel, the higher the quality of the picture and DLP chips produce very high pixels. They have 3,840 x 2,160 pixels which are some of the highest for quality pictures.

The truth behind inexpensive 4K projectors

One truth about DLP chips is that the higher number of chips that can fit on a board significantly affects the quality of 4K pictures. A higher number of chips gives a better 4K picture. However, manufacturers often find it difficult to fit so many chips on the projector boards and often end up with lower-quality 4K pictures. Nonetheless, they use mirrors to achieve the 4K projector inexpensively.

Do you need a 4K screen for a 4K projector?

Do you need a 4K screen for a 4K projector

Once you have ascertained the true type of your 4K projector, the next natural thing is to decide if you need a 4K screen for your 4K projector. To achieve a better 4K quality picture, if you have an inexpensive 4K projector, you might need to get an affordable compatible screen and not necessarily an expensive 4K screen. But of course, having a compatible 4K screen gives you an advantage. It is often made with smooth textured material, enhancing the picture's clarity and quality. It also reduces picture degradation giving you an ecstatic viewing experience.


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Wrapping It Up  

In the end, sticking with an archaic 4K TV only limits your viewing possibilities. However, upgrading to a 4K laser projector increases your viewing options, including a very high picture quality. Also, the advantages of having a 4K projector far outweigh that of a 4k TV or traditional projector. Most importantly, you can maximize your viewing experience with your family and friends indoors and on a picnic with loved ones.

Choosing a 4K projector from a leading brand like WEMAX helps make the experience memorable. WEMAX has outstanding and innovative projectors, including LED, Laser, and portable projectors, to serve a vast majority of interests.

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