Wemax Go Review: Small, Compact, Powerful

This article is contributed by Igor Allexsander

That's the Wemax Go, one of the smallest laser projectors in the world! It is so small that it fits in a pocket and in the palm of your hand, even smaller than some smartphones, and compared to my current device.

And size doesn't matter!

With its 15.08 cm long, 8.3 cm wide, 2.46 cm thick and weighing only 300 g, it enchants with its beauty and impresses everyone with its size and power. Its construction (materials and finish) are of excellent quality, and all these attributes make it (easily) better than many projectors on the market.

What about the connections?

Come on, it has a USB input, an HDMI, a P2 and a USB Type-C (for power), it comes with a beautiful protective case, which allows you to take it everywhere with style and safety, and also it comes with it USB Type-C cable and a 30w charger.

Portability is the soul of business!?

With this little giant in hand, you'll be able to take it anywhere, and enjoy your drawings, games, movies and series in projections from 30 to 100 inches (but it's also possible to project in larger sizes, and much larger) in almost any environment. You will finally be able to make that presentation at work in powerpoint to surprise your boss, or give that special class to your students, as well use it to present products and services to your customers, and you can even use it at any party to playback photos and videos and make everyone thrilled.

It's not just small, but also powerful!

Equipped with an incredible 300 ANSI Lumens and ALPD® Laser technology, it has a high and excellent brightness, which allows it to be used in bright environments, and in an environment with controlled lighting or with low or no lighting you will have a projection of much better image (but much better indeed!).

Its resolution is only 540p resolution (calm down, don't be scared) and it supports files up to 1080p, even so, it manages to deliver good image quality, he it also has manual focus of easy adjustment and good precision, and its projection distance it is very wide and can be projected very close.

I was able to test through the HDMI input, my Nintendo Switch and the Fire Stick TV (from Amazon) and I found the image quality to be very good, all of them worked perfectly, it's quite fun to play on a big screen or watch that movie or series you love the most.

Small and complete (or almost)!?

Wemax Go has the famous keystone function (only digital and automatic), which is very interesting and innovative, but this correction only works vertically, that is, you will not be able to adjust the image if projecting from the side (as seen in others projectores more expensive). It happens that because of this function, you will have a border after the projection (which may bother some), which is precisely to perform the correction/adjustment of the image, and with that you lose this area that is being “erased” for correction, and the function is not that precise, being necessary to move the projector a few times to return the image to “normal”, but nothing that gets in the way too much and takes away the brightness of this function.

Your sound is your size

As it is small, its sound system could not be big and powerful, so it only has a box of only 0.8w of power, which will not be enough if you like to hear that top sound, it only offers one sound for environment small and closed, to solve this, you will have to use a speaker connected to a P2 cable, and problem solved.

But wouldn't it be better to connect it to a Bluetooth box?

Yes, of course, but he it doesn't have Bluetooth, which makes it impossible to make this connection (wireless) with some little box and take advantage of portability even more, although, in this form of connection, there could be a delay in transmission, a situation that occurs with other projectors.

And it has WiFi!

But what is the Wi-Fi for? That's a good question! Its Wi-fi connection is only possible through a 2.4GHz network, and in this case, I think it only serves to connect via screen mirroring, although when I did the mirroring I didn't need to connect it to the Wi-Fi network, just to the device. I could be wrong, or else, I just haven't figured out what it's hefor.

About it mirroring screen, at first I had some problems, it wasn't working, I found the projector, but it wouldn't connect, until at some point it connected and it worked. Streaming Youtube videos works perfectly, as well as the photos and videos that are on the smartphone. But here I could not transmit the image of several streaming applications (Disney+, Netflix, Prime, Globoplay, HBO Max...), only the audio was transmitted. My smartphone is from the Xiaomi brand, and I saw reports that some people using devices from other brands were able to connect normally (audio and video). I believe this is not a specific problem for him, but some restriction of my smartphone.

And how long does the battery last?

He it has no internal battery! I think it could to have, but it doesn't. So, you will need an external power supply that provides at least 2.5mAh, remembering that it already comes with the 30w charger. And if you want to make everything even more portable, just buy an external battery of 20000 mAh or 30000mAh (with PD), which will be able to guarantee a good hours of projection away from the socket, and that's very good!

But he comes with control right?

Sorry to inform you, but he has no control! And I discovered as you need one more control in your life, especially when it comes to including the Wi-Fi password, everything is done through the buttons, which are above the device, it took me almost 10 minutes to type my password. Could this lack of control be another reason to reinforce that Wemax Go is focused on portability (maybe)?

Fine, e doesn't have control, no problem, you can get around with the buttons, but let me tell you something, he doesn't have the power button, okay?

What? And how am I going to turn this thing on?

Don't worry, it's simple and easy, just slide the front cover of the lens and the little one will turn on and show all its magic and light, thats very cool!

So, here's the tip: if you want to use it as your main projector, even more if you want to leave it on some fixed and high support (unless it's easily accessible), I don't recommend it. Remember that you will always need to open the lens cover to turn on and move the buttons.

And continuing to talk about the buttons, because they don't follow that scheme that many are used to seeing on projectors (together and in a circle format), handling is a little confusing, so, in addition to complicating the Wi-fi password, it gets complicated (until you get used to it) to mess with the settings and select a file on the external HD or flash drive, which by the way, it reads such devices very well, despite having incompatibility with various audio and video codecs.

Here I had trouble arranging a (space) large wall without something to interfere with the projection, but then I just had to drag some furniture and that's it, wall found! I'm projecting onto a white wall (matte white paint).

And tell me, is it worth it?

Look, I didn't pay anything on it, I won it in a Wewatch/Wemax community giveaway.

But if I had bought it, my answer would be that it depends, there are better projectors (with better image and sound quality) and even cheaper, but it will certainly not be possible to put it in your pocket and take advantage of all the opportunities that portability offers you.

Like all other existing projectors, it is not complete and if it had some other functions (found in other projectors), it would be much better and complete.

Lastly, I think for all that it delivers, Wemax Go shines enough to amuse and satisfy everyone.

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  • Robson Neto on July 26, 2022

    Muito bom! Gostei desse

  • Lidiane Oliveira Gomes on July 26, 2022

    Excelente de muita qualidade.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Lidiane Oliveira Gomes on July 26, 2022

    Excelente de muita qualidade.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Michel Neves da Silva on July 26, 2022

    Muito bom Top 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • George on July 26, 2022


  • Iuri on July 26, 2022

    Top demais

  • Walter on July 26, 2022

    Ótimo artigo, bem detalhado. E o produto parece muito bom!

  • Yasmin on July 26, 2022

    Gostei muito do projetor!

  • Iago on July 26, 2022

    Muito bom!!!

  • Jéssica Nogueira on July 26, 2022

    Excelente resenha sobre o produto, me deu uma visão geral e me tirou várias dúvidas!! Linguagem clara, acessível e focada!! Obrigada pelo excelente texto, parecia que estava conversando comigo!!

  • Luiz Carlos on July 26, 2022

    Great review and great product!

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