Lights, Camera, Budget: How to Create a Budget-Friendly Home Cinema

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Your Space
  • Choosing the Right Projector
  • WEMAX Budget-friendly Home Theater
  • Sound system on a budget
  • Getting affordable comfy seats
  • Cinematic lighting and decor
  • Wrapping It Up

There's nothing quite like going home, catching up on your favorite shows, and unwinding as you forget everything else for a while. And by far the best way to truly immerse yourself in the experience of catching a new movie or the latest Netflix trend is to do so in a home theater. But how can we do this to break the bank?

Most people assume that a home theater projector is an incredibly costly acquisition, but today we want to dispel some of those beliefs. So keep on reading so you can learn how to set up a budget-friendly home theater system. 

Understanding Your Space

WEMAX budget friendly home cinema

Before you do anything else you need to assess your space and figure out where you can set up your projector, as well as how much space you have to work with. We are not saying that you need a huge room to have a home theater, but understanding your work area will let you pick a projector that is just right for you since these are devices where distances do matter. 

Of course, to choose the ideal location you'll need to consider more than just space. Ideally, you want an area where it's easy to gather and all of your family or roommates can hang out. So beyond size, the logistics of the area itself do matter.

After that, you'll want to settle on a screen size and aspect ratio. Projectors, unlike screens, have a given aspect ratio they are designed to work at, as well as the maximum screen size they can display.

For the size, the easiest way to make a call is to keep into account how large your screen or wall is. But when it comes to aspect ratio it comes down to your preferred use. 16:9 is the most common screen ratio and it works for almost any media, but cinematic buffs might prefer the iconic 2:39:1 to replicate cinema perfectly.

As we said before distances matter a lot on projectors, so you'll need to have careful consideration of how far the projector will be from its screen, as well as how far viewers will be from the projection. Usually, this involves a bit of trial and error, but it's not too big of a deal.

Last but not least do keep in mind your room's lighting. A room that is brighter than your projector will drown the image, so keep in mind your location when looking at the Lumens levels of any projector. 

Choosing the Right Projector

WEMAX Nova budget friendly home cinema

Now that we've covered the essentials we are ready to help you choose the best projector for home theater systems. So these are the three main considerations you need to keep in mind to know you are making the right call. 

First, you'll need to understand what type of projector you'll want. There are many different ways to classify projectors, so this can get kind of extensive. But for the sake of simplicity let's focus on the type of technology they employ to project their image. In this case, we'll be talking about DLP, LCD, and LED models.

So is there an overall best projector technology out there? That's a loaded topic, but at the very least we can talk about a technology that is more convenient for our current plans. LCD projectors aren't all too common nowadays since they are bulky and require more maintenance. And on the other hand, while DLP technology is impressive it is also very costly, so you aren't likely to get it on a budget. As such LED offers the best balance of quality and cost by far. 

Last but not least, it might be a good idea to set up a personal budget for this project. At the end of the day, "budget-friendly" is a term that is completely reliant on how much each person is willing to spend. So having a clear idea of how much you can spend will help with making a responsible choice. 

WEMAX Budget-friendly Home Theater

Now that we've looked at all the topics we needed to cover it's time to look at the best WEMAX models you can choose for your upcoming home theater. You also need to consider various factors before buying your home cinema projector.



If you want a home theater setup that can be easily rearranged or even used on the go, then you need the WEMAX Dice. The Dice is a portable projector with all the perks of a larger model. Built-in Android, Sound, and Battery mean that the Dice can project anywhere, anytime.



WEMAX Nova is the crown jewel at WEMAX, and that's for good reason. We are talking about Ultra 8k images and ALPD technology on a very compact model that also happens to be Ultra Short Throw. This means that the Nova can project very close to the screen, so you can enjoy a big screen in almost any space.

WEMAX Vogue Pro

WEMAX Vogue Pro

If you want to get the best possible quality on an under $1000 budget then the WEMAX Vogue Pro is your best friend. The Vogue offers Full HD Resolution, Dolby sound, 1600 ANSI Lumens, and support for up to 8k images. Meaning that you can play anything and rest assured it'll look great.

Sound system on a budget

A complete sound system can be a considerable expense, but you don't need to go all the way to get quality sound. All of the projectors we discussed above have built-in speakers designed for a cinematic experience, so you don't need to go all out on the sound. And if you want a more focused experience a good sound bar will already make a huge difference without breaking the bank.

Getting affordable comfy seats

If you want the true cinematic experience you'll likely want some cushioned seats, and those can get pricey depending on where you look. But here's an insider tip to get good seats on a budget: Look into RV recliners.

RV Recliners are consistently lower priced than home chairs, and you are still getting great quality for their price. So there's no reason not to look into them. 

Cinematic lighting and decor

If you want to enhance the experience even further for your favorite movie or an intense Super Bowl season you should look into the lighting of your room. Blackout curtains can make you feel like you are in a real theater, and will make the brightness of your projector stand out even more. But as long as you use any form of curtains to block the light you'll already be improving the experience.

Wrapping It Up

The dream of having your home theater is no longer a distant one, and thanks to this guide it doesn't have to be an expensive dream either. As we saw today a budget-friendly home theater system is perfectly doable, and all it takes is some understanding of your room and trusting WEMAX for your projector needs.

WEMAX is a NY-based technology company that aims to provide rich visual experiences at fair and approachable prices. We are a leading company when it comes to visual and laser technologies, always at the forefront when it comes to laser, portable, and LED projectors. With over 200 laser patents WEMAX is an expert in the market, so make sure to follow our newsletter to stay up to date on our future guides, releases, and discounts. 

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