5 Reasons Why Wemax Dice is (Still) the Right Projector to Offer on Father's Day

Another Father's Day is almost here. It's also that time of the year when sons and daughters get involved in initiatives or are in a constant rush to know what to offer their fathers, the people responsible for bringing them into the world.

After all, the father - who may not even be the biological one - is a figure who wants to be present, who educates us and prepares us for the challenges of the world. And it is with these little treats - but you must always show your love throughout the year - on Father's Day that we can show them that we want them to always be with us, supporting us.

Now, the truth is that it always ends up being difficult to give that ideal gift. If he's a sports fan, there's nothing like buying tickets for a trip to the stadium. If he's a nature fan, maybe you can offer him a tent or accommodation in an eco-resort. But what if he's a tech-savvy dad? Our suggestion is simple: a Wemax projector.

Wemax has several unique projectors, but one of them is still a hit, either by its shape, the way it works, or even its sound. Yes, you guessed it, we are talking about the Wemax Dice LED Projector.

In the following lines, we will give you 10 reasons why the Wemax Dice is still the ideal projector to give away.

WEMAX Dice form factor

Wemax Dice LED Projector

They say that eyes also eat, and in this case that expression applies here, but in a different way. When we first notice a certain product, the first thing we will always appreciate is its design. And in the case of the Wemax Dice, this is exactly what happens.

One thing is certain: this projector impresses. Not only is its shape rarely used - after all, few projectors are cube-shaped, more reminiscent of a giant dice, hence the name Dice - but it also fits well in any area of the house.

With a sober and elegant look, but also jovial, the Wemax Dice has a handle on the top that makes it easy to carry everywhere. In other words, you will end up with a clever piece of decoration anywhere - whether in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or other room of the house - that will cause a certain amount of amazement in front of the friends and family your parents welcome home.

After all, it's not every day that you get to give your father a beautifully designed and well-built projector.

Wemax Dice Image Quality

Image Quality

Nowadays, many people already tend to bet on 4K. After all, it is the current standard, but even so, not all Smart TVs are 4K - many still stick to Full HD. And in the case of projectors, one could say that it is still somewhat unusual to find a projector with native 4K resolution. And those that do exist, well, they are quite expensive.

The case of the Wemax Dice is different. Even though it doesn't provide a standard 4K image, it does offer a native Full HD resolution, but we can assure you that it will be more than enough for your father to watch the movies, series or programs he loves so much.

The image has good details, vivid colors and has a pretty good brightness thanks to the lamp that provides a brightness of 700 ANSI lumens. In addition, it can project an image of up to 120 inches. And for that, there is nothing like buying a screen. That way, you offer the full experience to your father, who will surely want to call his friends over for those soccer afternoons/evenings.

WEMAX Dice Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Let's be honest: getting a good sound system is not only not easy, it's expensive. And usually, to get away from the typical multi-speaker system, people end up going for something more modest, like sound bars. But what if we tell you that Wemax Dice doesn't even need that, would you believe it?

Not all projectors have good sound quality, but this is definitely one of them. The Wemax Dice has two built-in speakers of 3W each, giving a total of 6W. It's a number that may not impress, but don't let the theory get the better of you.

In practice, it behaves wonderfully well. Using Dolby Digital Plus technology, the projector delivers fully immersive audio that will fill the room you are in.

We assure you: once your father tries it out and realizes the excellent sound quality, he'll never speak of getting a soundbar or the like again.

Wemax dice portability


Another highlight that takes the Wemax Dice to another level: its portability. It is true that projectors can be taken everywhere, but that doesn't mean they are exactly portable, because they need to be plugged in to work. With the Wemax Dice this is not the case, and it is all thanks to its built-in 16,000 mAh battery.

With this capacity, they can achieve up to a total of three hours of non-stop entertainment, something your father will certainly take into account, even to take on some family trip. When you reach zero or the projector is low on power, just recharge it and repeat the process. Imagine you are going camping one night in the middle of the forest or at a campsite. With this projector, a good evening is guaranteed.

And there's a bonus: the Wemax Dice's battery is so generous that it can even serve as a powerbank for smartphones. Fantastic.

Wemax Dice Connectivity/Smart Projector

Connectivity/Smart Projector

We end this list with another of the selling points of this Wemax Dice: the fact that it is a smart projector. What does this mean? Well, not only does it have Android TV 9.0 installed, it also supports Chromecast, which means you can stream content you have on your smartphone directly to the projector.

In addition, they can also connect earphones, headphones, or other sound equipment to it. But let's focus for a moment on Android TV 9.0.

Nowadays, there are still many projectors that are released on the market without even a built-in operating system, which limits their use immensely. In the case of the Wemax Dice, since it has the TV version of Android installed, this means that you will have no problem using those apps that you already know well, whether for streaming videos and movies, music or simply listening to podcasts.

One thing is certain: with so much to explore, it will be hard for your father to let go of this gift you have given him.

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