Is a Projector Better than a TV for Living Room?

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Should I use a projector as a TV in the living room
  • What are the benefits of using a projector as a TV?
  • How to choose between a living room projector and a TV?
  • Which is better— a 4K projector or a TV?
  • WEMAX Projectors: The Best Projectors for Home Theater
  • Wrapping It Up 

With all the options available, deciding on the most suitable viewing device for a living room is often a tough nut to crack. However, an increasing number of households are considering projectors as a suitable replacement for their living room TVs.

Many believe it has more benefits. Others are really not ready to give up their TVs that have served them for so long. But here is the real question, is a projector better than a TV for a living room? Let’s find out.

Should I use a projector as a TV in the living room?

living room projector

To begin with, choosing a visual device for your sitting area requires considering your sitting room size and the size of the screen you desire. The reason is that even if you can afford a big-screen TV, a small sitting room will not be suitable for the TV.

However, projectors are perfectly suited for small spaces because they are relatively small and portable. Nevertheless, the throw distance might slightly limit the size of the screen and picture if your room is small. Still, you can opt for an ultra-short throw distance projector to help you maximize the screen size and picture quality despite your small living room.

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What are the benefits of using a projector as a TV?

Many individuals are beginning to see the numerous benefits of having a projector as a TV. Here are some of these benefits highlighted below.

It’s a huge space-saver

Conventional TVs often take up a lot of space in addition to the huge effort and care required during installation. Fortunately, a projector can save you a lot of space without the hassle of high technical expertise required to set it up. Plus, ultra-short throw projectors require only a few inches away from the screen to project a high-quality image.  

It's great for gatherings

Sharing memorable moments of a movie, game, or karaoke night with friends and family is exciting. And because projectors are more portable and easy to set up than TVs they enable you to share these moments with your loved ones, whether you gather in the sitting room or in the gardens.

You can take it anywhere

Camping or going on a trip won't stop you from bringing your projector along since projectors are very portable. Some projectors are the size of a power bank and can instantly project high-quality images. Additionally, some come with inbuilt batteries that give you the power to watch up to two movies without ever connecting them to a wall socket.

It creates cinematic visuals

The quality of pictures and effects you can get from a project is stunning, seeing that many projectors produce pictures and movies with cinematic effects often found only in theaters. But more important is their ability to offer high-resolution 1080p and 4k pictures that even some traditional TVs cannot produce.

How to choose between a living room projector and a TV?  

Choosing between a projector and a TV is more than browsing a few options from a manufacturer's website. It requires a careful consideration of specific parameters that puts all your visual needs into perspective. It would help if you considered these factors when choosing between the two options.

Price points

While TVs are generally very expensive as the screen size and additional features increase, the reverse is sometimes true for projectors. The reason is that projectors’ additional functionalities drive their prices rather than their size. It is not uncommon to find smaller projectors with a higher price than some bigger ones simply because they pack more functions.

Room setup

TVs generally remain permanent after you've chosen the space in the room to set it up. Projectors, on the other hand, can be more flexible with where you can set them up because they are smaller and more portable than the TV.


You’ll need more space to place your TV as the screen size gets bigger, which is not the same as the projector. Projectors often need minimal space within your room to project quality pictures on a big screen. Additionally, small projectors only need a few inches from a big screen to be effective.

Screen size

The picture on the screen for a projector is often determined by its throw distance which signifies its distance from the screen surface. Hence, if you have a small space, the throw distance will be smaller, so the effective screen size will also be small. On the other hand, TVs often fit into most rooms no matter their screen size as they don’t rely on throw distance to achieve their maximum picture size.

Image quality

You'll have to rely on a good understanding of the initial setup of a projector to get the optimal setup that can give you the best picture quality. However, with a TV, you can often adjust the sharpness or contrast of the picture from the remote, even when in the middle of a movie.

Built-in speakers

Though the TV offers more quality with the built-in speakers when you compare it with a projector's, it is still below par if that cinematic surround sound is what you desire. You'll have to invest a little in a quality external speaker and subwoofers to get that cinematic sound effect.


Projectors are more portable than TVs. The smallest of TVs is still bigger than the biggest of projectors which is why projectors are ideal for both home and camping purposes.

Other integrated features

TVs can easily accommodate more integrated features than a projector. Still, projectors pack a punch with their added features and picture quality and can match what most TVs have and even more.

Which is better—a 4K projector or a TV?

living room projector

Now, deciding between a 4K projector and a TV requires weighing the benefits of both options to see which outweighs the other. While a big-screen TV can deliver cinematic-grade picture quality, the permanency of its setup makes it difficult to carry it along on a trip or even in the garden for a family hangout.

However, a 4K projector can easily give high-resolution cinematic pictures with the advantage of high portability, making it a suitable option for indoor and outdoor use. What's more, a projector saves more space than a big-screen TV. Its size-to-screen ratio is huge, as a power bank-sized projector can easily project on a 100-inch screen.

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WEMAX Projectors: The Best Projectors for Home Theater

Here are some of WEMAX's most suitable projectors for home theater.


If you want to optimize your space for a perfect cinematic experience with your projector, then the WEMAX Nova is for you. It features a short throw distance of 9 inches from the screen and easily achieves a 100-inch picture-filled screen. Moreover, 2,100 ANSI lumens ensure that it eliminates the negative effect of ambient lights for an awesome time when watching movies with family and friends.

WEMAX Vogue Pro

This compact box-shaped projector is an excellent choice for those looking for stunning high-definition pictures. With its 1080p resolution, the WEMAX Vogue Pro projector's crisp, high-quality pictures evoke that cinematic viewing experience. Additionally, it can easily project a screen-wide picture of 120 inches in real time as it has an ultra-low latency of 40ms. These features also make it the best option for video games and for watching sports.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, knowing your requirements for a visual device will go a long way to informing your decision when choosing between a TV and a projector for your living room. And while they relatively cost the same, the benefits are on a different level using the cost-to-benefit ratio of owning a projector or a TV. Nevertheless, engaging a leading brand like WEMAX in purchasing your projector makes the viewing experience even better, as they offer numerous quality options.

WEMAX is the leading brand in the industry for many years, doling out quality laser, LED, and portable projectors, and your one-stop solution point for all your visual applications.

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