Streaming Apps Without Limitations

Access apps without limitation

At this time, AndroidTV 9.0 does not support the native Netflix, Prime Video, or AppleTV+ apps. That hasn't stopped our team here at WEMAX from brainstorming easy ways to watch them on our favorite projectors.

HDMI is an office favorite

Meaning no offense to Chromecast, but our team loves HDMI cables and keeps them handy at workstations throughout the office.

We often use several projectors at once during meetings so it helps to be able to set up large-scale presentations quickly. 

Why is HDMI still a crowd pleaser?

We love HDMI because it only takes a minute or two to get set up and there's no video delay or skipping. Simply plug in the cable, select the HDMI input, and you're ready to go.

It's also great to have the flexibility of either mirroring your laptop or extending it as a second display using the projector. This helps us make the most out of workstations, even when we're on the go. 

Watch anything on the WEMAX Dice Portable Smart Projector

While certain apps are unavailable or limited to casting only, we found that using HDMI is quick, easy, and reliable. Check out our tutorials to help you access most apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and AppleTV. 

Via HDMI with a streaming device (i.e. FireTV, Roku, etc)

1.   Connect your streaming device into the HDMI port on the back of the projector.

2.   Power the device by plugging it into the USB port on the back of the projector.

3.   From the projector home screen, go to INPUTS and select HDMI

4.   Use the streaming device remote to navigate to your selected app.


Via HDMI on a laptop

1.   Log in to Netflix or Prime Video from a second device like a laptop and connect it to your laptop via HDMI.
2.   From the projector home screen, go to INPUTS in the top right corner and select HDMI. For laptops, this will either mirror or extend the display based on your preferences.
4.   Once the display is casting, enjoy your favorite content.

        HDMI helps you make the most out of your smart projector and the USB 2.0 port allows you to power any streaming device without the outlet so you can maximize its portability. 

        With HDMI, you can essentially mirror any screen onto the wall and share visual experiences wherever you are. 


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