5 Essential Projector Accessories to Level Up Your Viewing Experience

Table of Contents

  • Essential projector accessories for viewing experience
  • Projector Screen
    • 120-inch UST CLR/ALR Fixed-Frame Screen
    • 100-inch Fresnel Ultra Short-Throw Projector Screen
    • 50-inch ALR Portable Projector Screen
    • 120-inch Electric Tension Floor ALR UST Raising Screen
  • Projector Stand or Tripod
  • Projector Remote Control
  • Streaming Device
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Wrapping It Up
5 Essential Projector Accessories to Level Up Your Viewing Experience

Projectors are one of those gadgets you can use for almost everything–from giving an important lecture to showing off your latest video games, projectors are a great way to share and enjoy content with friends, family, or classmates.


Improve your home cinemas experience with these essential projector accessories. From projector screens to tripods, level up movie nights and presentations with these must-have aacessories!


Essential projector accessories to level up your viewing experience


Portable projectors are famous among moviegoers and cinephiles because of the convenience, affordability, and amazing picture quality they offer.  When setting up a projector at home will give you fantastic visuals for films, games, or TV shows–no matter what your preferences may be.


Knowing the components and projector accessories will help ensure that your movie nights go as smoothly as possible. To ensure that you properly use a projector in any setting at home, it's important to have all the required tools and accessories from WEMAX!

Projector Screen

5 Essential Projector Accessories to Level Up Your Viewing Experience

One of the most important acessory for your homne cinema is your projetor screen--whether it is a fixed, automatic, portable and etc. A projector screen is a flat, typically a white surface wher eyou can projector your image or video onto. Note that you need to find the right screen size and aspect ratio for your room  and projector. A screen that is too small or too large can negatively impact the viewing experience.


Manual and electric are two main types of projector screens. Manual screens are easy to use, but electric screens are more convenient and offer better picture quality. On the other hand, electric screens can be controlled remotely and have adjustable aspect ratios, making them the perfect for home theater setting.


The projector screen accessories are the most significant accessory you can purchase when getting a projector. Every brilliant Projector has an alternative that allows it to be projected on flat screens.

1. 120-inch UST CLR/ALR Fixed-Frame Screen

The 120-inch UST CLAR/ALR Fixed-Frame Screen offers a premium sleek design with 120 inc viewing area and anti-light reflection coating that will help create a truly immersive experience. This projector screen minimizes distractions and maximize image clarity. Plus, the addition of an adjustable layer which reduces ambient light.


2. 100-inch Fresnel Ultra Short-Throw Projector Screen

The 100-inch Fresnel Ultra Short-Throw Projector Screen has an 100-inch diagonal viewing area and high brightness contribute to the exceptional visuals. The Fresnel lens's concentric circles will produce crisp, clear photos. It has a two-year guarantee and can lessen glare. The height of the screen can be changed to suit your preferences and the size of your viewing area.


3. 50-inch ALR Portable Projector Screen

This 50-inch Pull Up ALR Projector Screen offers seven layers optics precision structure of the following: holographic light layer, eye protection and anti-ultraviolet, color correction, nanometer absorb, viewing enhancement, and plasma reflection. It's also ultra-light and compact free-standing projector screen designed for table tops you can use for traveling, camping, business presentations, and school meetings, on-the-go.


4. 120-inch Electric Tension Floor ALR UST Raising Screen

This 120-inch Electric Tension Floor ALR UST Raising Screen displays 90% ambient light rejection for projected light and its motorized floor rising mechanism can assemble itself in under eight seconds. You can turn it on manually or via IR remote control. This projector screen supports 4K UHD and is 3D-ready.

Projector Stand or Tripod

Projector tripod stands are a crucial accessory for the projector viewer. Portable and lightweight, this support enables projectors to be showcased on a flat surface or the ceiling equally.


The WEMAX PS101 Lightweight Tripod Stand is equipped with an undeviating and slick sphere disseminator. This permits a 360° panoramic shot with adjustable angles; with its 360 Panorama and Ball Link alongside a One-directional 90° Up and Down Adjustment, you can be sure that you will get flawlessly composed photos and sublime panoramas every time.


This is suitable for snapshots such as landscape shots, micro photography with a cell phone, IP camera, and camera, and different projectors such as lightweight mini and LED projectors.


All projectors need to be fixed on a wall or ceiling (or table), so they can project an image on the screen. The most popular and affordable accessories for projectors are ceiling mount brackets, Projector stands, and tripods which all have a mounting hole at the bottom of the Projector, enabling it to be easily mounted on a mount.


Projector Remote Control

A projector remote control is an accessory that makes it simpler to manage the Projector. Ranging from a simple remote control to one which provides extra options like screen size, projector type, and volume controls, remotes are an excellent way to keep the presentation or movie running smoothly.


A convenient universal remote control for owners of WEMAX Laser projectors uses the remote to change projector settings such as contrast or brightness, volume, and aspect ratio and enable or disable the laser mode.


Replacement controller for use with WEMAX projectors remote control a USB Port: This universal remote control is solely intended for use with WEMAX Laser projectors; it can switch modes between video, picture-in-picture, and full screen. You can also adjust the screen size, contrast, brightness, and volume.


This Universal Remote control is portable and lightweight and is meant to be used on a projector.Most projectors have an onboard remote control for basic functions such as video playback, settings, and volume control.


Streaming Device

A streaming device is a simple accessory but greatly affects the overall movie or presentation experience. Connecting to the Projector lets users stream all their favorite movie apps, and presenters connect their laptops or mobile phone through an HDMI adapter.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers can be used to improve the overall movie and presentation experience. With a wireless, compact speaker, you can easily connect your Bluetooth device to a projector, allowing you to play your favorite music or movie app on bigger projector screen accessories with better sound quality.


Bluetooth speakers are a great accessory for both short and long projector presentations. They are designed to be used with smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

More and more sounds for buying products are becoming wireless, and the invention of Bluetooth wireless accessories can be an effective way to facilitate the use of any projectors and devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Wrapping It Up

Portable projectors are a great way to get cinema-quality visuals in your own home, and with the right tools and accessories from WEMAX, you can set up your projector for any movie night or gaming session seamlessly. So don't wait any longer–get everything you need from WEMAX and start enjoying amazing visuals at home today!


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