Is a 4K Laser TV Worth It?

If you are ready to upgrade to the big screen experience, you will at some point come across the merits of a 4k laser TV. These new-age display devices promise a viewing experience that is nothing short of a feast for the visual and auditory senses.


In fact, the larger-than-life image size and the realistic picture quality are what will first attract you to a 100-inch 4K laser TV.


Undoubtedly, nothing beats the experience of watching your favorite game or the latest action movie on the big screen. But the fact is that you can get a conventional 45-55 inch TV for a couple of hundred dollars while a 4k laser TV will set you back by a few thousand dollars.


And that raises the all-important question- Is a 4k laser TV really all it's made out to be? Above all, is the performance of the device worth the money? Let's start with the basics to find the answers to these questions...


What is a 4K Laser TV?

What is a 4K Laser TV?

Well, for starters the name is a misnomer of sorts because when you say 4K laser TV, you are actually referring to a laser TV projector 4K.


Now, when you think of a projector, you envision a device mounted on the ceiling that is only capable of displaying presentations and the odd movie played with the use of a DVD or Blu-ray player. But, a laser TV is so much more than that!


To begin with, the device has built-in capabilities to catch regular cable networks through the use of an antenna or cable service just like conventional televisions.


What's more, like high-end TVs it also has in-built Smart TV functions that give you access to streaming content. Plus, it can just as easily be connected to the internet through a wired connection and even Wi-Fi. So, you also get access to all the media on the internet.


And there is a lot more from where that comes. Unlike old-world projectors, a laser TV comes with onboard speakers. In fact, if you pick a high-end unit, you get Dolby Sound which will provide an auditory experience that is just as immersive as the visual display.


In addition to watching regular TV shows and movies on it, you can also use a 100-inch 4K laser TV for gaming and professional tasks such as designing, media creation, and more. Moreover, these high-tech devices are also perfect for presentations because they can easily be connected to processors, laptops, and tablets.


In other words, think of a laser TV as a significant upgrade on your old projector and your television set just that all those features are rolled into one nifty product.


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How Do 4K Laser TVs Work?

How Do 4K Laser TVs Work?

In order to understand how a laser TV works, you will need to start by learning about how projectors work in general. To put it simply, a projector is a device that uses light from a source to generate colors in the right sequence that can be put together to create an image.


The generated image is then projected through a lens and onto a screen. Over the years, the light source used in the assembly has changed significantly as has the technology used to reproduce the images.


As you may have guessed, a laser is used as the source of light in a laser TV projector 4k. As far as the color and image-generating technology goes, the choice is between LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and DLP (Digital Light Processing).


But, DLP and laser are a match made in heaven because, in terms of image quality, the only thing that had held back DLP chips was the lower brightness. Laser cuts right through that issue. In other words, it handles the only factor that gave LCD panels an advantage over DLP.


In contrast, the issue with LCD is the lack of their ability to generate true black. Unfortunately, no amount of brightness can remedy that. Having said that when laser is combined with DLP this is how it works:


  • The light beam is passed through a fast-spinning color wheel that splits it into three primary colors: red, green, and blue (RGB).
  • The separated light beams make it to the DLP chip which is basically a matrix of millions of tiny reflective mirrors, each as small as a red blood cell.
  • These micro-mirrors are controlled by memory cells placed right below them.
  • The mirrors pivot to various positions to generate the right shades and blends of the primary colors that are required to generate the image.
  • This image is then sent through the lens and projected onto the screen.


What Are the Advantages of 4K Laser TVs?

What Are the Advantages of 4K Laser TVs

Exceptional Picture Quality

As far as projection technology goes, the combination of DLP and laser is the undisputed winner when it comes to image quality. The color gamut, color accuracy, and color saturation all play an integral role in lending a life-like quality to the image and hence a sense of realism to the video on the screen.


Laser TV projector 4K offers the best in class performance with over a billion colors, accurate depiction of darker and lighter shades, and hard-to-miss shadow details.


Simply put, watching a video on a 4K laser TV feels like actually being at the scene. In turn, this creates a viewing experience that is so immersive that you will find it hard to move away from it.  


High Brightness and Contrast

The astonishingly good image quality of a laser TV projector 4K is also attributed to its superior brightness and unmatched contrast. For starters, unlike conventional projector lamps and even LEDs, laser is highly directional and focused. Plus, it is the brightest light source available at this time.


The concentration of the luminescence offered by laser leads to significantly brighter images and picture crispness that is simply unparalleled.


The increase in brightness also means that the contrast ratio is higher for laser projectors. And when there is a significant difference between the darkest black and the brightest white, this leads to the most accurate depiction of even the smallest details in the image.


Flexible Screen Size

Yes, 65-inch TVs have ruled homes all across the world for several years now. But, the problem with them is that you can't do anything about the screen size once you get the unit home. Basically, you've got to live with what you have purchased. This also means that everything in your home entertainment setup has to be placed or moved around such that the TV is accommodated.


And let's not forget, the larger the TV, the heavier it is, hence that much more cumbersome and even risky to move around the house. Now, compare this with a 100-inch 4K laser TV. If you think the screen size is too big for the available space, you can easily bring it down to about 80 inches. Along the same lines, you could increase the display area to a mammoth 120 inches by simply moving the projector a few inches away from the screen.


Because most laser TV projectors are ultra-short throw units, they do not need ceiling mounting. In fact, they can be placed on the coffee table, on a dedicated tripod, or even on the console. Moreover, these projectors weigh less than 10 kilograms so, you can move them around with relative ease.


100 Inch 4K Laser TV vs. 120 Inch 4K Smart Laser TV

100 Inch 4K Laser TV vs. 120 Inch 4K Smart Laser TV

When you translate the diagonal screen size of 100 inches to vertical and horizontal dimensions, you get a screen height of 49 inches or almost 4 feet, and a length of 87 inches or more than 7 feet. Of course that is an impressively big screen.


But, it's nothing compared to a 120-inch screen. With this, you get a screen height of 74 inches, or a bit over 6 feet, and a screen length of 131 inches, or nearly 11 feet. To call that gigantic would be an understatement.


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Reduced Eye Strain

The bigger the screen the better and more engaging your viewing experience; that's a no-brainer. And as far as gigantic screens go, a laser TV projector 4k will literally bring the movie theater experience to your living area.


But, did you know that the bigger screen size and better resolution and contrast also reduce the strain on your peepers? The science is simple- the larger the image the easier it is to see and take in because you don't have to focus as hard to see the details.


Plus, unlike conventional TVs that literally direct the light to your eyes, a projector shines the light on the screen, so the light that reaches your eyes simply isn't as bright, and hence less damaging.


Longer Lifespan

A 4k laser TV can easily get you 20,000 to 25,000 hours of viewing time. That's well over a decade even if you regularly indulge in binge-watching and movie marathons.


That's nearly 10 times more than what you'd get from the metal halide lamp of an old-world projector and at par with what a high-end TV can offer.


3 Great 4K Laser TVs Brands

Formovie Laser TV 4K Cinema

A device that promises the movie theater experience, the 4K laser TV from Formovie offers an adjustable screen size of 80-150 inches. It's HDR 10 compatible and comes with in-built Dolby and DTS speakers. Plus, the projector is built to deliver 4K UHD resolution and deep and rich colors. All in all, the laser TV projector 4K is a good choice for a home theater system.


Vava 4K UST Laser TV Home Theatre Projector

Another UST (ultra short throw) projector that promises 4K UHD performance, this laser TV comes with Harman Kardon Speakers and Smart Android. The unit is sleek yet surprisingly bright. Moreover, the Vava 4K UST Laser TV Home Theatre Projector offers impressive color depth and accuracy along with a wide color gamut. Because it comes with numerous connectivity options, it's easy to add this unit to your home theater setup.


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WEMAX 4K Laser TV Projectors

WEMAX 4K Laser TV Projectors

The Nova from WEMAX has seen a steep and steady rise in its popularity since the day it was introduced. For one, this product comes from a manufacturing company that has significant experience in offering commercial-grade projection devices to movie theaters across the world.


The company's foray into the home theater projection market created quite a buzz as WEMAX was one of the pioneers that found a way to leverage the power of laser to enhance the innate offerings of cutting-edge DLP technology.


The Nova is a state-of-the-art, feature-rich 4k laser TV that brings the whole nine yards to the table. Not only do you get a screen size of 100-150 inches but also you get an image quality that is simply mind-blowing.


The 4k UHD projector offers an impressive contrast ratio of 3000:1 and the combination of DLP and ALPD puts a massive 1.07 billion colors on your screen with a brightness of 2100 ANSI lumens. So, you get deep and rich blacks and bold darker tones along with accurate pastels and overall a stunningly vibrant spectrum of colors.


The WEMAX Nova is practically a plug-and-play device, so it requires very little by way of installation. Given its throw ratio of 0.233:1, it can project a screen size of 100 inches when kept a mere 9 inches from the screen.


Because it is powered by DLP, it has no problem with fast-moving images, which means that it performs as superlatively for gaming as it does for movie watching. A device that delivers a 360-degree entertainment experience, the Nova comes with 30W Dolby speakers and WiFi compatibility.


Best of all, you get a whopping 5000 built-in apps, so you will never want for viewing choices when you have the Nova at home. Plus, it supports HDR 10, which means that this device is ready for the offerings of the entertainment world, as they will be tomorrow.


To cut a long story short, if you want to invest in a solid projection device that outperforms its competitors and offers excellent value for money along with image quality that is hypnotically good, the WEMAX NOVA is the 100-inch laser TV for you.  


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Wrapping It Up

And after all that, it's time to revisit the question that we started with- Is a 100-inch 4K laser TV worth it?


You betcha!!!


In fact, if you buy a 4k laser TV projector at this time, you stand to get the highest return on your investment. Because these devices couple futuristic features with powerful and reliable performance, it will be years before you'll need an upgrade.


Opt for a top-of-the-line product like the 4K UHD WEMAX Nova and you will have a future-ready home theater setup on your hands that will deliver today, tomorrow, and for years to come.


Even the largest television that's currently available won't get you 100 inches of screen space. But, you can get more than that with a 4K laser TV. So, the final question to ponder over is this- Why settle for good when the best is easily and affordably available?


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