How to Watch The Oscars 2023 Live Online

Table of Contents

  • The Oscars 2023 (95th Acamedy Awards)
  • Oscar-nominated Films in 2023
  • Where to Watch Oscar-nominated Movies Using WEMAX Nova Ultra Short Throw Projector
    • Over-the-air
    • Streaming Platforms
    • Ovberseas Broadcasts
  • How to Watch Nominated Films Using WEMAX Laser Portable Projectors
    • Immersive Home Cinema
    • 4K Experience of The Oscars
    • Big Screen Experience
  • Wrapping It Up

The long wait is over, and now that the Academy has announced this year's Oscar nominations we can confidently say that the awards season has truly begun. Once again this year we'll be able to celebrate the accomplishments of cinema worldwide alongside the Academy Awards, and if you want to know how to watch them at home you need to keep on reading.

The Oscars 2023 (95th Academy Awards)

The Academy Awards or Oscars as they are commonly known are the premier award ceremony in the world of cinema, and with almost a century of experience behind their back, it's not hard to see why.

Organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Oscars are a celebration of cinema by cinema professionals. And they aim to recognize the unique achievements of movie professionals every year and push others to aim for the same heights, which ultimately, The Academy's goal of advancing the art and science of motion pictures.

This year we'll be celebrating the 95th installment of these awards on March 12th, accompanied by commentary from Jimmy Kimmel, music from celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna, and get to see some of the world's most impressive movies celebrated in an unforgettable evening.

Oscar-nominated Films in 2023

Wemax Nova Oscar-nominated Films in 2023

Of course, the real excitement of The Oscars begins by taking a look at what movies made the cut into running for an award of their own. And in that sense no film has had a more impressive showing that Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, the surrealistic yet heartfelt sci-fi adventure is leading the charge with 11 unique nominations, making it a favorite of the academy this year. 

However we shouldn't ignore some of the most popular movie picks of 2022, as Top Gun: Maverick, the beloved sequel to the classic film is also nominated for best picture. And Marvel is once again pushing into the awards with 5 nominations for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, both a bonafide action film and a caring tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman. 

Perhaps the most exciting trend to note in this installment of the awards is a closer relationship between the nominees and the films that are receiving popular acclaim. Some of the year's viewers' top picks are in the film, and with massive events like Avatar: The Way of Water at the forefront all viewers will have a favorite to root for.

Here are some nominated films for The Oscars:

  • Everything Everywhere All At Once
  • The Banshees of Inisherin
  • All Quiet on the Western Front
  • Elvis
  • Blonde
  • Causeway

Where to Watch Oscar-nominated Movies 

Watch Oscar-nominated Movies Using WEMAX Nova

If you are planning to watch the Academy Awards the first thing you need to know is when the Oscar live, and that means you need to keep your eyes peeled on March 12 to not miss a thing.

Besides that you'll need to know about the right platforms to watch them at, and which devices you can use to make the most out of this event. Our recommendation is undoubtedly the WEMAX Nova Ultra Short-Throw 4K Laser Projector so you can enjoy the ceremonies and catch up on the nominees on true 4k resolution. But any of our WEMAX projectors is a good starting point to make sure you make the most out of the awards.


If you are in the US then watching the awards over the air is a snap, as all you need to do is catch them on ABC, which is free in most states and comes by default on most subscriptions too.

Streaming Platforms

The Academy Awards will be available on multiple streaming services like HuluTV, YoutubeTV, and beyond. And this is another area where the WEMAX Nova or the WEMAX Dice will come in handy, as these models come with a built-in Android system, meaning all you need to catch these streams is your remote and no other devices.

Overseas broadcasts

International spectators can enjoy a high-quality transmission from local channels by tuning in to the official broadcasters of the event, most of which come in most TV subscription plans by default.

How to Watch Oscar-nominated Movies 

Of course, for most enthusiasts, the Academy Awards begin way before the actual ceremony, and if you are looking to catch up on the main nominees there's still enough time.

But the only way to enjoy a true cinematic experience at home is to have a quality projector, which is why today we'll be discussing how you can use our WEMAX Nova and WEMAX Dice models to truly get to enjoy these films. 

If you are wondering how to watch The Oscar live event on a projector, then rest assured that setting these up is a snap. As these WEMAX projectors come with built-in Android all you'll need is to plug them in, set them at the right distance from a screen, and boom, you have a home theater of your own in seconds.

But let's take a closer look at some of the key benefits of using the WEMAX Nova in particular to catch the Oscars.

WEMAX Laser & Portable Projectors Up to 40% Off

Watch the Oscar with Wemax Laser TV Projector

Immersive Home Cinema

The Academy Awards are a massive event, and the Dolby Theatre where they are held is no exception. With a broadcast full of panning shots and long shots for the concerts and trailers a proper Home Cinema will allow you to immerse yourself in the experience and make you feel like you are right in the middle of the awards.

4K Experience of The Oscars

As a celebration of movies, the quality transmission of The Oscars is impressive, and the WEMAX Nova being a 4K ALPD® Laser Projector will let you see every last detail as it was meant to be. From the music presentations to the reels and the sketches, you'll be able to see every aspect of the awards in true 4k.

Big Screen Experience

Size does matter, and a larger screen will result in a more immersive experience that will make the Academy Awards feel like the large event they are. The WEMAX Dice already packs an impressive screen size for its portable design, but if you want to go all out then the WEMAX Nova coupled with the 120-inch Electric Tension Floor ALR UST Raising Screen will result in the absolute best home cinema experience you could ask for.

Wrapping It Up

If you want to watch the Oscars 2023 at home all you need is a WEMAX laser projector to enjoy the best possible quality and an internet connection or on-the-air service to jump right into one of its official broadcasts. But why go to WEMAX to enjoy the Academy Awards?

WEMAX is a leading brand in the world of laser, portable, and led projectors. As a sub-company of Appotronics WEMAX has access to well over 2000 invention patents and properties, which allows us to deliver cutting-edge laser technology at competitive prices and makes our products some of the most competitive deals in the entire market.

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