Projector vs TV for Home Theater, Which Is Better?

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  • Big screens make watching more enjoyable
  • 4K Projector vs. Large TV: Which is Better for Home Theater?
  • WEMAX Nova: Best Laser Projector for home Theater
  • Wrapping It Up

Having your personalized home theater experience can help you enjoy a movie night with your family or a football game with the gang. However, some people get stuck on how to choose and compare a projector vs TV for home theater. Each option varies depending on factors like lighting, wall size, and the kind of quality you need.

Projectors produce light and shine the film on the wall while the screen uses pixels to create the images. However, when it comes to the big screen experience, both the TV and the projector work perfectly fine. The information below will guide you on which option will work for you.

Big screens make watching more enjoyable

Ever wondered why people go to movie theaters when they can watch the same at home? It's because of the big-screen experience. You can now get that at your residence by buying a projector or a large, mountable TV.

Watching your favorite game or movie on a large screen makes the images appear more real, and you feel like you are inside the video. You can compare the projector vs large TV experience and choose the one that best suits your needs and taste. Big screens also ensure you focus on what you are watching without much distraction from the surrounding objects.

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4K Projector vs. Large TV: Which is Better for Home Theater?

bedroom large tv projector

When comparing 4K projectors vs TV, you must consider all the applicable factors, such as the ones listed below.


Projectors from renowned companies provide you with excellent resolution that almost matches that of regular TVs. You can enjoy high-quality pictures with clarity that will ensure you see every detail. Big-screen TVs also have an amazing resolution that matches the projectors. This factor puts both options on the same standard, but you can choose depending on affordability.


Projectors usually measure their brightness in lumens, and the higher the brightness level, the more costly the item will be. Projectors also need dark rooms to produce enough illumination. Therefore, if your room has too much light, you may not enjoy the experience. However, when comparing a 4k projector vs a TV in this aspect, TVs perform much better. Though their brightness gets measured in nits, the picture is always much brighter than most projectors.


The contrast mostly comes as a battle between black levels and the picture's brightness. If you have a bright room, the picture from your projector will fade out. Even though TV images also get affected by the room's ambiance, the effect is not as much as the projector's. Therefore, the TV has the upper hand in this case.

Color Accuracy

When considering the color accuracy in the projector vs TV for the home theater race, both options will come out top. However, you can choose depending on your budget constraints and other preferences.


No cinematic TV effect can outshine that of a projector. Getting a projector will be the best option if you want a real theatre in your home. Though TVs have some excellent features, they may not give you the whole-room movie experience you want.


While TVs were once pitifully behind in size, you can now get up to 85-inch TVs at an affordable price. These huge screens will allow you to enjoy larger pictures that immerse you in the film. However, projectors are a step further in this matter. Small ones project about 100 to 120 inches, which is larger than their TV counterparts.

Installation and Room Setup

Needless to say that TVs don't have much of a hassle when installing since you may only need to put them on the stand. Even if you want to mount it, the work will be a simple DIY setup or require a few minutes with a professional. However, on the other hand, projectors require much more time and consideration. You may need to consider painting a wall or purchasing a screen alongside all the other requirements. However, the installation will be effortless if you go for a short-throw projector.

Built-in Speakers

Both TVs and projectors have speakers, but they might not be very effective for a home theater experience. However, the inbuilt speakers on the TVs are more powerful than those on the projector. Though the TV can win on this aspect in a projector vs large TV comparison, when you connect your projector to your additional speakers, your projector will do a fantastic job.

Other Integrated Features

Most TVs and projectors come with excellent features to aid your experience. However, some people might not need them since they have enough tech support and smart features to boost their experience. This puts the two items at a draw.


Why get an expensive TV when you can get small, quality, and affordable 4K projectors that will give you the best home theatre experience? All the pros and cons of projector vs TV can have will lie on the amount you want to spend. Instead of purchasing a huge, bulky TV, go for a sizeable projector and get the same effect.

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WEMAX Nova: Best Laser Projector for Home Theater

home movie theater projector

At WEMAX, you can get the WEMAX Nova projectors for the ultimate experience. The products have unique features like:

  • 100 to 150-inch screen lighting
  • High sound levels
  • Bluetooth speaker and 30W unit speaker
  • ALPD powered
  • Over 5000 inbuilt apps powered by Android TV
  • 2100 lumen brightness level

You can pair the projector with a 100 or 120-inch UST CLR/ALR fixed frame screen to give your home that high-quality picture you desire. Thanks to the ultra-short throw ratio, you can place the projector about 19 inches from the wall and enjoy a 150-inch display.

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Wrapping It Up

Now that you have seen the pros and cons of projector vs TV options, you can easily decide on your preferred mode of viewing. Both options have wonderful features to make your experience outstanding. However, when you need to choose between the two, you will have to decide depending on the outcome you want. 

WEMAX provides excellent projectors ranging from laser, and LED, to portable options. All their projectors produce high-quality pictures and sound and will supersede your expectation of projectors. With all the tech advancements WEMAX includes, they are your go-to solution for all your visual applications.

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