10 Tips for Selecting a Projector for Father's Day

This article is contributed by @Harpreet Singh

If your Dad is a movie lover, tv buff, sports fan or gamer; then the latest projectors from Wemax are the perfect gift for Fathers Day!

With these innovative devices, you can enjoy a wide variety of immersive content, incredible colors and dynamic sound on the big screen; all from the comfort of your home.

Here are 10 tips to help you choose the right projector for your Dad:

Tip 1:For optimal viewing, choose a full HD projector which can reproduce all of the 709 color gamut.

full HD projector: 1080P vs 4K Ultra 2160P

This will deliver crystal-clear images used in TV and home movie releases. For the very best quality picture, opt for 4k. This offers twice the resolution of HD for a true theatre-like experience. Some of the higher end full HD projectors offer 4k upscaling, which increases the resolution of the HD picture close to 4k, without you having to splash extra cash.

Tip 2:For immersive gaming, select a projector with high refresh rates (e.g. 120 Hz) and low latency (e.g. 16 ms or less).

 Wemax projector with high refresh rates

This will ensure there is less motion blur in fast moving images, so can you experience the game in the exact way it was intended. Many projectors now come with various built in picture modes, so you can select the one to suit what you are playing, rather than having to constantly change settings in the background.

Tip 3: Traditional (long throw) projectors are big in size and require a lot of space to cast a large (100”) image.

ALPD Laser Portable Projector


short throw projector


They are a great option when the power source isn’t close by to the area you want to project to. If your Dad will be using the projector in an outdoor setting, or casting to an uneven wall; then a long throw projector will greatly reduce image distortion to provide excellent picture in a variety of settings.

A short throw projector on the other hand can beam a razor sharp 100” picture from just a few feet away from the wall. It uses special lenses and mirrors to achieve this outcome, which makes it perfect for use in small living rooms or bedrooms where a traditional projector just isn’t practical. Short throw projectors offer the best picture quality when used alongside an ALR (ambient light rejection) screen. This reduces the appearance of ambient light, leaving a bright and crisp image without washout or glare.

Portable projectors on the other hand are small and compact and can be moved around from one place to another without any hassles. Packed with the latest technology, these offer fantastic value for money for both home and work use. Ideal if your Dad is constantly on-the-move! Best of all, these include a built-in rechargeable battery, so your Dad won’t have to worry about finding a mains socket to use it. Ideal for catching live sports games when they are broadcast, all around the world!

Tip 4: Brightness matters!

Projector ansi brightness matter

The brighter the projector (measured in lumens or ANSI), the less you have to worry about ambient (room) light interfering with your viewing experience. If your Dad is likely to watch lots of day-time TV, then consider selecting a projector with at least 1000 ANSI. If the projector is going to be used mostly in the evenings, then you can opt for a device with a much lower ANSI for your gift.

Tip 5: Color contrast is an important feature when measuring image quality.

Ultra High Color Contrast

It defines the relationship between the white and black parts of a picture - in other words the minimum and maximum brightest of a projector. A contrast ratio of 1000:1 for example means the white parts of the image will be 1000 times brighter than the blacks. A higher contrast ratio will produce darker blacks and therefore offer significantly more detail in the picture, so colors appear more lifelike. I would suggest selecting a projector that offers a contrast ratio of at least 3000:1 for a better visual experience.

Tip 6: For maximum immersion, it may be worth pairing your projector with your home surround sound entertainment system.

Projector with surround sound entertainment system

Check if the projector offers Bluetooth/HDMI connectivity to enable this. Many sound systems have a number of equaliser settings that help customise the bass and treble to match viewing activities. If your sound system supports Dolby Atmos, then your Dad will be able to experience incredible three-dimensional spacial audio technology - just like he was at the theatre! No matter if he is watching sport, movies or a music event; he’ll feel like he’s actually there… live amongst all the action!

Tip 7: With Airplay and Chromecast functionality, your Dad will be able to cast photos, videos and other content from his phone or tablet directly onto the projector screen! Best of all, he can achieve this wirelessly without any additional cables, software or equipment. Just connect his device and projector to the same WiFi to get going.

Proejctor with Airplay and Chromecast functionality

Tip 8: Built-in streaming apps, such as Disney+, Prime Video, HBO Max and Hulu unlock a new world of entertainment for the whole family. They offer immediate and continuous access to an-ever growing library of content - be it tv shows, movies or sports. There’s no need to download any content - just find what you want to watch and press play! Of course you’ll need an active subscription to the services to enjoy content to their fullest, alongside a stable Wi-Fi internet connection (I would recommend 5-10mb/s for streaming HD content and 25-50mb/s for 4K).

what streaming apps built-in projector

Tip 9: Keystone correction allows you to ensure the projected image matches the size of your wall, so you can spend more time using the projector instead of adjusting it! Auto keystone correction means that the projector has software built-in to automatically adjust the image shape, size and tilt, without manual intervention. With Object avoidance technology, the projector will automatically scale the image to avoid cabinets, wall inserts, sockets and more. This is a really useful feature for homes with lots of wall decorations / paintings.

Projector keystone correction

Tip 10: Warranty adds peace of mind. When you are spending so much money on a gift for your Dad, you want to ensure that if you have any issues; he can get these resolved with the best possible support and customer experience service. Whilst this won’t be a key factor in selecting a projector, it’s definitely something to consider.

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