New Arrival! WEMAX 100 Inch Fresnel Ultra-short ALR Screen

Watching a movie or even a rerun of your favorite TV show on a 100-inch projector screen can be every bit as immersive and enjoyable as catching a flick in a movie theater. However, to get an impressive commercial-grade visual experience, you will need the best projector screen for the job.


And the 100 Inch Fresnel Ultra-short ALR Screen from WEMAX promises to be just that! Specifically built for ultra-short throw projectors and with home theater viewers in mind, this product combines aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, superior functionality, and ease of use.


So, it is truly an optimal product to tackle pesky problems like ambient light and poor picture quality that take away from your viewing experience.


Table of Contents:

  • Five Great Technologies of WEMAX 100 Inch Fresnel Ultra-short ALR Screen
    • No More Ghost Image with Fresnel Lens Technology
    • Ambient and Ceiling Light Rejecting Technology
    • ALFA Technology
    • 4k+ and Beyond: The Promise of High Resolution
    • Fixed Frame Ultra-Short Throw Screen
  • Why Choose WEMAX's Fresnel Ultra-short ALR Screen?
    • Transport-Friendly Design and Simple Installation
    • Superior Features
    • Testimonials from Early Users
  • Wrapping It Up


Five Great Technologies of WEMAX 100 Inch Fresnel Ultra-short ALR Screen

When it comes to projection screens, there is no such thing as the best projector screen material. Every option has its fair share of pros and cons. This means that to extract maximum performance, you'd have to combine various materials and technologies, and that's what WEMAX has done with their 100 Inch Fresnel Ultra-short ALR Screen.



No More Ghost Image with Fresnel Lens Technology

No More Ghost Image with Fresnel Lens Technology

Fresnel lens technology has long been commercially to get the ultra-bright and crystal-clear images that you have come to expect from movie theaters. And now, WEMAX delivers this technology for your home theater setup.  


What is Fresnel Lens?

Think of the Fresnel lens as tiny micro prisms arranged in a concentric semicircular pattern much like that of Fresnel lights used in movie studios. The idea is to use the convergence effect of a concave mirror that allows the light to focus or reflect off a specific point on the surface.


A Fresnel screen has a surface pattern of concentric semi-circles going from small to large. These semi-circles only receive light rays that come from below the center of each circle in the concentric grid, while rejecting the light rays that come from other directions.


Eliminate Ghost Image with WEMAX Fresnel Screen 

The incidental light rays are reflected from the focal point straight outward and towards the viewers in a tight viewing cone and not in any other direction. So, you will never encounter ghost images on the ceiling, on the floor, or on the sides of the screen when using the WEMAX Fresnel screen.  


Ambient and Ceiling Light Rejecting Technology


Ambient and Ceiling Light Rejecting Technology

The washing out of colors due to light from non-projection sources is one of the biggest issues with projector screens. But, with the WEMAX Fresnel screen, you won't have to worry about performance deterioration due to ambient light even during daytime viewing.


As explained above, the concentric, semicircular design rejects light rays coming from the sides and the top of the screen. In fact, a Fresnel screen will reject ambient light rays coming from the sides better than any other screen type, including lenticular screens.  


With the WEMAX 100 Inch Fresnel Ultra-short ALR Screen, you get a whopping 85% ambient light occlusion. This means that even if you don't have blackout curtains, you can still get clear and vibrant images.


ALFA Technology


WEMAX also ingeniously combines its patented ALFA technology with an 8-layer optics precision structure. This pretty much irons out the deficits of other projection screen technologies while assimilating the best of various projection screen materials.


For instance, one of the problems with ambient light rejecting black or grey screens is their lower gain. For the unversed, gain is the amount of light from the projector that is actually reflected off the screen.


So, a gain of 0.6 means that only 60% of the projected light is reflected by the screen. The problem with a lower gain is that it tones down the brightness. Hence, the images appear duller and less vibrant.


However, the ALFA technology used in the construction of the WEMAX Fresnel screen ensures that ambient light does not pose a problem while the 8-layer optics precision structure gives you a gain of 1.0. So, you get truly bring images with vivid colors that are not washed out because of ambient light.


4k+ and Beyond: The Promise of High Resolution

   4k+ and Beyond: The Promise of High Resolution

The WEMAX 100-inch projector screen with Fresnel lens technology is designed to offer resolutions of up to 33 million pixels. So, this product has the capability of reproducing 8K/4K Ultra HD images.


Plus, the use of the color correction layer and the picture quality enhancement layer in the 8-layer optics precision structure means that you get true blacks. So, the contrast, color accuracy, and vividness are not just at par with the best LED TVs but are actually better.


Because the combined performance of a WEMAX ALDP projector with this 100-inch projector screen gets you true blacks and the brightest whites, both picture quality and image clarity are unparalleled.


In fact, this future-ready screen can easily outlast your projector. Because it has been designed to get the best output from the latest projection technologies and their combinations, this product is a long-term investment; one that will continue to deliver the best even when you upgrade to a new projector.


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Fixed Frame Ultra-Short Throw (UST) Screen

Since the WEMAX 100 Inch Fresnel Ultra-short ALR Screen is a fixed screen, it's more durable and offers better performance. Furthermore, it does not require constant adjustments, so you can get the same superlative performance time after time.


What's more, this is a spring-tensioned ultra-flat projection surface, so you don't have to worry about the bumps and waves in the screen surface distorting the light and hence impacting the image quality. Also, the spring tensioned design means that despite the use of various projection screen materials, the surface is held taut and completely flat.


So, you get enhanced color uniformity which leads to better color accuracy. Also, a completely flat screen means that light is reflected more uniformly and without wastage. Hence, you get brighter images and a wider viewing cone.


WEMAX's 100-inch screen also comes equipped with an ultra-narrow black edge of just 0.35 inches. This ultra-narrow bezel is just enough to capture the dark border seen around certain image types without compromising the screen width. In fact, the overall effect is impressively close to what you'd get from a movie theater screen.  


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Why Choose WEMAX's Fresnel Ultra-short ALR Screen?

Transport-Friendly Design and Simple Installation

Transport-Friendly Design and Simple Installation

A 100-inch projector screen can be hard to transport and is prone to damage in transit. But, WEMAX remedies that with a transport-friendly portable design that can be assembled with ease.


In your box, you will get the complete installation kit, including all screws, rivets, and brackets required, and also an Allen wrench. The fixed frame is supplied as is, which means you will simply have to place it on a flat surface to assemble the product.


The screen itself is rolled to enable easy and safe transport. All you have to do is unroll it and affix it to the frame, which then has to be installed on the wall with the help of the brackets. All in all, this is a one-person, DIY project that won't take more than 60-90 minutes tops.


Superior Features

WEMAX 100 Inch Fresnel Ultra-short ALR Screen

Hands down, this product from WEMAX is the best projector screen currently available and it will be a valuable addition to your home theater setup. In fact, no matter how you use your widescreen projector, this product will leave you impressed.


For one, when it comes to features, few other currently available screens can compete with this product. In terms of brightness alone, WEMAX's Fresnel Ultra-short ALR Screen offers 20% more than its competitors.


Plus, you get 85% ambient light rejection, a conspicuous uptick in contrast ratio, and a screen gain of 1.0. That pretty much checks all boxes when it comes to desired projection screen features.


Testimonials from Early Users

Consider all the attributes and capabilities of this product and it comes as no surprise that this 100-inch projector screen from WEMAX leaves the competition way behind with the sheer brilliance of its performance.


And, you don't have to take just the manufacturer's word for it. Testimonials from users are overwhelmingly positive with most buyers raving about how well this product rejects ambient light to deliver the brightest images they have ever seen on a home theater screen.


Wrapping it Up

Sure, you could use any odd screen with your ultra-short throw projector, but then that would be akin to using regular fuel in a Ferrari. Of course, you won't get the promised performance.


The WEMAX 100-inch screen with Fresnel technology is designed to get the most impressive performance from an ultra-short throw projector. It's created with absolute precision and with an unwavering focus on enhancing the experience of home theater viewers.


It's built to do away with some of the most common problems of home theater systems like ambient light-related deterioration in picture quality, ghost images, and contrast issues owed to projector screen material.


So, if you are looking for a product that will outperform all the time and leave you impressed every time you switch on your home theater system, only the WEMAX 100 Inch Fresnel Ultra-short ALR Screen will do!


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