Best Halloween Projector Deals to Surprise Movie Nights

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Halloween is already on the air, and before we notice it we'll be seeing horror houses setting shop, people getting their costumes ready for parties, and countless pumpkins lined up to become spooky decorations.

However just because Halloween is one day, it doesn't mean we can't make the most out of it with some creativity and some clever Halloween ideas for gifts.

This might be a month of spooks, but it's also a month to spend together with your family and friends which is why a Halloween gift in 2022 should be social on top of being spooky. So today we want to share some gift recommendations that are sure to make this Halloween one to remember for years to come.


Best Halloween Gifts in 2022 - Projector Deals for Halloween Movie Nights

halloween gifts

Nothing says Halloween quite like some classic horror films and some good-natured scares. However movies change depending on where we display them, and if you want to make a Halloween marathon an event to remember you'll need more than just a TV.

Picture for a moment a large family gathering in front of a 120-inch screen with your seasonal favorites playing at the highest quality. Not too long ago that would have been reserved for movie theaters, but now you can enjoy your own projection at home, and it doesn't require much to get started.

For our first recommendation we want to guide you on all the essentials and accessories you'll need to feel like you truly own a theater at home. And the best part? Our holiday spirit means that the WEMAX store is currently offering exclusive Halloween deals, so your dream setup might be closer than you think.


1. WEMAX Dice

The WEMAX Dice is a compact portable model with its own battery and some powerful specs like 700 ANSI Lumens brightness and native 1080p resolution. This means it will display crisp and clear pictures at all times and that you can easily move it around at home or even bring it with you on your trips. A good portable projector opens countless doors, and the Dice is as good as they get.

2. WEMAX PS101 Lightweight Tripod Stand

Finding the perfect angle for your projection can be hard if you are not home or even outdoors camping, so a good tripod like PS101 Lightweight Tripod Stand goes a long way to help you use your projector. A lightweight and foldable design mean that this stand won't occupy much space until it's needed, and the best part is that it's universal so you can use it for photography or recording too.

3. 120-inch Portable Projector Screen with Stand

A good screen is not only an accessory, but it also improves the quality of your projection. Our portable 120- inch screen is not only a fantastic size for immersive experiences, but the material choice means your films will look brighter and be more enjoyable for audiences regardless of the angle.

4. Projector Remote

We've all lost our remote at some point, and with portable devices, this is even more likely. The good news is that we offer projector remotes for those who need a spare, lost theirs, or want to upgrade their current model for comfort. One way or another you'll always have full access to your projector.

5. 20000 mAh 65W Power Bank

While the Dice has a built-in battery a power bank can be a great solution if you want to go for a proper marathon and watch multiple films back to back, you can also get a separate power bank to power your projector on the go. On top of that this power bank is compatible with multiple devices and can charge up to 3 devices at once, so it can be a great assistant if you have other accessories that need power during your spooky projections.

6. Skull Decanter and Glasses

Style plays a large role in the seasons, and if you want to set the mood for a more adult reunion you are going to love this Skull Decanter. The large decanter already jumps at attention from a simple glance, but serving your friends your best spirits on a skull glass on top of that? That's how you get everybody in the Halloween mood.

7. Halloween Molds Set

Want to make sure all your treats are extra spooky this October? Then you'll love our next Halloween idea.   A set of Halloween molds will allow you to make spooky chocolate for kids, give you an edge over the other houses, and even make the scariest ice cubes to compliment your decanter. It's Halloween style on any DIY project.

8. Alien Inflatable Costume

Inflatable costumes are a tried-and-true tradition, but some push the envelope on what they bring to the table. This costume is immediately recognizable as a movie alien, but the visual trick with the two bodies at once?  That's what will make it the spirit of the party.

9. Spooky Cookies

We all love cookies, and seasonal cookies don't have to be only for Christmas anymore. Whether buying scary cookies or making them on your own with a skeleton or bat cookie cutter some thematical treats will go a long way to make your Halloween gatherings extra spooky.

10. Pumpkin Carving Kit

No Halloween is complete until some pumpkins have been carved, and this kit makes it so much easier to get started. This handy kit comes with everything someone could need to begin carving; that way anybody can get in the fun. If you are an expert consider gifting this to someone who is just learning the ropes, and if you are starting this might be the kit that turns you into a real carving pro.


Wrapping It Up

Halloween is one of the most iconic events for both children and adults, and that means that it's an event we can all enjoy together. Candy is always great, but Halloween doesn't have to be enjoyed only on the 31st. So take these spooky gift ideas and make sure to enjoy Halloween all month along with your family and friends.

At WEMAX we always make sure to provide our clients with the best that current technology allows. Whether that means projectors, screens, accessories, or even Halloween cheer. Our brand is committed to providing rich visual experiences and that means you can leave all your screening needs to us.

So, if you are looking for more Halloween tips, information on our latest products and deals, or just want to take a deeper look at the world of projectors make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and accompany us this Halloween and beyond.


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