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Wemax Go Advanced Laser Projector Unboxing and Initial Hands-On

This article is contributed by @D T

First look at the new and improved ultra-portable projector from Wemax. What’s in the box and initial impressions.

The unit comes shipped in a cardboard box that protects it from damage during shipping from your favorite carrier. Glad I was able to snatch this before the porch pirate came by.

The box itself displays the initial view of what’s to come and clearly advertises it as an ALPD laser projector. I was quite surprised at the weight of the box, but once I got my hands on the actual projector, I understood why.

Beam into the future indeed...a nice touch. Peek-a-boo see-through paper that provides a glimpse at what is underneath.

Included in the box:

  • -Wemax Go Advanced 300 Laser Projector
  • -Remote Control (requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included)
  • -USB Type-C Power Adapter
  • -Instruction Manual

Instruction manual enclosed in a cardboard envelope. Nothing special. Make sure you read the manual...RTFM.

The remote control is similar ones you would find from more mainstream brands like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or Roku. The remote control feels comfortable in my hands and there is a nice tactile feel to the buttons. Please note that you will need to supply 2 x AAA batteries, as they are not included. Also, there is a voice-assistant button, but that feature is currently being developed and will likely be released in a future firmware update.

Please note that I had issues with pairing the remote control (via Bluetooth) with the projector. No amount of resetting of the projector unit would get it to work. The only way I was able to get it working was to plug in a USB keyboard/mouse to bypass the menu and get into the main Feng OS. From there, I had to download a Bluetooth Scanner app, which basically woke up the Bluetooth on the projector in order for the remote control to be added. Weird workaround, but that’s how I was able to resolve it. Hopefully it was an isolated issue with my particular unit though.

The power adapter is USB Type-C and can output 65W of power. If you’re looking to use this on-the-go and require more than the advertised 1.5 hours, you can plug in a 65W capable power bank such as the WeWatch WPB200.

The laser projector itself feels very solid, weighing in at approximately 1.7lbs. The finish is somewhat black or gray matte and looks really good, but can still cause fingerprint smudging. The front of the unit has a bronze-colored faceplate that slides to turn on the unit, revealing both the projector lens and a camera (more on the camera later).

  • The back of the unit reveals all of the projector’s ports which include:
  • -USB Type-C power port
  • -Headphone port
  • -USB 2.0 port
  • -HDMI port

There are also air vents on the back as well as on either side of the unit to provide sufficient cooling.

On top of the unit, there is a status light as well as an etched-in reminder for us to “Beam Into The Future.”

There is also a kickstand at the bottom of the unit that allows it to prop up for a better viewing angle. And some data for the FCC for good measure. Also, a reminder this is a Class 1 Laser Product, so do NOT look directly at the laser, or you risk damaging your eyes. You’ve been warned…

Again, the remote control requires two AAA batteries, which Wemax does not provide. I prefer using rechargeables anyway, so that’s not a big issue.

USB Type-C power adapter that is capable of outputting 65W of power. This will be localized for your country.

Here is the projector propped on it’s kickstand. Viola! Look ma, no hands!

This is how it looks like when you slide the faceplate. The front hole on the left reveals a camera that is used for keystone correction as well as auto-focus. The projector lens is revealed as well.

And we wait a few seconds and we have light! It’s quite bright and projects well even in a semi-bright room, but is obviously ideal in a darker room. Colors are decent out of the box.

There you have it. The Wemax Go Advanced 300 Laser Projector. I plan to play around with this for a week and provide a more in-depth review in an upcoming article. I am hoping to provide more insight on the built-in Feng OS (Android variant) as well as my impressions on the unit’s capabilities. Stay tuned and thank you for reading.

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