10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Tech-Savvy Moms

With just a few days to go, you are probably scrambling for the most thoughtful ideas for Mother's Day gifts. Sure, you could simply get your mom some flowers like every year. But, even those uber expensive long stem roses wither away in a few days.

And, let's be real, flowers are more a feel-good gift than a thoughtful one. So, instead of sticking to the oh-so-past roses, cards, and kitchenware, do something different this year.

Put some real thought into your Mother's Day ideas for that perfect gift. You know the one that mom won't just appreciate but will totally love and actually use. And if your mom is a techie or impressed by high-tech gizmos, here is just the lineup for you.

Best Mother's Day Gifts For Tech-Savvy Moms

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1. Laser TV Projector

What time of the day/week do all mommies covet the most? Why of course, when the whole family comes together for good food and a lot of fun. This is not to say that moms don't need some moments of solitude and tranquility. So, how about a gift that can be used for family time and me-time?

A laser TV projector for Home theater is just that. Imagine all the fun that you can have at the movie theater- The big screen, the surround sound, exceptional image quality, and the entire family together watching that amazing movie. 

Plus, you get the most delicious popcorn and munchies to go with that and only the best and comfiest seats in the house. Now, how about if you can get all that without the hassles of buying tickets and getting to the movie theater in time, and finding that elusive parking spot?

That's exactly what you can expect because, with a home theater projector, you get your movie theater experience delivered to you right at home. And your mom is totally going to love it because even the regular sitcoms and daily soaps are so much fun when they are served up on a 120-inch screen.

Plus, if your mom is into photography, art, video-making, or foreign movies, the projector will be just the thing to get her so that she can indulge in her hobby more completely and more frequently.

Now, if you are in the market for Mother's Day gifts and are seriously considering a home theater projector, you will encounter one confounding problem—the installation! Yes, it conjures up images of roll upon roll of wires and cables, setting up the projector on the ceiling, and all the other hassles.

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But none of that is going to come into the picture if you get a WEMAX home theater projector! The company has literally turned the home projector game on its head.

With WEMAX's top-of-the-line home projectors, you can go from projector-in-the-box to watching a movie in less than an hour. Take a look at two of the most popular WeMax products which are perfect for Mother's Day ideas for gifts.

WEMAX Nova 4K UST ALPD Laser Projector - 38% Off Save $1399

WEMAX Nova Mothers Day Gifts for Tech-Savvy Moms

 WEMAX Nova 4K Home Theater Projector packs a punch with its impressive 4K resolution, HDR10+ technology, and 120Hz refresh rate, bringing your movies, TV shows, and games to life like never before. 

Say goodbye to dark, blurry images and hello to crystal-clear visuals, thanks to WEMAX Nova's ultra-bright 2100 ANSI lumens and high contrast ratio of 3000:1. The result? Bright, vibrant colors, deep blacks, and a picture that's so lifelike, you'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action. 

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WEMAX Dice GHD Outdoor Projector - 40% Off Save $440

WEMAX Dice Projector Monther's Day Gifts

A versatile and reliable LED+DLP projector that offers HD performance with ultra-short throw, WEMAX Dice is all about massive output from a small frame. One of the best portable home theater projectors in the market today, the Dice brings a whopping 1680 LED lumens of brightness to its picture quality.

So, mom won't have to worry about ambient light or teeter in total darkness. Plus the combination of LED and DLP provides a commercial-grade cinematic experience. 

Because it comes with 10W Dolby speakers, you won't have to set up a separate sound system unless you want to. The unit is offered with 5k pre-installed apps and Google voice assistant.  So, mom literally won't have to so much as lift a finger to get the movie going.

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Weighing less than 1 lb and just an inch thick, the WEMAX Go 300 ANSI is a true pocket projector that can throw screen sizes of 30 to 100 inches even when placed just a couple of inches from the projection surface/screen.

But, don't let the small size of this unit fool you; its performance is every bit as gigantic as that of the other WeMax projectors. Like the WEMAX Dice, the tiny WEMAX Go comes with 5k apps and is Bluetooth and Wi-fi compatible. 

If your family often heads out on camping trips, your mom will never have to fiddle with the thumbnail-sized TV in the camper if she has this projector around. Plus, for its impressive performance, the WEMAX Go is surprisingly affordable. 

A one-stop shop for all your home projection needs: In addition to these projectors, WEMAX also offers high-end laser + DLP projectors, projection screens, and projector accessories. WEMAX has you covered for all the projector accessories that you may need. 

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2. Ebook Reader

If your mom tends to lose herself in the written word but is faced with an already brimming bookcase, an Ebook Reader will be one of the best Mother's Day gifts for her.

Be it nonfiction, biography, self-help, mystery, or poetry, with an Ebook reader all she has to do is pick the genre and she will have hundreds of books at her disposal.

Plus, she won't have to worry about dusting out all those hardbacks. If she is a teacher or enjoys taking notes as she reads, an Ebook reader is a device that she will appreciate greatly.

3. Smartwatch

This would be an ideal gift for all fitness and health-conscious moms. Because you get a wide array of options in terms of features, product appearance, and cost, you can go as high-tech as you want. 

You could also consider a smartwatch as a gift for your mom if you think she needs to pay a little more attention to her health and fitness. In fact, these devices are often just the thing people need to keep them on track to achieve their fitness goals.

4. Smart Assistant

A lot of moms would attest to the fact that a smart assistant can make life truly easy for the busybody stay-at-home mommy.

From fetching the recipes she needs to whip up all the meals for the week to provide reminders for things that need to be done and appointments that have to be tackled, a smart assistant will do it all and more.

And let's not forget, it's always good to have a voice to talk to, even if it is Alexa or Siri's voice when you are sitting in an empty nest. 

5. Robot Vacuum

Anybody who has spent even an hour cleaning his/her home will tell you that vacuuming is by far the most boring and tiring of chores that a person can ever undertake. 

And if your mom is the defacto home manager, chances are she spends at least an hour every week vacuuming every room in the house. A robot vacuum cleaner is something that she will truly love because it can handle sweeping, vacuuming and even wiping, all on its own.

So, this would be the best gift for mommy if you want to free up some of her time which she can then devote to herself.

6. Hair Dryer

Unless her hair dryer died on her, chances are that your mom is using the exact same product that she bought all those years ago. And that's true even for women who take exceptional pride in their well-coiffured locks.

But the problem with an old-school hair dryer is that it lacks many of the recent advances that neutralize the harmful effects of blow drying.

Plus, the latest products come with an array of useful accessories. So, if your mom enjoys experimenting with her hairstyle or even if she is fixated on a particular hairdo, a brand-new hair dryer will certainly make things easier for her.

7. Self-heating Mug

If your mom is a tea aficionado or needs her caffeine fix every few hours a self-heating mug will be just the thing for her. Getting a fresh cup of coffee/tea can seem so tedious when your energy levels are dipping. And of course, nobody likes the taste or feel of tea or coffee that has gone cold.

But, your mom won't have to worry about that if she has a self-heating mug. In fact, this nifty little appliance is all about gain without the pain. It keeps that cup of java or chai hot enough to be enjoyed for several hours after it has been brewed.

Of course, you could always opt for a self-heating mug that can heat water to boiling temperature. That way, your mom can brew that relaxing cup of chamomile tea without having to bother with the kettle or the carafe.

8. Streaming Stick

Has your mom taken fancy to high-quality streaming content and can't get enough of the latest Netflix and Hulu shows? Then, only a streaming stick will do for her. In fact, you could couple a streaming stick with a WEMAX Nova projector to turn every episode of her favorite streaming show into an unforgettable cinematic experience.

9. Indoor Garden Kit

If your mom has a green thumb and enjoys gardening, an indoor gardening kit will prove to be one of the best Mother's Day gifts for her. You can take your pick from aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics, and soil-based products.

The first three are the least messy and perfect for indoor herb growing. But, if your mom also likes to grow her own veggies then a soil-based system would be right for her. These kits come with inbuilt grow lights, self-watering containers, and growing medium as well as timers, seeds, and just about everything that your mom will need to get her own little herb or indoor veggie garden going.

10. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For moms who are music buffs, no other gift can be as good as a portable Bluetooth speaker. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a mom who does not need a portable blue tooth speaker, although she may not know that till she actually uses one. 

From listening to podcasts to relaxing on the porch to the sounds of nature and from accepting hands-free calls to enjoying their favorite songs, moms will find several uses for high-quality Bluetooth speakers.

Make this Mother's Day Truly Memorable for Mom!

With so many options, you will have no trouble finding the best Mother's Day gifts before May 8th. In fact, you will have enough time to buy that perfect gift, have it wrapped, and even sent it to your mom so that she gets it just in time for Mother's Day. 

The price range for the Mother's Day ideas for gifts in this list starts at a mere $50 and goes up to $800. So, you are bound to find something that will work for your pocket and be mom-friendly. 

In terms of usefulness and lifespan, a WEMAX home theater projector will undoubtedly offer the best value for money. These units are built to last with an LED and laser lifespan of 20,000 hours. Plus, you get a robust 12-month warranty on all WeMax products.

Also, the company has been a pioneer in the home projection market. So, you can rely on WeMax to offer the best quality along with the best value for money.

If you are buying a WEMAX Dice or Go projector for mom this Mother's Day, you will no doubt need tips on helping her to set up and use her gift. The good news is that everything you need to know, you will find in the WEMAX  newsletter

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