Projector Cleaning and Maintenance: How to Clean Your Projector

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  • Introduction
  • Why should you clean your projector?
  • Projector maintenance: How to clean your projector
  • How often should you clean your projector?
  • Wrapping It Up

Projectors are some of the handiest devices we can have at home, they work like a charm, take next to no effort and they always look great. But no matter how good any device is, we can be assured that it'll work better with some care and love.

Projectors like anything else can get dirty or dusty, and when this happens it's better to get your gloves ready and do some projector cleaning, that way your investment will be safe and you'll get to enjoy your movies for a long time to go.

Why Should You Clean Your Projector?

How to Clean Your Projector

Dirt and dust are everywhere, this is a fact of life. And this means that your projector's lenses or vents can get dirty and clogged. If your projector's lens is dirty then image quality might suffer, and if your device's vents are clogged then it might overheat.

Cleaning your projector is a simple endeavor, and it's very rare for a projector to malfunction due to lack of maintenance, but if you want to avoid any complications a good maintenance routine goes a long way.

Projector Maintenance: How to Clean Your Projector

Are you ready to learn how to clean a projector? As we mentioned above, projector maintenance isn't a demanding task, but you must understand what you are doing at every step to keep all the internal mechanisms safe. So stick with us as we cover the basics of projector cleaning one step at a time.

Before Anything Else: Know Your Projector Type

The first thing you'll need to know is what kind of projector you are dealing with, as not all projectors are the same. Projectors can use different types of technologies and this means some of their components can look or behave differently. Take for example our catalog, the WEMAX Dice is a LED projector while the WEMAX Nova is a laser model, and they are both WEMAX products.

So take some time to read your manual and find out what kind of technology your projector has and how its parts are structured to get some good cleaning in.

How to Clean Your Projector Externally

When we talk about external cleaning we are mostly talking about the casing and the vents, in other words, any area beyond the lens that doesn't require any disassembly. To clean the casing itself use a soft cloth, and if stains are too stubborn moisten them with water and neutral detergent. Don't use any other solvent combinations as even alcohol can be too strong for the material of the case.

Now to get the vents back in perfect condition you'll need a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. This way you'll be able to dust them without any issues and without opening your device.

Remember to only clean when your projector is completely disconnected, and keep these conditions in place for all our listed steps.

How to Clean Your Projector Internally

If you choose to clean your projector internally the first thing you'll need to do is to take a look at your user manual and warranty. Some warranties expire the moment you open a product, and even if they don't you'll want to rely on the user manual to make sure you aren't forcing any pieces when you start opening your projector.a

Once the projector is open the best way to clean it is with compressed air. Using short busts from a fair distance will let you get rid of most dust and debris without directly interacting with the delicate internal components. Do not replace compressed air with a hairdryer or your breaths, as the heat and moisture respectively can harm the circuitry.

If at any point you need to touch the internal components it's recommended that you use an anti-static wristband to minimize the risk of harmful discharges.

How to Clean Your Projector Lens

Now it's time to take a look at how to clean the projector lens. When it comes to picture quality most immediate issues will be solved just by giving the lens some maintenance, but to properly clean your projector's lens you'll need to open the casing, to begin with; so we always recommend you go over the above steps in order before moving to your lens.

Once your projector has been properly dusted and disassembled you'll need to remove the lens carefully while wearing gloves. Lenses are delicate pieces, so you'll want to be gentle when manipulating them. Once the lens is out you'll want to apply a few drops of lens cleaning solution on your lens and gently wipe it around with a paper towel. Once that is done you'll need to dry the lens with a microfiber cloth

Once your lens is fully dried you'll need to reassemble everything again, so be careful and keep steady hands along the way.

How to Clean Projector Screens

If you are going out of your way to clean your projector you might as well clean your projector screen as well, just to be thorough and guarantee everything is in peak condition. Most screens are easy to dust thankfully, and you can use compressed air on its own to get them back in proper shape.

But if you still see irregularities on your screen take a microfiber cloth to it and gently wipe the screen. If you need to moisten it to improve the cleaning process use a mix of 95% warm water and 5% dish soap, don't use anything stronger to protect the integrity of the fabric.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Projector?

There are various ways to go about this. At the bare minimum, you should do a thorough cleaning of your projector twice a year, but consider increasing the number if your projector is most often used outdoors.

Some people prefer to perform light dusting on their projector after every use, which will undeniably help prevent any accumulation in the long run. But as long as you dust at least twice a year and whenever you spot clear irregularities your projector will be fine.

Wrapping It Up

The good news is that cleaning and maintaining a projector is easy, way easier than most other electronic devices for sure. However, even if it's easy it's important to have a regular cleaning schedule so you can keep your projector working as intended and in the best shape possible for your next movie session.

WEMAX is a leading brand when it comes to projectors, screens, laser technology, and anything related to the world of light and projection solutions. And thanks to this we have a deep understanding of the ins and out of the technology employed in these devices.

So if you want to discover more useful tutorials, learn about our upcoming releases, or stay ahead when it comes to our upcoming deals make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and remain at the forefront when it comes to projectors, movies, and beyond.

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