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Accessories FAQs

1. What accessories do I need for a projector?
Along with projectors themselves and accessories such as ceiling mounts, wall mounts, remote controls, projector screens, and cable management, projector stands help make the most of your projector viewing experience.
2. Is there a universal remote for Wemax projectors?
Currently, there is no universal remote for Wemax projectors. We include every projector with a remote in the package. You can use the projector and the remote right out of the box.
3. Can I use my phone as a remote for my projector?

The answer would be no for Wemax projectors. At present, Wemax projectors is not available for you to use phone as a remote. Every projector from Wemax has come with a remote. It’s simple to use and control.
4. What size projector screen do I need for room?
The basic rule of thumb when it comes to selecting projector screens sizing is that the viewing audience should be seated between 2-8 times times the screen height. This provides for the most comfortable view for your audience. This means that ideally, your first row of seating will be located as far away as 2x the screen height. Your last row of seating should be as far away as 8x the screen height.
5. How do I choose the right size projector?
Projectors on the market today vary in sizes. You can choose the size of the projector according to your needs. If you need to take it on the go for business presentations, then a pocket-sized projector like WEMAX Go Advanced would be nice match. If you want to use it for home theater, a common 1080p FHD projectors would be fine.
6. Do different projector screens make a difference?
Yes, different projector screens make a difference. You may get a dimmer image if your screen size is bigger than the available light in the projector. In short, the size of the screen and the viewing distance of the projector are related. You can only get a high-quality picture at an exact size with a projector limited by room size.
7. How do I choose tripod for my projector?
To pick the best stand, you should know the type and size of your projector, your screen size, and the projector's throw ratio. The throw ratio determines the image size the projector will display from a given distance. Thus, if you know the screen size and the throw ratio, you can deduce where to place your projector. This, in turn, will help determine the kind of stand that works for you.

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