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About Wemax

WEMAX (An Ampula Inc. brand.) is a CA-based technology company with the mission to provide shared rich, visual experiences wherever you go. We provide one-stop solutions to deliver visual applications that are intelligently connected with your home or small business. 


As the increasing of Wemax, there are more and more competitors added our brand name "WEMAX" in the title or content to misled you without warranty and aftersales support, which really damaged the connection between Wemax and our customers. We have had to fight back!

Please note that Ampula is the only authorized provider of Wemax projectors, we don't have any authorized resellers/distributors globally. We operated all sales, marketing, PM, support teams and more on our own. 

Please don't buy Wemax projectors from other platforms except following shops, if you already bought the products from other platforms,  if possible, please ask for "REFUND or RETURN" asap. Only Wemax team can give you the best customers service with the quality products.

Authorized shops:

For next step, in order to protect our brand, we will email to those sellers one by one to ask for removal, or we will open a lawsuit with our professional team.

Welcome to report any misusage of our brand name "Wemax" in your local country, we may pick up some of you to give extra rewards.


Wemax Team