Wemax Dice review: Quality and Portability in the Palm of Your Hand

This article is contributed by Alexandre Lopes

Who wouldn't like to have a huge screen to watch movies and series at home? The truth is that it is now possible - all you need is an available wall and some distance from where you are going to transmit the image. You see, that idea of big, heavy, expensive projectors without a pre-installed operating system is really a thing of the past.

Yes, it is now possible to opt for user and family friendly devices, as new types of projectors designed with the everyday user in mind have appeared on the market. Those are portable projectors that can be used for any occasion and any environment, whether it is for watching family movies, series alone, or even playing a video game.

In fact, with these new devices, you can really leave your TV aside. And it is in this sense that we are going to talk about the Wemax Dice LED Projector.


Wemax dice portable projector


With this projector a whole new world of possibilities opens up, as you can use it when doing job presentations, camping, or even an outdoor movie night.

We can start right away by talking about its incredible design and color. Designed to be original and to stand out from the other projectors in its segment, the Wemax comes in a dark gray color and a camel-colored leather strap, which makes it even easier to carry around. But what really sets it apart is its cube shape, which is not only original and sleek, but also made solid enough so that it can't be accidentally knocked over.

It has its dimensions (16cm high, 15.5cm wide and 12.5cm deep) and weight (2.5KG) that instead of making it look heavy, make it look sturdy, which is ideal since it is a portable projector.

Wemax dice portable projector

On the top, the projector has the On/Off button and its carrying handle. On its front side is the projection lens.

On its sides it has the sound outputs of the integrated speakers, and also the ventilation system, which should always be unobstructed. It is important to mention here that an advantage of this projector over others on the market is that it does not make any disturbing noise, which could disturb the viewing of content. It helps that there is a temperature control sensor not only for the internal processor, but also for the LED lamp. On the bottom there is a hole that allows the projector to be easily mounted on a tripod.

The back has a USB 2.0 port, an HDMI 2.0 port (which we can use to connect a PC or even a console) and a 3.5mm audio jack. Due to its small size it doesn't have a LAN input, but it does have a Wi-fi connection (2.4GHz and 5GHz). Also, in terms of connectivity, it has Bluetooth (4.1) which can be used for various purposes, such as pairing with some sound device, headphones, or the controller itself.

Wemax dice portable projector

When you receive it at home, several accessories are included in the box, such as the remote control, the charger, and the user manual in English.

As for the remote control, it has a minimalist and very intuitive design and is very easy to use. Even for pairing with the projector, the process is easy and takes two seconds: just press the Home button and the app button at the same time, point to the bottom right corner of the projector and then a small beep is made, confirming that you have successfully completed this step.

It is also important to mention that the Wemax Dice controller has a very interesting button, the Voice button, to talk to the Google Assistant, so, for example, you don't need to use the virtual keyboard. In case for some reason you forgot your remote elsewhere and don't have it with you, don't worry: you can control the Wemax Dice through your smartphone, and for that you just need to install the Google TV app and choose the TV Remote option. Another requirement for this to work is that both devices are connected to the same Internet network.

Its native operating system is Android TV, version 9.0, which allows the user to access a wide range of apps that you can install on the Wemax Dice, several apps from streaming platforms such as Disney+, Prime Video from Amazon, Filmin, HBO, among others, as well as YouTube for example. And don't worry about filling up your projector's memory, since the Wemax Dice has 16GB of internal memory, which can even be used to store some other multimedia data such as photos and videos, for example.

There is also the possibility to add another very interesting feature, ChromeCast, which allows you to cast digital content from a device such as a smartphone to the Wemax Dice, or to duplicate a PC (other software installation required).

To get this device running smoothly, we have its T962X-H processor and 2GB of RAM. Its integrated battery has 16,000 mAh and can run autonomously. In this mode, you can count on the Wemax Dice working for about 3 hours (enough to watch a movie or two at most), and when the power indicator turns flashing orange, it indicates that it needs to be charged again. We can say that fully charging the projector takes about 4/5 hours, and it turns off the light after charging is complete. It also emits a white light when it is on.

This translates into a clear advantage of having the Wemax Dice: its true portability. You can, in fact, take the projector anywhere outside your home, whether for some leisure time or for some professional moment.

As for the sound system, it already has integrated good 10W speakers (5W each) that allow the projector to emanate a crystal clear and lipid sound, which is quite noticeable. If you prefer, you can always connect an external sound device, such as speakers, if you want an even more powerful sound. Of course, if you want the sound all to yourself, just plug your headphones into the jack input.

It also has a good optical system, as the display features, such as the visual screen extension, which can go up to 120". Also noteworthy is that the further away the position of the projector, the larger the projected screen size increases. That is, if you want the perfect cinema environment, you have to try to move the projector as far away as possible from the surface that will be the screen where you intend to show the movie, this distance should be at least 2.5 meters. Its 700 ANSI lumens ensure a great experience at night and a good brightness when the contents are viewed in brightness.

The picture quality, while not 4K, is everything you could ask for from a 1080p Full HD. The colors convey a lot of vividness and have great definition. Honestly, for the quality/price ratio, you couldn't ask for more and this is a projector that you can feel comfortable with for a great cinematic experience.

So, in summary, we can say without a doubt that the Wemax Dice projector is an excellent acquisition for any movie lover, with all the comfort, intuitiveness and quality you could want.

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