Best Mini Portable Projectors for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Ever wonder if you can get the same cinematic experience while watching your movies on the go? Watching movies on a 4K projector at home can be fantastic, especially with family and friends. Having the same experience while on a trip or camping is an entirely different ball game.

Pulling off this feat would have been nearly impossible in the past, as projectors were colossal devices. Fortunately, technology has advanced rapidly over the years. With numerous mini portable projectors available in the market today, watching movies outdoors in high resolution with your loved ones from anywhere you choose has never been easier.


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  • Best Mini Portable Projectors for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Best Mini Portable Projectors for Indoor and Outdoor Use

projector indoor use

Choosing the most suitable mini portable projector for your needs can be tricky if you're unsure what to consider. However, critical factors such as portability and size should top your list. Here are more essential factors to consider when choosing the best mini portable projectors for indoor and outdoor use.

1. Brightness

The brightness of a projector often measured in Lumens is critical for many reasons, the chief of which is the ability to eliminate the effect of ambient light. A high ambient light from the environment gives the possibility of getting unclear pictures, with the screen appearing somewhat blurry. A high lumen factor is, therefore, necessary to get the best picture quality.

2. Resolution

Resolution is usually the number of pixels that contributes to producing an image. The more resolution a projector has, the better the color representation. High resolution from a projector often contributes significantly to the picture quality, especially when the desired screen size is also considerable.


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3. Business vs. Entertainment

When selecting a mini portable projector, it is vital to consider the projector's intended use. When using a projector for business purposes, the emphasis is usually on text rather than images and video. Hence, the projector's throw distance plays a more critical role when used for a business than for entertainment purposes.

4. Indoor and Outdoor Use

The ambient light is often critical when choosing a projector for outdoor purposes. As such, a mini portable projector with a higher Lumens factor is often better suited for outdoor requirements. The light indoors is better controlled with a switch which means a projector with lower Lumens factor can suffice.  

5. Zoom Range

The size of the room is often a great determiner of the picture clarity in addition to the throw distance of the mini portable projector. However, the magnification of the image on the screen will sometimes be needed, especially if the room is big and the audience is far from the screen. A higher zoom range will ensure that the pictures are visible and clear in such instances.

6. Portability

The ability to carry your entertainment device around is often a favorable consideration for many individuals, and technology is helping to increase the portability of most devices, including projectors. The mini portable projector is technology's response to the projector's mobility, and you should seriously consider it when shopping for a projector.

7. Durability

The longevity of the mini portable projector depends majorly on its durability. You don't want a projector costing you so much because of repairs or replacements once it's damaged. Hence, you'll need to consider the durability of the mini portable projector when purchasing one.


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WEMAX’s Best Mini Portable Projectors


WEMAX Go Advanced

Best Mini Portable Projectors for Indoor and Outdoor Use

WEMAX Go Advanced is a mini portable projector is less than 1 inch and features a 1080p resolution for a crisp image that gives you a remarkable viewing experience. In addition, its 600 ANSI Lumens protect your eyes from the strains caused by ambient lights. Still, this mini portable projector has full connection options, including Bluetooth 5.0, USB, HDMI, Miracast, and Airplay.



wemax go in outdoor camping

The WEMAX Go is arguably the world's thinnest laser projector with a cinematic quality that beats all its counterparts of the same size and even bigger ones. Plus it is super portable, so you can carry it wherever you wish. It gets even better. This mini portable projector has various connection options like USB, HDMI, and even wireless for smart devices. It also has over 4 hours of battery capacity, equivalent to 2 movies, without worrying about power cuts.



Wemax dice LED Portable Projector

WEMAX Dice is a mini portable projector is especially suited for you if outdoor movies and sports are your main interests. It is equipped with smart angle correction that automatically corrects skewed screen placements giving you a viewing experience without stress. Also, its 700 ANSI Lumens ensures you get enough brightness to eliminate any possibilities of blurry pictures, while its 1080p resolution gives you a full-color spectrum possibility.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are some questions you need to answer before going to the market for a mini portable projector, and here are some of the frequently asked ones below.

What is the best resolution for a mini portable projector?

The higher the resolution of your projector, the better the picture and color quality. However, the minimum resolution that you should always consider when purchasing a mini portable projector is 1080p. This resolution ensures you can watch any movie or sports program with a high representation of the original view.

What is the difference between a mini projector and a regular projector?

Mini projectors are smaller than the regular projector even though both are smaller than conventional TVs. However, you can easily transport mini projectors anywhere and everywhere except there are regulations that restrict projectors in a place altogether.

Is a mini projector useful?

Mini projectors are very beneficial and have many use cases where a regular projector will be unsuitable. For instance, going camping with friends and family where one of the activities planned, includes movie night outs. A mini projector comes in handy in such situations.

What is the best mini projector for presentations?

The mini projector with a high throw distance factor and a minimum brightness of 700 ANSI Lumens is often very suitable for presentation as this often deals more with textual content than video content. Also, it should have a considerable zoom range to compensate for situations where viewers are far from the screen, like in a big hall.

Can I watch Netflix on a mini projector?

Watching Netflix is one of the use cases where mini projectors shine as it gives much flexibility without reducing the quality of the pictures. You can project the movie to your ceiling while lying on your bed–something that is almost impossible with a regular projector.


Wrapping It Up

In the end, having a good understanding of the critical consideration when in the market for a mini projector helps take full advantage of its many benefits. Benefits that include watching your movies on the go with so much flexibility and fun are some reasons getting a mini portable projector for yourself should be an action item. Nevertheless, getting a mini portable projector from a leading brand like WEMAX is even a better decision.

WEMAX is a one-stop solution for visual applications specializing in LED, portable, and laser projectors.

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