How Portable Projectors Make Road Trips Better

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  • Introduction
  • How WEMAX Portable Projectors Make Road Trips Better
  • Best Portable Projector for Road Trips and Outdoors
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Wrapping It Up

Few bonding experiences are as classic and as beloved as going on a good road trip. Getting to enjoy the sights all over the country while sharing each of those moments with your friends and loved ones? That's just priceless.

However there's always a way to improve on already great things, and a portable projector for camping can completely change the way you look at road trips forever. Picture this out, you are on the end of the road, your last stop before coming back home, and you take out a mini projector to display all the pictures you've taken so far, isn't that the perfect end to your little trip?

Portable projectors allow you to make any space an entertainment center, and that grants you another way to enjoy each other's company outside the stops. So why not up your next road trip with a portable projector of your own?

How WEMAX Portable Projectors Make Road Trips Better

Portable Projectors Make Road Trips Better

While we offered a few ideas above, the fact is that you can do so much more with a projector on the go. So let's list some of the key ways in which a portable outdoor projector can change the way you enjoy your road trips.

And if you get convinced, you can go right now to our store to get your hands on the WEMAX Dice, one of the most affordable and portable projectors in the market, so you too can follow these ideas with your loved ones.

Better Entertainment Options

It can be hard to come up with group activities on the road since most of your devices will of course be home and often space isn't as abundant as you'd like. But the WEMAX Dice quite literally fits in your pocket, and that means you don't need anything but it and a phone to start a movie, watch youtube videos together or even boot up a game.

Versatile Viewing

Getting to watch something together on the road can be hard, after all a smartphone just isn't practical if more than one person is viewing. But with the Dice, you can easily set up a display on basically any surface. That means that any space is a potential screen, and all without having to deal with the hassle of carrying a larger device like a laptop or a TV.

Visuals Everywhere You Go

The best thing about a portable projector like the WEMAX Dice is that you will have a screen anywhere, and we do mean anywhere. Whether you are in a hotel, in an RV, or even outdoors all you need is your projector and somewhere to project the screen. So the Go can go with you anywhere in the world.


Portable projectors are considerably more affordable than the alternatives, and at WEMAX we make an effort to be as budget-friendly as possible. So the WEMAX Go is just a fraction of what other devices would set you back, all without sacrificing any quality.

Level up Group Bondings

In this modern era, it can be hard to get every single person on the same note, doubly so now that anybody can just browse anything on their phones. This is why a large and bright screen can make sure that those off-moments in your road trip plans can still be proper group experiences.

You can use the WEMAX Dice to watch your favorite movies together, enjoy videos and documentaries related to your current stop, or enjoy the pictures and sights you took together on a larger screen. It's up to you how to use it, but having the option does change everything.

Best Portable Projector for Road Trips and Outdoors: WEMAX Dice

Portable Projectors Make Road Trips Better

For those of you who already got invested in the idea of bringing a projector on your next road trip, we'd like to introduce the WEMAX Dice. The Dice is a portable projector with the soul of a home-use model, and its combination of size and specs allow you to have a bright and crisp screen anywhere you go.

WEMAX Dice has 700 ANSI Lumens of brightness and coupled with its 1080p resolution that means you'll be enjoying Full HD projections anywhere you go. Plus its built-in Dolby Audio means the Dice on its own is a complete entertainment solution, with no required add-ons or accessories.

And to ensure maximum comfort and portability the Dice comes with built-in android and its battery. So all it takes is to point your Dice at a surface and bring out your phone to watch anything on the go with the best quality you could ask for. But of course, if you want to up your game even further you can get our WEMAX Dice Bundle which includes a tripod for the projector and a 120-inch screen that will allow you to have a theater anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What can I watch on a portable projector?

Anything. With built-in Android, the Dice can project Netflix, Youtube, or even TikTok in a matter of seconds. Anything you already enjoy on your phone can also be enjoyed on a portable projector.

2. How much is a portable projector for road trips?

It depends. On certain sales, we've offered the Go for as low as $199.99. But in general, across the WEMAX range, you can expect prices in the $499 range.

3. How do I choose the right portable projector for my road trip?

Just keep in mind your available spaces and the locations you plan to visit. If you have an RV or a Camp Van then the Dice will get you the most value and benefits, as it should be easy to set up a good place for group activities and enjoy the full range the Dice has to offer.

4. Why is a portable projector better than traditional in-car entertainment systems?

For one as the name implies in-car systems are completely limited to your car, a portable projector can work anywhere you need it to. Additionally, most in-car systems tend to have limited input options, making it harder to watch what you want.

5. What kind of group activities can be enhanced with a portable projector?

Movies, movies are always great. And with full access to Netflix, you can watch anything you can name.

Party videogames. Titles like Mario Party, Jeopardy, and the like can be easily run on any android system and projected into a large screen to share.

Your photoshoot. With a projector you can turn every single picture you take into a bonding experience, so why not make each member of your trip share their best pics at the end of the day?

Wrapping It Up

Portable projectors completely change the range of activities you have access to on the road. From movies to games and beyond, having a portable screen adds up more options to enjoy together on the off-times of your upcoming trip.

At WEMAX, we are a leading brand in the projector market due to our extensive knowledge and patents in laser technology. Buying WEMAX means you are buying a rich visual experience you can take anywhere you go, and it'll always be our mission to continue offering the best technology at unmatched prices.

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