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Wemax Go Advanced

World's Thinnest ALPD Laser Projector

Details in Bright Light

Nova 4K UHD Laser Projector

Cast Anywhere Anytime

Dice Smart Portable Projector

Fresnel 100" ALR Screen

>95% Rejection Ratio

>Adjustable Height

>1 Gain

At Wemax, we create revolutionary solutions with advanced ALPD® laser technology,so you can create and share rich, visual experiences and maximize them anywhere anytime.

Powerful, Efficient Laser Light Source

Powered by Appotronics, our patented advanced ALPD® laser technology ensures the most powerful light source for optimized viewing experiences

Expert Product Engineering

Our partnership with Formovie, a top manufacturer of smart projectors, ensures the quality of our products is never compromised

Best Display and Advanced Light Control

Partnership with the DLP industry leader Texas Instruments executes the best display and advanced light control applications