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We create revolutionary solutions with advanced ALPD® laser technology,so you can create and share rich, visual experiences and maximize them anywhere anytime.


Advanced Laser Phosphor Display(ALPD®)

  • High Light Efficiency

    Thanks to its improved light efficiency compared to other models and technologies, the ALPD® digital projector saves on electricity consumption; reducing both costs and its ecological footprint.

  • High Brightness 

    The high light efficiency of ALPD® technology ensures that ALPD® projectors can provide high brightness as well. ALPD® projectors can offer a brightness of up to 60, 000lm, the highest standard in the world.

  • Wide Color Gamut

    Through the use of phosphor + laser image solutions, the color performance of ALPD® projectors reaches the DCI cinema level standard. This means projectors have a maximum color gamut that reaches 98.5% of Rec.2020.

  • High Light Utilization

    Thanks to its high light utilization ALPD® provides improved contrast on all of its pictures; reaching the cinema standard of 2500: 1.

  • High Reliability   

    ALPD® provides improved endurance and durability. Having cleared multiple tests including but not limited to: aging test, dustproof test, heat dissipation test, and structural strength test, Our projectors have performed impeccably under high temperature and high humidity settings and have been granted the IP5X dustproof rating.


  • 120-inch screen @ 13-inch distance from the wall (0.233:1 ultra short-throw ratio)

  • 2,100 ANSI lumens of brightness with over 25,000 light source hours

  • 3,000:1 native contrast ratio with HDR support

  • 30W multi-array speaker output w/ standalone Bluetooth speaker mode

  • Android TV 9.0 w/ Chromecast built-in + WiFi 5 wireless connectivity

  • Powered by ALPD 3.0 & Texas Instruments DLP

  • Black Grid ALR Material; 0.5 Gain for a Viewing Experience from 160 Degrees;90% ALR Resistance


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