Celebrate Earth Day in Style with WEMAX ALPD Laser Projectors

Our planet is indeed a beautiful and amazing place, and it needs our help to stay that way. In fact, we owe it to ourselves and to future generations to create a culture of environmental friendliness that will allow our blue planet to thrive and survive.

So, here is the answer to why we celebrate Earth Day. Every April 22nd, we invest our thoughts and actions into the well-being of our planet. It is a day to remind ourselves that each one of us needs to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint.

In fact, these efforts should not be limited to just this one day, we need to ensure that we make sustainability the cornerstone of everything that we do and everything that we choose, including all the products and services that we opt for. Continue reading to know how to do just that... 

Celebrating Earth Day in 2023

Earth Day activities for kids

Sure, there are a lot of earth day activities for kids but, this one does not have to be just about children, you can turn it into a family event or even a Me+Mother Nature Day. Here are some fun-filled ideas that will appeal to all.

  • Say no to gasoline by getting those bicycles out or even better, put the pins to work by walking or cycling to your destination.
  • If your work or health does not allow you to do so, at least limit your carbon footprint by opting for carpooling or public transportation.
  • Enjoy the beauty of nature with a picnic at the local park.
  • Go electricity free at home, even if it is just for a few hours.
  • Enjoy some me-time on your porch or patio while keeping all the lights and electrical and electronic gadgets indoors switched off.
  • Plant a tree or spread the joy of greenery by scattering wildflower seeds in a wilderness area near your home.
  • Get some flowering shrubs and add them to the green setup in your yard to encourage bees to visit.
  • Put up a bird bath or a bird feeder in the yard, so you can enjoy the happy chirping of our feathery friends.
  • Volunteer at a local pro-environment organization.
  • Recycle all the plastic waste in your home.
  • Draw up a plan to conserve water for the rest of the year.
  • Draw up a pledge board and put it up at your place of work, at a school, or at the least get your own family, friends, and neighborhood onboard the eco-friendly bandwagon.
  • Spend the day at an Earth Day fair or local event.

One of the most meaningful Earth Day activities for adults is to raise awareness about how important it is to protect all the beautiful offerings of Nature. You can do this by taking a virtual tour of famous national parks and nature reserves across the country, with your family and friends. Instead of the small screen, go big with this one by using a projector.

Now, you are bound to counter that by saying that projectors use up so much energy that it would be counterintuitive to get them involved in an Earth Day event. Well, not all projectors!

WEMAX ALPD Technology


WEMAX is a company that understands and lives up to the need to meet the consumer requirements of today without leaving a damaged environment for the generations of tomorrow. The best part is that the company does this without compromising on any front.

So, WEMAX ALPD projectors stand head and shoulders above the rest! Yet, they are easy on the environment and your wallet. The adoption of cutting-edge ALPD technology is what sets their projectors apart from all comparable products available in the market.

Introduced in 2007, Advanced Laser Phosphor Display or ALPD is a technology that gets you more from laser displays without an increase in energy consumption. Since its introduction 16 years ago, the technology has been constantly and consistently fine-tuned by WEMAX.

Today, state-of-the-art ALPD 3.0 and 4.0 projectors offer an immersive experience like no other when it comes to visual applications. The biggest advantage is that you don't feel guilty when using these products.

With these projectors, you get to enjoy the best of projection technology and performance without compromising on your commitment to environmental protection.

As an environment-friendly company, WEMAX is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, and all their ALPD technology products reflect this commitment by:

1. Consuming less energy

As compared to the dismal energy efficiency of 4.2 lm/W of LED projectors, you get 10.5 lm/W with ALPD technology. This means you get performance that is several times better with less than half the energy consumption.

2. Having a longer lifespan

Lower energy consumption also means lesser heat generation and a longer lifespan for the projector components. Because you don't have a lamp to worry about in ALPD projectors, these products literally last you twice as long.

3. Offering higher quality images while using less energy

For every watt consumed, you get more than double the brightness with WEMAX ALPD projectors. This means the images are crisper and brighter with higher resolution and above all a wider color gamut and the highest color contrast of what's currently available.

Not using harmful substances like mercury (commonly found in fluorescent lighting): The benefits of WEMAX ALPD projectors are not just attributed to operational efficiency but also to conscientious manufacturing. The technology harnesses the power of Phosphorous +Laser, thus doing away with the need for the use of environmentally harmful substances like mercury.

Save the Planet and Your Wallet with WEMAX Earth Day VIP Deals

WEMAX ALPD Technology and Projector

Many of us are conscious of the impact of our lifestyles on the environment and honestly want to do more to save the planet. But, we are often held back by the idea that in order to save the environment, we will have to give up on many of the everyday pleasures of life or pay more to choose planet-friendly products. Well, once again, you don't have to make any compromises or sacrifices with WEMAX.

From March 13th to April 26th, you can celebrate with WEMAX Earth Day Deals and save a whopping 40% on several of their top-of-the-line products, such as:

WEMAX Nova 4K ALPD Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector for Home Entertainment

Think of this as the best way to bring the cinema experience into the comforts of your own living room. The ultimate in home entertainment, the WEMAX Nova 4K will leave you enthralled with its 4K UHD and bright 2100 ANSI lumens that offer 4x resolution of 1080p. Simply put, No TV out there can compare with Nova’s 150 inches of visual brilliance!

WEMAX Go Advanced 1080P ALPD portable laser projector for business

WEMAX Go Advanced ALPD Laser Projector

One of the advantages of buying WEMAX products is that they are custom-built for specific applications. The WEMAX Go Advanced portable projector for business brings top-of-the-line projection technology to conference rooms. So, you get to put more life and color into your presentations with WEMAX Go Advanced.

Plus, for a product that is a mere 1-inch thick and weighs less than 2 lbs, its performance sure is gigantically impressive. Automatic TOF focus, advanced auto-calibration, keystone correction, and intelligent obstacle avoidance get you the perfect picture without any of the hassles of handling your current projector. The very first portable laser projector designed to meet the growing and ever-changing needs of businesses, the WEMAX Go Advanced provides an ultra-colorful and brilliant way to present your vision to your employees, partners, and clients.

WEMAX Go 540P ALPD Portable Laser Projector

Why keep the fun at home when you can take it along with you wherever you go with the WEMAX Go? This is the world's smallest laser projector. It's so small that you can literally carry it in your pocket. But don't let its size fool you.

In terms of performance, this little guy (weighs a mere 0.66 lbs) brings to the table 300 ANSI lumens and a throw of 30 to 100 inches. Plus, you get auto distortion correction and alignment and wireless image casting. So, when you need a bit of entertainment on the go, you can never go wrong with WEMAX Go.

And if you are looking for the "best bang for your buck" offers, WEMA offers refurbished models of all these products with a 30% discount. How is that for celebrating Earth Day without taxing your pocket or the environment?

Wrapping It Up

If you have been putting off the purchase of a projector for your home or office or a portable projector that can be used on the go, now is your chance to save on a truly environmentally friendly product that comes from a company committed to nurturing and saving planet earth.

WEMAX is a leading manufacturer of portable projectors, LED projectors, laser projectors, and projection accessories. Committed to bringing visual performance excellence to non-commercial clients, WEMAX has spent the last two decades striving to bring cinema-grade images to home projector users.

The best part is that despite enjoying a lead in the market, WEMAX continues to hone and improve ALPD technology in a bid to offer its consumers top quality at the most affordable prices.

So, no matter which WEMAX product you choose, you will get a one-stop solution for all visual applications. Above all, you will be thoroughly impressed by the picture quality and energy efficiency of your new projector.

Be the first to know about super-saver deals and exclusive discounts. So, signup right away and have yourselves a green, clean, and happy Earth Day!

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