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WEMAX Dice In-Depth Review – The Best Portable Projector for both Movie and Games!


Up to 130” large screen through 1080P DLP in the dark environment. Performing well during the day thanks to 700 ANSI Lumens. Use it anywhere you want with the large built-in battery. Up to 3 hours non-stop video playback. Auto focus with auto vertical keystone correction. Certified Android TV with Google Assistant built-in. Fast and smooth wireless screen mirroring through Chromecast. Dolby Audio and Bluetooth for connecting external speakers. And suitable for casual gaming with game console like Nintendo Switch. Interested? Let’s have a closer look now…

Package Content

Hey guys, meet this portable smart 1080P LED projector – WEMAX Dice. Everything comes well-protected in a nice package. It came in another box during shipping by the way.

Once opened, you can see everything is nicely packed with plastic cover. Check out the thick foam board too. Rest assured that your Dice will arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition.

Alright, let’s a look at the included accessories first. Here are the handy user manual and cloth to clean the lens. As usual, take your time to go through it. FYI, there is a simple soft copy of user manual in the projector itself too.

This is the Bluetooth remote control for navigation. Very handy as you can control the projector in any direction. Comes with voice command for Google Assistant.

Lastly, here is the AC power adaptor for charging and power up WEMAX Dice. Worldwide support with 90W total power output. Comes with US plug cable. You can change it to match your country plug easily.

Design & Build Quality

WEMAX Dice has outstanding build quality with sturdy ABS plastic housing. Stylish in design with space grey colour. Much smaller than the usual standard projector. Portable with around 2.2KG in weight. Ease to carry around thanks to the handle.

The main lens is located in front of the projector. Multiple tiny holes at the bottom act as air inlet. Besides the lens, there is a camera for auto-focusing. By the way, you can remove the lens cover to clean the lens when needed.

Heatsink with fan is located at the back, top part of the projector. That’s air outlet. Followed by DC input, headphone jack output, USB 2.0 port and HDMI 2.0 port at the bottom part. Yes, you can even charge your smartphone or tablet with the USB 2.0 port where power bank is not around.

Two 5W speakers on both left and right support Dolby Audio and DTS-HD. The vents are for air intake.

Power button and white LED light indicator are located on the top. You can’t miss the useful handle.

4 anti-skid pads are located under the projector to provide stability. And a standard camera mount hole in the middle for tripod or ceiling mount.


Take the 1080P cinematic experience anywhere! Yes, WEMAX Dice is the ultimate entertainment companion. As you can see, you can carry it around with ease through the handle. Perfect for outdoor activities like camping trip, movie night and so on.

Of course, this does not limit to outdoor. It’s working great for indoor too. You can carry it from room to room easily. Besides entertainment, you can use it for office works as well. No worries about the power source thanks to the large built-in battery.

Smart Screen Calibration

Place it anywhere that you prefer. Yes, Dice will auto focus whenever it was moved. And it also supports auto vertical keystone correction. Just place it and the system will do the rest for you automatically then.

Besides the auto correction, you can further adjust the placement angle. All thanks to the useful 4-point manual keystone correction for those needed. Just place Dice on the small table beside the bed. And using the keystone correction will do.

Projection Sizes

Based on specs, Dice can support screen sizes from 40” to 120”. But it can go smaller or bigger too. 700 ANSI Lumens is good enough for daytime usage. I am projecting at 80” screen size with all lights turned on in my bedroom right now.

Here is 130” screen size in a totally dark room. Everything looks even better now. In addition, you don’t need a big room to enjoy large screen with small throw ratio of 1.2:1. Yes, it’s truly your personal portable projector for all entertainment needs.

Image Quality

Excellent optical image quality with 0.33” DMD chips by Texas Instruments. 1080p display output through XPR Technology. Loaded with four-channel LED light source and 100% Rec.709 colour gamut coverage.

The best part – no calibration is needed out of the box. You can start to enjoy accurate, super-vivid and colourful images then.

Text Quality

Text performance is outstanding. You can use it to surf the Internet. Or present PowerPoint to your group member during the work. Great for daylight usage as long as below 100” screen size.

Easily passed the extreme test with flying colours. Corners are perfectly sharp and in focus. Pixel performance is excellent as you can see.

Media Player

It is very handy to use Dice as portable media player. Just plug in USB hard drive or flash drive will do during on the go. Of course, it is working through wireless connection too. You can play almost every type of video format through software like Kodi. It’s an Android projector after all. In addition, a lot of audio codecs are supported. The same applies to subtitle too.

Photo viewing is as simple as ABC. Working smoothly like butter. Crips and detailed. You can share those important business images or casual family photos easily. You can use HDMI, wireless, internal storage or USB port. Totally up to you.


The built-in 10W speakers are excellent. Loud and clear. Bass is powerful for such a small profile. Suitable for large quiet room. Just connect to external speakers if need more power. AUX and Bluetooth connections are available for you and me.

Fan Noise

Lastly, fan noise level is excellent. You won’t hear fan noise at all during music or movie playback. Workable during meeting in the office as well. Much better than those budget LCD projectors. That’s for sure.

HDMI Input

4K input and HDR decoding are supported once you enable HDMI 2.0 mode. However, a few refresh rates are supported only. Missing 24Hz for movie lovers. Not a big deal as future firmware can fix it easily. Video playback performance is the same between HDMI and Android OS. 24Hz and 50Hz are great and smooth. 60Hz is the best with perfectly smooth playback. Great for fast-paced action video indeed.

Video Playback Performance

WEMAX Dice can play 4K contents easily. All thanks to performing Amlogic T962X-H processor. This 24p video is being playback by using Kodi media player on the Android TV itself. Dice is performing very well on both highlights and shadows. The same applies to contrast and colours. Rest assured that it will perform much better than those budget LCD projectors thanks to the DLP technology. The shadows are darker and the highlights are brighter. Super-vivid and accurate colours too.

Outstanding performance on 4K 60p video. Perfectly smooth video playback is what you get. 50Hz is performing excellently as well. Perfect for PAL regions’ contents like Chinese TV drama. In short, it will play almost everything smoothly that you throw at it.

Android TV

This is the official Google certified Android TV 9.0 that WEMAX Dice is using. Amlogic T962X-H, 2GB RAM and 16GB storage are more than enough for your daily entertainment needs. Fast and smooth. And rest assured that all the applications that require Google services will work as expected.

Yup, Google Play Store is there for you and me. Feel free to download all the applications and games that you want. Of course, you can also install them through APK method. Totally up to you.

Bluetooth Speaker

By the way, you can turn Dice into a portable Bluetooth speaker. Or connect it to other Bluetooth speakers. FYI, the connection is fast and stable.

Battery Life

Dice is loaded with large 16000mAh rechargeable battery. It can play video up to 3 hours non-stop on eco mode. Half on brighter view mode. And requires slightly more than 2 and a half hours to fully charge.


Alright, let’s have a look at the settings. Everything is pretty much straightforward. Take your time to play around with them. And configure the best settings for your taste and needs. First of all, projector. Both auto focus and manual trigger focus are supported. Followed by keystone correction. Auto vertical keystone correction is supported. The useful 4-point manual keystone correction for those needed. Lastly, 4 projection methods for you to select.

Image Calibration

The next one – image. 5 pre-set image modes and 1 customizable user mode. As usual, take your time to play around with them. Here is the stuff that you can configure in user mode. You can change the colour temperature too if you want. Lastly, 3 brightness modes to select. FYI, eco mode has the longest battery life.

Yes, the HDMI input supports CEC. Handy for those who need them. OTA firmware update is supported. And there is some of the system information that you might want to know. Yup, plenty of languages can be selected as official Google product.

Dolby Audio

As for sound, Dolby Audio is supported. Pre-set cinema and music modes. Or customize it through user mode if you want.

HDMI Settings

Alright, here are the settings for HDMI input. Everything is almost the same. Monitor and game modes are added. Child mode was removed. Sound settings are the same. Lastly, 4K input and HDR decoding are supported once enable HDMI 2.0.


Let’s have a look at the most common video app – YouTube. WEMAX Dice can play 4K@60 video flawlessly. No external TV box is needed. In addition, it is loaded with HDR10 video decoding support. Enjoy even more vivid colours with high dynamic range.


Everything is working smoothly. 1080P resolution is supported as you can see. The same applies to other popular streaming apps like Disney Plus and Prime Video. Working smoothly as well.

Google Assistant & Chromecast

Useful Google Assistant no doubt.

Google Chromecast is working perfectly smooth too. The response is excellent for wireless connection. Yes, you can share photos and even cast videos from your smartphone to the large screen easily.

WiFi Performance

Dice has 2×2 MIMO WiFi 5 connection. You can get 100 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. And 200 Mbps on the 5 GHz band. Fast and stable connection.

DMI Input Lag

For gaming through HDMI port, it is great. 55ms response time on game mode is what you get. Great for casual games no doubt.

Gaming Experience

How about gaming on Android projector itself? It is decent for casual games. Yes, you can use the Bluetooth remote control to play these games. Of course, game controller is supported as well.

For HDMI port, pinball is used to test the projector’s gaming ability. Perfectly smooth on the Nintendo Switch game console. Other types of games are enjoyable as expected too.


Well, that’s all for WEMAX Dice Portable Smart Projector review. An excellent and performing portable Full HD DLP projector with Android TV built-in. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor thanks to the built-in battery. The best portable projector for both movie and games! Period! Interested? You can get more information on its product page.

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