Mastering the WEMAX Nova UST 4K Laser Projector Setup

Researching the perfect products for your home entertainment setup can be a grueling process. You need to calculate the dimensions of your home theater, assess the furniture needs and thus space limitations, then master the installation of all the gadgets from projectors to soundbars to the snack setup. 

The WEMAX Nova 4K UHD Laser Projector is made with ultra short throw (UST) projector technology and projects at a throw ratio of 0.233:1. This means it only needs to be inches from the wall to get a 150-inch display. While it is capable of being mounted, the Nova sits beautifully in your living room on your TV stand with minimal imposition. 

Sizing Up Your Space

At 2100 ANSI lumens of display, the Nova overcomes ambient light environments for daytime viewing. But while it's not necessary for use, an ambient light rejection (ALR) screen is a fantastic add-on for a truly spectacular home theater setup. 

We made a few handy tables to help you take the guesswork out of your Nova setup. Below is a breakdown of relative throw distance and height according to your screen dimension. In other words, how much distance and height is needed between the projector and the screen? 

 Screen Dimension

Relative Distance (D)

Relative Height (H)
80" 5.5" 11.8"
90" 7.1" 13.4"
100" 9.1" 14.5"
120" 13" 16.9"
150" 19.3" 19.7"

Projection Screen: Sizing Up Your Space
Notice that the measurements of relative height and distance begin at the surface on which the projector is sitting. 

Not sure which size ALR screen fits in your space? Standard ALR screen dimensions are measured diagonally from top to bottom, but you may want to know how long and high that will be. The table below provides a quick glance at the lengths and heights by screen size so you can see which options might work best for your space.

WEMAX Nova projection dimentions 

Screen Dimension (SD) 

Screen Length Screen Height
80" 70" 39"
90" 78" 44"
100" 87" 49"
120" 105" 59"
150" 131" 74"

Suspended Ceiling UST Projector Installation

The WEMAX Nova supports suspended ceiling installation with threaded holes on the bottom of the unit. This is compatible with most universal adjustable projector mounts and a bit of hardware:
  • Screw type: M4 x 10 (diameter-4 mm / length-10 mm)
  • Amount needed: 4 pcs.

For suspended ceiling installation, the WEMAX Nova has built-in options to flip, invert, or modify the orientation of the display. There are (4) options to choose from between front or rear for either desktop placement or ceiling mounts.

Our hope is to make the process of researching your perfect home theater setup as stress-free as possible. The WEMAX Nova is an awesome addition to your space with the ease or ultra short throw technology. Check out here. 

Leave us a message below with your questions or comments. Contact our friendly customer service team at

Comments (3)

  • Geoffrey Tisserand on August 30, 2022

    What would be the distances for a 135" screen? It doesn’t seem to scale linearly.

  • Pete Clark on July 26, 2022

    Does the Wemax Vogue projector support ceiling installation ?
    Does it have the four mounting holes required for the universal mounts .

    Regards, Pete Clark

  • Joseph A Persicketti on July 26, 2022

    Very Helpful Information!

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