15 Creative Outdoor Projector Screen Ideas for Your Backyard

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  • What can I use for an outdoor projector screen?
  • Creative outdoor projector screen ideas for your backyard
  • WEMAX Outdoor Projector Screens
  • Wrapping it up


Have you ever thought of some ideas for outdoor projector screens? Maybe you’ve wanted to replicate an outdoor cinema experience with the family, or it’s a presentation at an outdoor dinner.

Whatever the case may be, having an outdoor projector often presents excellent opportunities to bond well with family, friends, and even neighbors, and you can have your own outdoor projector screen with these creative ideas. This is why possessing a portable projector wouldn't be a bad idea to create memorable moments with the kids, siblings, and other family members with a projector screen for the yard. If you're still wondering how to make this project happen, we’ve put this piece together to help you easily and quickly actualize your ideas.



What can I use for an outdoor projector screen?

Producing outdoor projector screen ideas can lead to a satisfying project, especially if you understand the critical requirements to get the best result. Factors like the right backyard layout and the appropriate projector can significantly determine if you get the best viewing experience.

For instance, the success of your outdoor projector screen ideas depends on the time of the day you plan to use the projector screen, as it often performs better in a dark environment. As such, you should plan to situate your projector in a shaded part of the backyard if you’re planning to use it during the day. Also, a 3,000 lumens projector will be suitable for the day to get an impressive outcome.


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Creative Outdoor Projector Screen Ideas for Your Backyard

Here are 15 creative ideas for outdoor projector screen materials, some of which will require effort.


1. Paint

Finding a flat smooth surface in your gardens, such as a wall or an infrequently used door, can be an excellent idea for a projector screen. These surfaces can offer a pleasurable viewing experience, especially if they are not in the direction of the sun’s glare.


2. White Canvas or Cloth

Leftover white canvas or thick white cloth that disallows light through it can be effective for an outdoor projector screen. Nevertheless, you can block rays of light passing through the fabric or canvas using a black light-blocking material behind the screen.


3. White Bed Sheet

Bed Sheet materials are often very thick and can block light passage, making them suitable materials for outdoor projector screens. A white-colored bedsheet often produces the best screen material.


4. Plywood sheet

Holding a plywood sheet to a wall using nails turns it into a practical outdoor projector screen. You can usually get a cheap plywood sheet from your local hardware store.


5. Cardboard

Though cardboards are often light materials that the gusty speeds of outdoor wind can threaten, they are nevertheless suitable materials for an outdoor projector screen. All it requires is a wooden frame at the edges that you can nail to a wall.


ideas for outdoor projector screen


6. Black sheeting

This is another cheap alternative for an outdoor projector screen. Once you get something like a tree, wall, or board to hang it and some space for your audience, then you're good to go.


7. Black Plastic

Some work will go into making black plastics fit for an outdoor projector screen. This includes using pegs and clips to keep the plastic from being blown away by the wind and using some white clothes behind the plastic as a light blocker.


8. Metal Cloth

This material is also lightweight and requires creativity, such as using nails to hold the corners down. This is besides having to cut the sheet to size, which requires a bit of work.


9. Spandex

While this is an uncommon screen material, it does get the job done more so because it is elastic and can cover more area just by stretching it. Once you cut it to size, you can hold it in place using a rope or duct tape.


10. Foam Core Board

Due to its thickness, this material is ideal for a projector screen and is easy to cut to size or shape. The high cost of foam core boards is the only downside for this material.


11. Burlap Cloth

While this material costs significantly lower than most materials, the effort required to make it look good can be significant. This is because it has uneven texture.


12. Heavy Duty Black Cloth

This material's heaviness and black color make it perfect as a projector screen, seeing it holds well and blocks light penetration well. However, being the most expensive of the options makes it a little undesirable.


13. Blackout Curtains

This material is another effective option for an outdoor projector screen since it's a heavy fabric that can disallow light penetration. Still, you'll need to make an excellent supporting frame using tree branches or poles to hold it in place.


14. Fiberglass Fabric

This is a durable and lightweight material, and handling is easy and stressless. Additionally, it is very effective in ambient light as it absorbs light well. But it can be a little expensive.


15. Inflatable Movie Screen

This option is sophisticated, considering it needs some pump to get it up. But it is pretty effective though pricey due to the use of pumps to inflate it.



WEMAX Outdoor Projector Screens

Here are some WEMAX outdoor projector screens with unique features and use cases.


wemax outdoor projector screen

WEMAX 120-inch Portable Projector Screen with Stand  

Made from a soft polyester fiber material, the WEMAX 120-inch screen, with its 1600 viewing angle, ensures your pictures are crystal clear and free of any wrinkle that can blur their picture. Also, its lightweight and robust design make it easy to carry during installation, and you don't spend extra on repairs as it is exceptionally durable.


WEMAX 40-inch Portable Projector Screen

Installation procedures are the easiest with this WEMAX 40-inch screen as you only need to hang it on a projector pole to start using it. Also, packing and unpacking come with no fuss with its compact and retractable design. Yet, the sharpness and quality of its images are remarkable as it supports 4k and 3D images.


WEMAX 50-inch ALR Portable Projector Screen

Transporting the WEMAX 50-inch projector between locations is hassle-free as it's ultra-light with foldable stands. Furthermore, it features ALR functionalities that enhance image views with up to 600 ANSI Lumens if you pair it with an ALR projector to give you an amazing picture quality even in ambient light.


Wrapping It Up

In a nutshell, hanging out with family and friends for a movie night in your backyard can create memorable moments, especially since various outdoor projector screen ideas exist for you. There are also numerous home materials you can use for the outdoor projector screen that can give you an exceptional viewing experience.

However, choosing the right projector supplier like WEMAX will be instrumental to your success as we are a leading brand in portable, laser, and LED projectors. With WEMAX, getting the most out of your projector is guaranteed, while you’re also assured of that memorable viewing satisfaction you’ve always wanted.



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