How Portable Projectors Make Business Trips Easier

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • How Portable Projectors Make Business Trips Easier
    • Presentation on a big screen
    • Visuals on the Go
    • Suitcase-Ready
  • Best Portable Projectors for Business: WEMAX Go and WEMAX Go Advanced
  • Benefits of Using Portable Projectors on Business Trips
    • Convenience and Portability
    • Portable Projectors are Designed for Travel
    • They are Easy to Carry and Easy to Set Up
    • Increased Flexibility
    • Portable Projectors can be Connected to Different Kinds of Devices
    • Improved Presentation Quality
    • Enhanced Collaboration and Communication
  • Wrapping It Up

Whether you're planning to go on a local or international business trip, packing your essentials can be a bit challenging as there can be a plethora of activities that you need to prepare for. To ensure that you will only pack the most valuable essentials in your luggage, always be guided by the primary purpose of the trip.

After all, it will always be all about the dissemination of information, building strong relationships, and acquiring a new client or partner for the business. Aside from your smartphones and laptop, a portable projector is a travel essential that you should always remember as it is the key to your success in this endeavor. 

How Portable Projectors Make Business Trips Easier

portable projector for business trip

Achieve phenomenal success on every business trip by bringing a portable projector that can easily make each trip seem like a breeze. With this powerful device, you can transform any space into a productive business environment where you can deliver your presentation easily and in no time. 

A portable projector will take your presentations to a whole new level and that's a guarantee. The device will allow you to present on a big screen even while on the go for it is so portable that you can easily pack it in your suitcase.

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Presentation on a Big Screen

One of the most important characteristics of a good visual presentation is that it should be displayed properly and large enough to be clearly visible to everyone. When it comes to maximizing the visual experience of your target audience, a portable projector is a device that can definitely deliver, and more. It is a device that can easily allow you to present on a big screen and deliver a cinematic experience even if it's in your own hotel room or any other unfavorable location.

Visuals on the Go

A portable projector is not only beneficial for business presentations but also for delivering performances as well. Many artists including musicians can take advantage of this powerful device to add a much-needed visual element while performing on and off stage. With a portable projector, they can effectively sustain the attention of their audience and deliver a more compelling performance each time.


The best thing about a portable projector is that it is super lightweight, you can easily bring the device wherever you go. In fact, it is so compact that you can even fit the device in your carry-on bag. Indeed, traveling for business will never be easier when you have a suitcase-ready portable projector packed for the trip.

Best Portable Projectors for Business: WEMAX Go and WEMAX Go Advanced

When it comes to selecting the most suitable projector for your business, let's take a look at the best options that you have available on the market from WEMAX.


wemax go portable business projector

With this pocket cinema projector, you can trust to deliver an excellent presentation anywhere whether scheduled or on demand. WEMAX Go may be no less than 1-inch thick and only weigh 0.66 lb. but it holds so much power in bringing your business to a whole new level. It can present sharp videos and imagery through wireless casting with automatic corrections that ensure clear images every time. With a throw ratio of 1.2:1 and a throw distance from 30 to 100 inches, you have the option to project smaller or larger images to perfectly fit the setting of your presentation.

WEMAX Go Advanced

Wemax Go Advanced for business

If you want to go above and beyond in your presentations, then the WEMAX Go Advanced is the one for you. With its vivid image projection in full HD and advanced auto-calibration technologies, it is clear that the tiny device is definitely ahead of its game. For those who work even during the night, you will be pleased to know that it features 600 ANSI lumens which allows your presentation to remain highly visible even during late-night meetings.

Benefits of Using Portable Projectors on Business Trips

Using a portable projector offers a plethora of benefits that cannot be overlooked, especially if you're traveling for business purposes. From convenience to enhanced collaboration and communication, the device can definitely help create a smooth sailing-business trip and guarantee sure-fire success.

Below are the different benefits that you can enjoy in using portable projectors on your business trips.

portable projector for business presentation

1. Convenience and Portability

As we all would agree, traveling for a business trip is no easy feat for there are a lot of travel essentials that need to be packed to ensure that you are prepared and presentable. Fortunately, a portable projector is pretty much all you need to showcase your presentation. With just a little effort, you can demonstrate your presentation and then pack up for the next one in no time at all.

2. Portable Projectors are Designed for Travel

Unlike bulky projectors that are impossible to carry, portable projectors are made especially for travel. In this day and age, every professional, businessman, or even artist should own one as it is the best travel companion that can make all the difference in every trip. The projector more like a mini notebook to bring with you, unbelievable portable size to carry.

3. Easy to Carry and Easy to Set Up

Portable projectors are super lightweight which makes them easy to carry no matter where you go. It is also extremely easy to set up as you simply need to either plug in your hardware or connect the cable then open your presentation and you're good to go.

4. Increased Flexibility

The meetings, presentations, and other events on business trips are often contingent on possible changes in circumstances. With a portable projector on hand, you will have the ability to adjust to any given situation without any difficulty at all. No matter you are in a office, Starbucks or other leisure business space.

5. Portable Projectors can be Connected to Different Kinds of Devices

Since portable projectors can work with hard drives and USB flash drives, you can skip the need of connecting your bulky laptop which is quite an advantage on its own. If you need to relax after a long day's work, you may do so by connecting the projector to your game console or you may stream online using its built-in casting feature.

6. Improved Presentation Quality

Nothing beats presenting on a big screen and this is what a portable projector is all about and more. It can elevate the quality of your presentation with large and crisp presentation videos and imagery that can absolutely make everyone impressed.

7. Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Aside from large displays that promote interaction, you can also display an interactive presentation that will effectively enhance collaboration in the group. With such a large display, members within the group can easily communicate and work together as a team for increased productivity.

Wrapping It Up

Although portable projectors are made specially to make business trips easier, everyone from all walks of life can take advantage of this innovative technology. With WEMAX portable laser projectors, everyone can enjoy a Stadium-like viewing experience in the comfort of their own home at a lesser budget than a television. For this reason, more and more consumers choose WEMAX in taking delight in that cinematic experience at home and you should too! 

WEMAX® is your ultimate solution when it comes to portable projectors, ALPD® laser projectors, and more. It is a New York-based company that aims to increase productivity and enhance the quality of life of every consumer through rich visual experiences, one projector at a time.

With our unparalleled technology and innovation, many brands duplicate our trademark to confuse consumers into purchasing products that are not at par with our own.

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